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Yeah, I'm thinking we're fucked pretty hard right now.

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you VILL ride the bike and be happy

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>> 49552660

Just take the bus. You save hundreds of dollars just taking public transportation.

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if only we made it so people could walk or bike everywhere instead of making every business on a highway with no sidewalks

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Catch public transport?

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You're not fucked until you see gas stations shutting down temporarily to retrofit price signs to have the tens place.

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In Italy we pay the equivalent of $9.50 per gallon (2 EUR per liter).
Why didn't Putin nuke this shithole yet?

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Are we?

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>he doesn't ride a bike and live next to public transportation


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just get mom to drive

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Just get a car kiddo, I promise it's not as expensive as you think

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I think $6 is a good price because it cuts down on wasteful trips but is still affordable enough to get back to work and the store. Unless you live 2 hours from your job like an asshole. At that point you need to find a new job closer or move.

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>it costs almost 1/4 of my paycheck to commute to work
Its over for wagies

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>mfw I get free public transport
Not as good as a job that gives me free use of a vehicle and a fuel card, but eh, it's not a bad deal.

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i have a car. im just saying the US infrastructure was poorly designed. if I wanted to walk to the nearest grocery store I'd have to go through a field, walk up an offramp and cross an 8 lane highway all without sidewalk

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I am

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gas costs more than link

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No, the US is massive. There will be someone with your problem no matter how they make the cities

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Imagine being a fully grown male over 18 and not driving your own motorvehicle

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Hit me right in the feels

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>Americans can't fathom paying $2/l
Kek it only gets worse.

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good. less niggers (whom i rape and also kill) on the road. i will happily pay this tax to see a culling of (((truck "owners"))) and SUV stacys

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Can't afford gas? Just buy a $60k EV.

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Yeah but they drive 10 ton trucks that get 5 MPG. So it hurts at these prices.

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Nope. What you will see is an end to the war in Ukraine, the end of sanctions, and a return to normal gas prices.

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>I'm going to make up 50k on gas
Where'd you take math?

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Yes. We have an election in November and gas prices will go down.

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>Gas will double in price before you even finish a tank of gas on one of these
What is your excuse?

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Read industrial society and its future.

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The US transportation secretary actually said that.


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they can just advertise the price per half gallon

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electric bike makes more sense for me, for inside the city, i won't have to pay insurance or other hassles. for leaving the city the ct90 doesn't have enough horsepower to make it on north american highways so it can't get me out of the city. nice vehicle i'm a big fan of honda cubs but just doesnt make sense unless you never leave the city but drive in the city all day.

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Fuck off in to a cabin in the woods

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the people who say "just ride the bus" what they mean is that it's ok for YOU to just ride the bus. they think themselves above that.

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that's the excuse but it only has so much merit. at the end of the day that's part of the problem, the rest of the problem is that these cities are legitimately poorly designed and overly car-centric and not walkable or livable. but you don't know fuck all about this sort of thing so you have no understanding of how bad it really is.

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non-whites ruined that too, but you know that.

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I understand that if you want an entire country oriented around goat trails you can move to Europe

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Wow its only like $6.28 (usd per gallon) here in canada rn, you guys really are fucked

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Look at this fucking shill. American cities were destroyed post ww2 and not just the large ones either. Every single city and town has the same shopping centers and fast food and gas stations in the same exact configuration. All development is for cars only and very few people can live a healthy pedestrian lifestyle anymore. Cities are overrun with non English speaking migrants and litter from all the niggers who throw trash out of their car windows all over the street.

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Move out of the city. This is literally a problem only for urbanites who are addicted to being near niggers. If you move out to a rural area you go back to appreciating having a car. If you want to stay in a metropolis and kneel to nogs that's up to you

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Hey, cool it with the antisemitism.

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they don't even understand that people in other countries can actually live in and walk around their cities.

they just hide in their houses with the only walk being across the driveway to hide in the car on the way to hiding at work. and never actually walking or living in their communities. it's just home>car>work>car>home everyday and never letting their kids play outside because they could get hit by a car. so the kids spent their entire lives indoors and it creates weird asocial disconnected generations like the millenials and zoomers that can't even breed.

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>and never letting their kids play outside because they could get hit by a car
I love euro myths of us so much

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Sucks to be a poor fag I guess.

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The average price of gasoline in Germany is over $10 per gallon, in America it's 5.

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why are kikes so threatened by the idea of me having a car i can drive to wherever i want?
why are you so desperate to make my transportation bound to a state-controlled monopoly or a subscription service that can be revoked at any time?

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Let's NUKE Moscow just for fun :) They pretend like stupid and trying to be the best, so why not show them where that shitty country should stay.

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yeah "dead internet theory" is definitely a meme by the way
this guy is definitely not a malfunctioning bot

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you live in a rural area so you let your kids outside as long as they stay off the road. since over 80% of americans live in dense communities of at least 2500 people you're a bit disconnected from the reality for the majority while living on your little farmhouse or whatever. or maybe you're a boomer who grew up in a city back before the zoning laws were changed to make it illegal to build walkable neighborhoods.

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I live in a rural area now because I lived in Seattle for 10 years. If you think kids can't see a car coming down the fucking road and aren't playing in the street you are a retard

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seattle is widely considered one of the most walkable cities in north america

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In what retard delusional world do you think the state doesn't have a monopoly on car bound travel now? You really think you can go wherever you please? Why are car cucks so delusional and retarded?

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I'm not a city slicker

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A goalpost just flew over my house

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>You really think you can go wherever you please?
im sorry shlomo, when the day comes your young will not be spared
there will be no redemption in the afterlife either, you will burn for all eternity
it will never end

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Where can't I go that isn't a fenced government property?

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This is the plan. It just really sucks that our population centers got rugpulled so hard because with the right demographics cities can be great places to live and raise a family. Imagine a city of 20 million citizens who are all of European descent.
Things could be so much better but I think car communing to a job and home every day has a profoundly negative effect on the average persons psyche. Driving a car on the highway and getting stuck in bumper to bumper traffic is such an unnatural state of existence. Most things about human experience now is totally unnatural and contrary to our biological drives, but constant propaganda and oversocialization in our schools and institutions makes it all seem alright to the midwits and normies.

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i'm not the one who decided to base his entire argument on his own personal anecdotal experience

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>bro just inhale the smell of piss everyday
sick advice dood!

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>you will pay $100+ to fill up and you will be happy

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>Imagine a city of 20 million citizens who are all of European descent.
Imagine a country of 200 million

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>did he use an anecdote to counter my unfounded blanket statement?
We get it, you're a city rat

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If you think the US is going to give up on a proxy war because it's short term economically rational thing to do, you don't know much about American history. Pax Americana is all, and bending the knee for cheap gas is not an option if American hegemony is to be maintained

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I think they will sue for peace and let Russia keep its new territory.

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This is demonstrably correct. The parents of boomers, dubbed the greatest generation, are the progenitors of our woes. That generation bombed Europe and Japan then came back home and bulldozed American cities. However that is not all that they did.
>Immigration Act of 1965
>Voting Rights Act of 1965
>Proclaimed the State of Israel
>Removal of the Gold Standard
>Vietnam war
>Proponents of Modernist Architecture

That generation is very few in number these days. Boomers were unironically right protesting against their parents and sending them to nursing homes. They deserved worse.

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Why are you posting the Chainlink token prices from 3 different days?

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okay but what if i want to go where i want to go

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Ceasefire maybe. No peace though.

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America's wealth was bulldozed and sent overseas. All of the work laid down by colonials and Americans pre-20th century have been hollowed out. I will post a few more examples. bizbros outside of America take note of what not to do.

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Stop being fat then.

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but what if you and your family got cancer?

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>unfounded blanket statement
dude. look outside

oh wait, you don't live anywhere near the kind of places we're talking about. so maybe shut the fuck up?

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people act like the bumper to bumper trafiic is somehow worse than packed trains where you are stuffed like sardines next to crackheads and mudskins, no thanks, I'm not some poorfag so I'll enjoy myself in my luxury car sitting on leather seats and listening to a podcast while you public transportation people can live like you are cattle.

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Just drive less. How is this so hard?

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no thanks, am skinny, willing to pay for bmw

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It seems our future as a decent and civilized, yet stern and truthful society was pulled out from under us. Those men in your pic had more thought and consideration in their left pinky toe than any major politician or national leader has had in the last 50 years combined. I recommend reading articles and political discussions from American colonists in Massachusetts leading up to the revolutionary war. They had the number one most literate society in the entire world at the time and are really funny sometimes.

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>dood kids aren't playing field hockey in the avenues like they never have
>redesign every single city!

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>use public transportation
>live like the cattle you know you are

lol poorfags

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thats the meme they sell you. when everyones relying on public transport they'll raise the price of the bus and train. take for instance the UK where it costs £10k for a season ticket absolutely gouging the commuters

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That's certainly possible. Should Russia take Odesa that may be a turning point, Ukraine could also run out of men who can fight. Ceding any land right now would be political suicide for the Zelenskyy administration, but another three months could change that calculus.

If the conflict doesn't resolve by fall it may be too late anyway. The Ukraine War in my view is a catalyst that helps pop the everything bubble. The need to combat inflation leads to central banks raising rates, which in turn upends the essential ponzi scheme that is the majority of the world's financial markets. The 14 year old cycle comes to a crash, the question then becomes whether it is a normal recession or something worse

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this is what they took from us

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The cities were bulldozed and changed intentionally to improve car transit and accessibility to cars. My schizo take is that they were destroyed as a symbolic victory of the global elite over the core values of the most powerful western nation in history. They were able to destroy all semblance of the creativity and genius of our early pedestrian civil planners and settlers and replace it with the soulless and hypercapitalistic monstrosities we see today. Pedestrians lived in closer contact with each other and therefore their histories and lineages more pronounced. Cars isolate us from each other and provide a bubble for deeply individualistic behavior. From the mindset of "defensive driving" to the songs or media someone chooses to listen to, cars are destroying the social fabric of western human societies.

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Just a sidenote, this photo is actually of Madison Ave in Mankato Minnesota, not of Seaside Florida. Point still stands however

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>bus only comes every 40 minutes
>it's filled with smelly brown people and deranged hobos
>forced to wait outside in the snow or rain for it to show up when it feels like it
>drivers slam on the brakes at stops
What a miserable experience. Why the fuck would you cuck yourself like this?

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>cars are destroying the social fabric
You are either a retard, or a literal faggot shill

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I once had to hold my breath for an 11 minute ride back when I went to community college. I had a very short commute. I could not imagine doing that longer. Bus rides were last decent in the 50's.

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>no, it's brown people not cars!
it's both
and part of what makes it possible is that people don't notice the harm caused to their communities by mass immigration from the inside of their car bubbles. because they're not out interacting with the place they live in, because they can't really it's all just strip malls and parking lots now.

>> No.49554426

Between removing jews or cars from society in an attempt to fix the social fabric, I think I know what would be more beneficial

>> No.49554430

Cars in combination with other technological and cultural factors. Obviously mass immigration is shitting our country up. My claim is that the modern usage of cars is making society more individualistic and brainwashed to slave away for shekels at a job 50 minutes away. You're a faggot shill for not understanding that I am telling you that the overwhelming majority of car users are in debt to the bank and have to make monthly payments while also using the vehicle to commute to their wage slave job for shekels.

>> No.49554432

I will buy a BMW i4 40 if I make it.

>> No.49554442

nobody here is saying to remove cars

>> No.49554449

arent electric bikes banned in some major cities because of "muh safety"

>> No.49554450

Imagine being so weak that standing for a few minutes and getting a bit wet is a miserable experience.
The industrial revolution really had catastrophic consequences

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Please tell be /biz/ because i cant rely on anything that /pol/ says, is the US going to collapse soon?

>> No.49554470

The overwhelming majority of PEOPLE are in debt to the bank because our currency has been printed in to oblivion

>> No.49554480


Electric scooters, segways and such, because people dont wear helmets for them

>> No.49554492

yes, in nyc anyways. but in most places they allow limited speed electrics of under 1000watts (500watts in canada) to exist without licensing and insurance. which is a rare opportunity in our nanny state culture where everything is regulated to death.

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at least we are saving the earth from something

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nothing ever happening seems to be accelerating on faster time scale.

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Just stop driving so much, only use your car to go to and from work.

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fuck I wish we'd go back to everyone wearing suits

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all the poorfag cope in this thread is hilarious, keep being packed into that public transportation with smelly mudskins poorfags, it will help keep the traffic down when I'm driving around in my 2019 Navigator enjoying my heated leather seats and surround sound system.

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I would never ever want my tax dollars to fund infrastructure that will be touched by non whites, let this shit country burn.

>> No.49554519

I wish public transport was viable in my area. My city even spent tens of millions to put an entire fleet of state of the art buses on the road. They're super comfy and even have wifi. The problem is that the homeless just ride around in them all day long and the buses are just disgusting and smell like literal shit. The libcuck mayor won't do shit about that problem though. What was supposed to create a net profit for the city is now one of the biggest money pits with zero chance of recovery. Even less people use the bus now actually

>> No.49554522

>>bus only comes every 40 minutes
>>it's filled with smelly brown people and deranged hobos
>>forced to wait outside in the snow or rain for it to show up when it feels like it
>>drivers slam on the brakes at stops
Lmao, hope you get jumped some day.

>> No.49554547

>Be indentured servant from Europe.
>Come here as cheap labour.
>Gets replaced by Mexicans because they're cheap labour.
>Calls others invaders even though he should be in Europe and not North America.
Yeah you should go back.

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/pol/ is always right.

>> No.49554558

Yeah I'm sure you're rich and not just lying.

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Biden voters will never, ever admit that this is their fault.

>> No.49554570

and later you will have to show proof you have the latest vaccine shot to get on the bus

>> No.49554575

not being a poorfag doesn't mean rich, there's this thing called middleclass, though it may seem rich to a poorfag like you. And I did pay cash for my car, no bank loans for me, thank you crypto profits.

>> No.49554577


kill yourself faggot, if you love the Netherlands so much how about you just move there instead of bitching about western infrastrucutre?

>> No.49554597

there's nothing to learn if the msm says it's because of russia

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>buy Ebike
>have it taken away and given to a brown person.

>> No.49554608

and what about your kids, are they allowed outside. or do they have to live inside the house/car at all times for their safety?

>> No.49554630

>it even comes with a Leapfrog!

>> No.49554636

My claim is that the necessity of car usage is a part of being a dominated and lost culture. When homogenous people live in close contact with one another for generations with little migration in or out, they build a working culture and additionally, a more genuine connection to their land and community. Going everywhere fast, in a rush, listening to your personal curated propaganda from spotify or the news podcast must have a damaging and lasting impact on the human psyche because no one wants to just stop for a moment and smell the roses anymore.

>> No.49554637

? I live in a gated community so they can go wherever they want, stop listening to all this weird America hate propaganda that seems to twist everyone's views.

>> No.49554667

how about you just fix western infrastructure so people don't have to consider moving to the netherlands just to raise a family

>> No.49554672

>bike costs $100 one time (maybe $5 for chain grease every few months)
>don't have to obey road laws
>don't even have to take roads
>get fitter in the process
>have saved hundreds since I started doing this in April

This isn't even a conspiracy, this is just a good fucking idea.

>> No.49554706

>bugs get you
>exposed to weather, good luck driving the bike in -30 degree weather or over 100 in the summer
>bikers get run over and killed every day
>makes you look like a poorfag that can't afford a car

no thanks

>> No.49554717

i don't care where you live personally, i was making a broader point. congrats on your gated community bro no one cares it has nothing to do with the way most people live.

>> No.49554803

then take a car if you're going far, it's plenty fast enough to get downtown and back in most cities
lol. yeah and you might get dirt on your shoes too ewww gross buugss. hide in your car i guess
wear a coat and suck it up or drive your car on the worst days
>bikers get run over
because the cities aren't designed for mixed use
>makes you look like a poorfag
because you're insecure and care what people who don't even know you and will likely never see you again think of you for some reason

or just take a car all the time, but acknowledge that some people would like the option of taking a bike sometimes. for some of us, with a healthy body mass index, it's actually less hassle to ride a bike then take the car out most days.

>> No.49554812

western infrastructure is fine if you stop consuming bikebrain propaganda like NJB

>> No.49554823

at first, but like all things if you keep at it you get better.
for 5+ mile journeys perhaps, yes.
>bugs get to you
I outpace them
>exposed to weather, good luck driving the bike in -30 degree weather or over 100 in the summer
For summer I just bring ice water and my job is heavily A/C'd, I'm boned for winter but at least I can save money most of the year
>bikers get run over and killed every day
and people get in car crashes and die every day, too.
>makes you look like a poorfag that can't afford a car
I literally do not care, I know I have more money than these coping tradecucks.

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Buy Metals

>> No.49554879

Now to be clear, I actually do bike quite a lot, I just bought pic related, but biking to work? How do you keep your suit and slacks from getting dirty and covered in sweat? Fuck that, imagine coming in drenched because it started raining on the way there, I'd have to hide in my office all day to avoid the embarrassment lmao.

>> No.49554896

>be truckfag
>have small penis
>heh, I'm free and independent with my truck, no one can tell me what to do
>pays insurance jews, oil jews, government jews, automotive jews, toll jews regular subscription payments for his freedom
>said jews decide they want more money and raise prices to gouge the goyim



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i would if there were fucking bike lanes in my city

>> No.49554922

>suit and slacks
not all of us sold our personality for $75k a year, anon.

>> No.49554943

>Not having a tesla and solar panels on your house to charge it
Not gonna make it. Seriously, at this point gas will never go down. It's not profitable to start drilling again. I think we could see $20 gas, there's still tons of people who would pay that and not reject the price.

>> No.49554972

Suburbcels seething. Feels good to live in a walkable city and not own a car right now. Enjoy slaving away so that you can pay the gas jew just for the privilege of driving to work.

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you can put an electric motor on the bike then it pedals itself and you don't sweat. or just take your car i don't care what you do. i care about having communities built in mind with not just cars

>> No.49555052

this one went over my head

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just stick it to putin bro

>> No.49555345

I don't want to read it. It will only make me depressed to realize what was lost.

>> No.49555358

I started walking months ago because I live in a smaller town
my mental health 10x'd literally and i'm lean as fuck

>> No.49555538

Walk chads win again
Unless you live in the city. I live in a nigger free town. I can walk to work and walk to the store. Feel bad for you city folk. Good luck with nigger busses hahahahah

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The signs only have 3 number placements. gas literally can't go over $9.99 and if you can't afford it then you're NGMI.

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Really what this all boils down to, everything mentioned in this thread, is that there are too many people. We need an actual pandemic to thin us out. Bring us back down to 1890s population levels. Hopefully the pandemic only attacks niggers, cops, rich people, chinese people, and people who live in cities.
>US infrastructure was poorly designed.
They did this so kids wouldn't play outside and walk places. This is why so many kids are obese. Works for adults too. Nobody walks anymore and that's why 3/4 of Americans are fat. They think walking a mile is a challenging feat.

>> No.49555661

We need to build an underwater community deep within the ocean where we can be free of niggers on the bus. Using nuclear bombs and the proper shielding, we can mine deep into the core of the Earth and divert swaths of ocean into the magma shafts, turning massive crests of steam into a giant network of caves. Keep pouring the water down into that hole and send a few robots down there to check things out. Then we set up camp on the obsidian floor of the Earth and harness the heat of the Core to power UV lights which perfectly replicate the Sun. We can create a society perfectly controlled by Smart Contracts and Cryptographically Secure agreements, while using PoW (Not Prisoner of War, Proof of Work) and

>> No.49555708
File: 45 KB, 1100x203, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

TGhis can be easily fixed and they are already preparing for it

>> No.49555716

how high was gas before ali baba and his 40 thieves flew into the twin towers?

really hilarious that we are the crack addicted niggers funding the CIA and their wars in south america.
>i need to fill up my car becuase i want to go to mcdonalds.

>> No.49555738

OWN NOTHING. Legs is more than sufficient.

>> No.49555908

My bet is still $10 Regular and shit gets real. Everyone will have a hole in their gas tank within a week.

>> No.49555920
File: 1.84 MB, 1500x750, 1636284306819.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>TGhis can be easily fixed
not as easy as you think. On signs like OP you could reprogram the pixels with a smaller font, but most of them you would have to make an entirely new sign, thus reducing the price of gas. :^)

>> No.49556011

Just live in a small town. They're still (mostly) walkable.

>> No.49556113

Public transport is outright dangerous in the cities, and the lack of traffic in the suburbs makes biking more practical.

>> No.49556133
File: 29 KB, 512x411, 1648693556999.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Something else I noticed, I was driving to the hardware store this morning and there were dozens of minimum wage uniformed people walking to work. I live in a relatively small town with not very many side walks. And I mean they were walking from miles away form where they were heading. People are defiantly feeling it.

>> No.49556253

Anyone in the west coast area of Canada? I'm 24 and have never personally owned a car. Where I live and where I generally go, driving would be a miserable experience. Whenever I take the express buses home which only takes maybe 20 min top, I see stand still traffic all over the place because an accident has occured over the one bridge everyone in the area uses. I think driving has its perks undeniably, but it also comes with the cost of everything else that I really cant justify for, and no, EV's aren't viable at all up here unless you want to be on a waitlist for a long while.

>> No.49556329

Or, we could deport the illegals and browns that have been flooding in over the past 60 years. This would literally solve every single economic problem in this country. The costs of literally everything would drop and wages would increase.

>> No.49556430
File: 337 KB, 1056x594, whadya wanna do with your life.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

well remember that you zoomers made this happen by not working with your shitty "LMAO imagine waging, being a wagecuck, clean it up wagie" memes. businesses were forced to raise their wages and you retards still didn't bite. now everybody is paying for your introverted laziness. congratulations (inb4 not my problem, no it's all our problems now, even your retarded parents who don't have the balls to physically kick your asses out)

>> No.49556454

Who is going to do the unskilled labor then retard? There's already a massive shortage

>> No.49556458

Incredibly true and based post

>> No.49556476
File: 240 KB, 700x1004, PBF-The_Talk.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do any of you guys still have hope? In my heart of hearts I believe that the US will become another South Africa or Brazil.

>> No.49556491

>Dismantle welfare programs.
>useless eaters forced to start working for a living.
>useless eaters have no skills, therefore forced to do unskilled labor.
Anymore questions?

>> No.49556496

I have hope for myself, because I'm confident in Bitcoin. But I'm surrounded by too many retards to have much hope for the country. Needless to say you should know where your passport is at all times.

>> No.49556649

>election in November
Don't worry, the European media will describe it as a massive victory for Biden and the Democrats, no matter what.
Who in his right mind could ever consider giving the Republicans a vote, that are against any kind of gun control EVEN NOW, after all.
t. doesn't want to ever hold a gun in his hands

>> No.49556771

these look like cuckifornia prices

>> No.49556818

>have farm
>have farm plates
>pay a few dollars for tags and insurance
>use farm fuel
Poor people in cities simply don't understand.

>> No.49556859

>Start war with 2nd largest supplier of energy, food and materials in the world.

Are Mutts all retarded chimpanzees or was it just an act?

>> No.49556861
File: 111 KB, 981x1024, 1650678186086m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Who needs guns?
How close do you live to Russia?

>> No.49556863

you will legit get stabbed or puked blood on in my city bus and the metro is only like <300k

>> No.49556926
File: 20 KB, 220x308, cain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I own a truck i can afford to fill, and occasionally ride a bike if i'm going somewhere nearby, or if I just want to get a bit of cardio in. You sound like an insecure, fat little bitch

>> No.49557035

anyone shilling american public transportation should kill themselves RIGHT NOW. I took the bus for the last four years because I'm a poorfag, and I would not wish this fate on anyone. Schizo hobos getting uncomfortably close, fat black single mothers with 10 hyper kids, disgusting stoners that smell like shit, overly aggressive riders that argue with the driver and make everyone wait, etc., I've seen it all.

>> No.49557074

there are only about 12 million illegals in the country. there are a lot more low IQ legal citizens then that. modern society no longer has a need for massive amounts of low IQ, unskilled labor because it has all been automated or partially automated.

>> No.49557078

lol its the skilled browns holding wages back dumbass and all of them come here legally. In tech, medicine, and most stem fields there are a ton of pajeets and chinks on h1b visas working for less than they're actually worth.

>> No.49557103

Good thing nobody actually cares

>> No.49557110
File: 858 KB, 1553x2048, ChudsReadThis.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.49557111

I live in a semi rural town and the best part is the downtown area they banned bikes. So I have to get off my bike and walk to the stores that are actually accessible by bike.

Boomers are out of fucking control

>> No.49557113

We had cities on this continent for thousands of years.

>> No.49557115

Time is the most valuable asset you will ever hold in your life and you're fucking wasting it by sitting on your ass to wait for the bus to arrive and walking way more than you needed to because the bus only stops at certain locations.

>> No.49557119

Wait until (((bike insurance)))

>> No.49557131


>> No.49557136

I live in one of the cheaper countries in Europe - gas prices wise (Austria) and we're at over €2.20/l by now. that's $8.365/gallon for the burgers.

if I could fill my tank at your prices, I'd be happy I got out cheap. which is fucked because it's still horrendously expensive

>> No.49557172

Nothing happens in muh small towns though

>> No.49557181


>> No.49557191

and over the past 2 years of covid what happened in big towns?

>> No.49557204

where the fuck do you live? I've been taking public transport for 10 years, lived in Boston, SF, and Austin and never had anything happen to me. is this a fucking meme or am I missing something here

>> No.49557207

DUDE i just LOVE the hustle and bustle of the big city, it’s so DYNAMIC and makes me feel like i’m in one of my favourite TV SHOWS. you should totally come on down to my studio apartment, it’s got EXPOSED RED BRICK walls and everything, we can crack open a nice hoppy ipa or three and get crazy watching some cartoons on adult swim! and dude, dude, DUDE, we have GOTTA go down to the barcade- listen here, right, it’s a BAR where us ADULTS who do ADULTING can go DRINK. BUT!!!! it’s also an ARCADE like when we were kids, so we can play awesome VIDEO GAMES, without dumb kids bothering us. speaking of which megan and i have finally decided to tie the knot- literally -we’re both getting snipped tomorrow at the hospital, that way we can save money to spent more on ourselves and our FURBABIES. i’m fuckin JACKED man, i’m gonna SLAM this craft beer and pop open another one!!!

>> No.49557226

Not Every one wants to live like a sewer rat in a dense nigger infested violent shithole, if you fantasize density fuck off to Bangladesh.

>> No.49557237


>> No.49557242

Where did I say we should only deport unskilled browns? How is reading comprehension on biz worse than pol, Jesus Christ...

>> No.49557247

I used to live in Austin and unless things have changed in the last few years it takes forever to use the buses, I remember a 30 minute drive would have taken me 2 hours if I took the busses.

>> No.49557256

>Just turn into India or Brazil bro where everyone rides on 20 year old scooters because cars are a luxury

>> No.49557272

I love this copypasta, but no joke I'm a sucker for exposed brick

>> No.49557284

Dude I get all of that, but seriously rural America is diseased, degenerate and depressing shithole ruined by opioids. I am not a city fag, I don't "live" in a city, I live where my family and friends live. I only go to my job in the city.

>> No.49557289

i grew up in a borough of a few hundred people outside a town of 3k people. 6 mile drive each way to a shitty overpriced regional chain grocery store. 15 mile drive each way to the only large grocery store (walmart.) 20+ mile drive to non-walmart clothing retailers. small business retail was dead. you had your choice of mcdonalds, wendys, burger king, two or three pizza places, a few small restaurants, and a few diners. all were 3-6 mile drive each way. all of this walking was along a two lane highway on which walking and biking was illegal. there were maybe 5 major employers in the area for general labor. anywhere from a 5-30 mile drive each way on rotating shifts. you're not going to be walking or riding a bike to work (aside from it being illegal to walk/ride on the highway) at 2 am in january.

>> No.49557320

It's all so tiresome man, it's all so tiresome.

>> No.49557321

Because gas grows on trees, fucking nigger faggot.

>> No.49557356

Imagine thinking biking is dystopian when theres carslavery

>> No.49557373
File: 1.97 MB, 1600x1067, teichalm-schuesserlbrunn-hochlantsch-norbert-eder-photography-4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Nothing happens
god, I hope so. I hate cities so god damn much. loud, dirty, high rent.

you know what I do?
>wake up to the sound of birds chirping
>hop into the hammok in my garden - no sounds except nature and the occassional car driving by
>go for a walk through the woods
>5 minute drive to the next groceries store or 15 minutes to the next mall
>300mbit/s internet
>clean water
>no loud neighbors
>no black people anywhere (not that I care, but there just aren't)
>40 minutes drive and I go hiking in pic related

now tell me how your city is so much better

>> No.49557478

I live just outside of Austin and there is a metro rail now that goes to downtown. If there is no traffic, it's 30 min driving vs 1 hour by metro. If there is traffic then driving can take up to an hour. I use it for my daily commute during morning and evening rush hour and it's basically the same duration as driving

>> No.49557487
File: 77 KB, 640x786, 1633322798767.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah zoomers with zero agency did this. Not the septuagenarians in positions of political authority and the "intelligence community" that acts as a fifth column guiding their hands.

>> No.49557699
File: 52 KB, 1000x687, Carrie-Furnace-IMG_58532_HDR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based AF poster
>America's wealth was bulldozed and sent overseas. All of the work laid down by colonials and Americans pre-20th century have been hollowed out.
Thus the story of how the golden generation destroyed US steel & US Coal industry by starting the downfall of major economic/industrial centers like Pittsburgh, PA and Detroit, Mi and whole states like West Virginia to give it all the Japan and such. So in just 50 years they can send us "remanufactured" (aka now pot or poor metal) steel parts that cost 5x what we could've done at home if we never gave them the industry. Seniors have always been stealing from the backs of the younger generations.
>pic of Carrie Furnace built 1884, shutdown in 1982

>> No.49558016

They're too loud and i drive through residential areas on my way back from work at 10 or 11 at night. I don't want to wake everyone along my commute up with a brapping bike or moped. need to try to find one for under 1000 that has a real good muffler on it. I have a truck and i only live 2 miles from work but i'm not willing to walk cause there are so many mexicans in appartments near work i'm likely to get robbed or stabbed, also walking to work in the summer would have me showing up soaked in sweat (it gets very hot here) and i'm not about that

>> No.49558044

what's a toll?

>> No.49558063

Your tax dollars don't fund anything. If they want to fund something they print off a few reams of Monopoly paper.

>> No.49558094
File: 70 KB, 500x640, 96F197AE-A069-4318-AD21-65EC0995E011.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stay mad, I’m voting for Biden again.

>> No.49558152

Same. The sooner the US breaks apart, the better.

>> No.49558345
File: 386 KB, 1018x1329, Screenshot_20220308-114012_YouTube.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I had no idea another country could match the swedish turboniggertaxhell, maximum impact horror-at-the-pump-prices we have here; but here we are.

What excuse are your politicans feeding the public regarding their refusal to (at least temporarily) cut the effective 50-60% tax on petrol and disel?

>> No.49558468

Yeah but then you need to live with Europeans (and all of the new Syrian migrants).

>> No.49558639

Jesus wept

>> No.49558657

lol thats nothing it's 14$ per gallon in germany

but our country is smaller so it doesn't really count

>> No.49558663

Remember when plebbit would talk about the gulf wars and mock how it was just for oil. Seems like oil is pretty important.

>> No.49558786

I am just going to walk to work from now on

>> No.49558821

>cut taxes
They did this in germany, it took one day and the gas stations just upped the price to the old one taking in 30% more profits

>> No.49558874

yeah man those middle eastern wars were so worth it . as long as i have CHEAP GAS to fill up my V8 TRUCK so i can drive 30 minutes each way to mcdonalds and idle in the drive through parking lot while i eat my 1900 calorie fast food goyslop -- i'll be as happy as a fat american pig in jewish shit can be.

>> No.49558953

Don't worry, if you actually read the primary source documents from back then it becomes obvious pretty quick the colonists were a bunch of elitist, miserable cultists determined to drag everyone down to their level. The witch trials were an extreme example but it exemplifies the way in which they were insane and stupid.

>> No.49559034

you get that urban america is a shithole.
you get that rurual america is a shithole.

but do you get that all america is a shithole?

>> No.49559084

bikes are scary to 50% of mutts b/c 50% of mutts are obese

>> No.49559118

What was it in 2019?

>> No.49559125
File: 76 KB, 300x330, 300px-Tomppeli.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I live in Finland and gasoline is like 2.70€ per liter which is almost 11 dollars per gallon. Some people are starting to quit their jobs because its not worth it to drive there anymore.

>> No.49559130

>They did this so kids wouldn't play outside and walk places. This is why so many kids are obese.
America did this because they are incompetent.
It's not a master plan.
You guys can't do better.

>> No.49559165

>my legs don't work
>no bike lanes out in the suburbs where I live
Good thing I'm rich

>> No.49559181

Who the fuck is even getting paid that little? Even McDonald’s pays up to 16/hr

>> No.49559520

>that's why 3/4 of Americans are fat
It has to do more with the food IMO. US's infrastructure has been car-centric for decades, but it's only after the 80's when schools stopped teaching how to cook did everyone turn into landwhales.

>> No.49559758


We used to be able to walk around our cities until crime and niggers ruined it so the center of most American cities is basically a hood.

>> No.49559899

I knew from the day they stopped the Keystone pipeline that gas would one day shoot up, I didn't expect it to be this bad. But I guess Warren Buffet needs even more money to ship oil by train.

>> No.49559910

no one but illegals get paid that low anymore, hell Walmart is advertising 20/hr near me.

>> No.49559925

>All these fucking retards ITT crying about gas prices
If it's that fucking bad why don't you retards just buy into the stock so it dumps and prices come down?

>> No.49559946

Anon, some are literally doing that.

>> No.49559951

I love the false equivalency. Yea I don't give a shit about some retards who took a guided tour in the Capitol building more than the cost of everything going up 30-50% in a few months. Sue me. But the implication he's making here is that if you care about inflation then you hate democracy because only Jan. 6 lives matter.

>> No.49559964

already did when the Ukraine war started, made 10k on USO calls so far, think I'm getting out soon though, too many people think it's a sure thing that it will continue going up for my tastes.

>> No.49559982

It's better if something is underdeveloped and underserved, it simply means urbanite fags will stay out.

>> No.49560026

Just wear clothes you can sweat in and change into your suit when you get there.

>> No.49560044

That caps us to $19.98/gal.
Adding a tens place means we can go to $99.99/gal

>> No.49560121

I wouldn't stand to defend this state.
It's been taken over by completely mad people that can't think half a meter ahead, but still think they know better than their people, that are after all but a bunch of sexist, racist, fascist Nazis anyway, that must not be listened to.
I would pack my bags and run to wherever they still welcome people from this unironical shithole.

>> No.49560200

I think the US will become on the tier of the better Latin American countries while Canada will join the other CANZUK countries in becoming 1984. We're already there socially, just need the economy to fuck up a little more to fully get there.

>> No.49560216

Wanna know how I know shit actually sucks in the US? The number of posters in /pol/ threads that are actually American is declining. Every other major country on earth can afford to have thousands of their men here shitposting constantly, but the number of men that post here that don't sound like someone speaking a second language and wholly unfamiliar with the grammar of it is too damn high. If 4chan turboautist NEETS are being forced to find jobs and stop shitposting then all hell is breaking loose.

>> No.49560230
File: 163 KB, 1174x800, 69C12480-C30C-49EA-8564-07299F9649F1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Same energy efficiency of a tesla for a few thousand dollars. 120mph

>> No.49560238

Canad and Aus both went full 1984 for Covid and their populations just rolled over for it, it's coming

>> No.49560253

seethe more mutt, now go and get ready for 10 $ a gallon soon

>> No.49560658
File: 76 KB, 1024x732, 1653937033811m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The bus doesn't run where I work. Like not even close. It's that way for a lot of Americans to such an extent that I think Euros have no idea. Our automobile manufacturers lobbied against ALL public transit very hard and very effectively in the first half of the 20th century. That's why everything is set up for personal car travel and we're so screwed now.

>> No.49560720

I sure hope you cagers bought a road bike and/or mountain bike before 2020. Enjoy your inflated bike prices too.

>> No.49560793
File: 119 KB, 640x465, 1612539007316.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

they opened the door to let them in the building because the whole thing was a planned event for propaganda purposes

anyways 45% of car trips in the united states are for trips UNDER 3 MILES, a distance you should be able to walk, but can't, due to bad city planning. often times literally zero consideration is taken when city planning for anyone not in a car.


>> No.49560808

A ruckus might do 50mph if the stars align and you have a hurricane force tailwind, doubt it, but yes a putt putt 50cc scooter gets fabulous mileage

>> No.49560821

Can you trade gasoline from home like you can trade shitcoins?

>> No.49560905

>120mph in a honda ruckus
that aint stock
it's a 49cc bike
you can't even drive outside of the city on that

>> No.49560989

In a few years' time when you're eating your 500 calorie chink bugs and rice meal on public transport, you'll unironically look back on the meme Mutt lifestyle with nostalgia.

>> No.49561111
File: 1.69 MB, 1065x994, ! Tiny dramatic rescue.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nothing ever happens
wfh doing absolutely nothing since 2017

>> No.49561149

wow, these people are completely tone deaf

>> No.49561310

Imagine how advanced automation tech would be if we didn't have cheap labor undermining the incentive to invest in it. We could be a nation of idle aristocrats being served by robots.

>> No.49561382

Kek, this is the "suspended license" starter pack. I see plenty of these putting around in metro areas.

>> No.49561420
File: 432 KB, 1568x2352, 3o6q0t.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>2 years
This nigger told his libshit voters he was going to incrementally increase the minimum wage LMAO

>> No.49561688
File: 612 KB, 940x814, 1654036681174.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

People aren't buying as much oil it's been shown, so gas prices will eventually come down.

There are negative inversions on all energy and oil stock charts rn, there are no bearish rsi indicators on most of the main spy stocks rn.

We will open green tomorrow and tursday before we get hit with the 50 bps hike then they will say another 50 in september. It is triple witching next week too

We will most likely see a recession imo.

I think very short term we will be green, then towards the end of summer Bearish.

>> No.49561767
File: 119 KB, 779x834, average American meal in 2035.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck I wish.
We reinstate slavery but use people with sex offenses, homosexual urges, and drug charges instead of basing it on color (something that is uncontrollable)
Fuck yeeeeaaaahhh
Ah but it is a master plan. By the jews probably too.
Good point. America worships goyslop. Some families don't even buy base ingredients anymore.

>> No.49561846

same as 2008/09
first commodities moon, after stocks got beaten down, then everything including commodities crash while people get back into equity

>> No.49561867

We pay 2.2€ here in Spain and I drive like 60km to go to the office every day.
I'm fucked.

>> No.49561873

>Chips chips chips chips
Fat fat fat fat

>> No.49561927


>> No.49561955
File: 148 KB, 514x496, 1646343880756.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>six bags of chips
>pre made food
>frozen pizza
>waa we cant afford to eat.

>> No.49562111

THIS x100

>> No.49562258

THIS ×100

>> No.49562268

Fatty cope. You're just scared of breaking a sweat.

>> No.49562412

i almost have no savings left and i started to steal.

>> No.49562599

This whole thread has major Dark MAGA vibes

>> No.49562645

Its not too late to learn how to photosynthesise and accept living life like a plant

>> No.49562647

Agreed but that is based. Bike and scooter fags are a public menace.

>> No.49562699

You're 3.4 billion years late kid. Everyone who got in early are the oaks and palms we see today.

>> No.49562713

That image made me physically gag. Jesus imagine the sweaty lardass who originally uploaded it. The worst part: it reproduced. Those poor kids. Women like this should be lynched in the streets.

>> No.49562807

Nah, I'll just walk lol. There are too many bike thieves in Denver.

>> No.49562845

Just say it, anon

>> No.49562917
File: 483 KB, 725x725, 676.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.49562946

I would say N, but they aren't very common here. Most of the bike thieves here are white unironically

>> No.49563036

Are they going to start taping a 1 to those signs?

>> No.49563217

Let's be honest. Cars are a luxury. What do you think happened to cars during the "great" depression? What do you think happens to them during the "covid/russia/patriarchy/capitalism/billionaire" depression?

>> No.49563314

Looks like mistakes were made

>> No.49563399

Look, it's another European retard once again speaking about something he knows NOTHING about in typical dunning kruger fashion. I'll put it in simple words so you can get it through your bean-toast eating head:


>> No.49563467

Lol ignore all europoors anon. They aren't worth our time.

>> No.49563593

for some of us, with a healthy body mass index

You just eliminated 98% of 4chan

>> No.49564384

Your own fault that you let the automotive industry buck break you.

Pay the toll burgerlard.

>> No.49564410

That's pathetic. Most free country btw

>> No.49564463

And all politicians do is... nothing. They could repeal/suspend the gas tax right now, but... no. They could also ensure a gas credit, but... no.

Also, California has a STUPID fucking thing where they have a unique blend of gas solely for the state, which makes its supply limited AND it has to constantly be running at full capacity. Stupid fucking state.

>> No.49564557

>implying I don't hate this open air prison full of the stupidest, fattest, most gauche people in human history

>> No.49564693
File: 207 KB, 1066x520, 1630161627315.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You're not fucked until you see gas stations shutting down temporarily to retrofit price signs to have the tens place.
uh oh

>> No.49564746

He just described the suburbian hellscape to you. Nothing about the suburbs is friendly to life. It was made for cars, the dominant species of the planet.

>> No.49564799

Definitely not a myth everyone my age was like this. Old town, no sidewalks anywhere. If you are in one of those cul-de-sac's you could get away with it but if you're on a main road (everywhere is a main road nowadays) then yeah your mom wouldn't let you go outside.

>> No.49564821

I keep seeing psyop posts like this, wtf

>> No.49565013

The sheer number of you faggots that fell for the chainlink scam is almost as funny as the fact you have to shit up every totally unrelated thread with your cope. You're almost as bad as Monero feds

>> No.49565118

ironically the guy who proposed the un human rights thing that guarantees a human's right to private property was canadian.

>> No.49565181

Well the demographics definitely point that way.

>> No.49565266

This. Same with Canada. Outside of downtown NYC, toronto, and a handful of large, older downtowns, cars are 100% necessary. And if you want to go between cities, you're still fucked.

>> No.49565585

>NPC stare on all except the one.

Pooblic transport.

>> No.49565647

A gallon here in Canada is almost $8.00CAD (2.10/litre) I'm dumb so someone else should check my math.

>> No.49566750
File: 952 KB, 1440x1799, rwtp7bkvxf191.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Demographics is destiny. Everything else is noise.

>> No.49567081

>Truckers can just transport goods by bike if diesel is so expensive
This has to be bait

>> No.49567332

>sharing an enclosed space with schizophrenic knife weilding apes that don't have anything to lose.

>> No.49567423

>This is literally a problem only for urbanites who are addicted to being near niggers
No it isn't, not enough rural towns have their own markets within walking distance, and the ones that do get bought out by Walmart.
You should still move out of the city, but the rural areas need to be unfucked as well

>> No.49567551 [DELETED] 


>> No.49567560

Why is this bad?
>The witch trials
The Puritans were the ones who burned the South though, meaning the insane and stupid won?

>> No.49567569

>anyways 45% of car trips in the united states are for trips UNDER 3 MILES, a distance you should be able to walk, but can't, due to bad city planning. often times literally zero consideration is taken when city planning for anyone not in a car.
>under 3 miles
Sorry man, I don't have time to walk 2.5 miles to buy a stick of deodorant or buy some ground beef to cook for dinner.

>> No.49567692

it's why we had pipelines you disgusting faggot

>> No.49567766

I work remotely lol

>> No.49569153

That's not what he's saying at all retard

>> No.49569191

kek, enjoy your lipitor.

>> No.49569250

cant they just remove the stupid "9/10"s bullshit

>> No.49569324
File: 187 KB, 1024x768, 1582325707510.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Monday I paid $5.54/gal for gas. Friday on my way home I saw the same station $5.84/gal for gas.
I drive under 15 miles a day total for work, so my own transportation costs are still reasonable. Everyone else? They are absolutely fucked, many just dont know it yet.

>> No.49570055

I'm actually worried about gas prices because I live in a third world shithole and riding a bike to work would make me much more vulnerable to get fucking robbed.

Can't you guys just make amends with the Ruskies so we can go back to normal?

>> No.49570233

The fucking hasn't even begun. Soon it'll become uneconomical for wagies to just drive to work. Then the real sex party will start.

>> No.49570399

Europe still buying Russian Oil with plans to phase out Russian oil in months

America's dumbass bans it overnight and causes price shock that will be felt for months if not at least a year.

>> No.49570489

>The fucking hasn't even begun. Soon it'll become uneconomical for wagies to just drive to work.
People havent figured out that semi trucks that deliver everything refill usually every other day. Used to be at the cost of $1000/2 days, now it is $2000/2 days. That is $500/day more cost.
Each trip cost $.
Ship item from farm to factory.
Ship factory to warehouse.
Ship warehouse to store/home delivery.
Prices are usually locked into that. Now you have $500 that needs to appear from somewhere and it wont be the trucking/logistics companies. Add on people also paying double for gas that were living pay check to pay check and it will end in riots.

>> No.49571269
File: 1 KB, 49x49, 06EE57DA-A4EF-4F15-BFAB-A2751A32ED3C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oy vey!

>> No.49571291
File: 286 KB, 1024x575, 1344291453031.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

speak for yourself, faggot op

>> No.49571383
File: 4 KB, 191x128, 1649398516455.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

rode a bike and it gives me happy chemicals now what?

>> No.49571424

Ausfag but close economically. Same here outside cities, I think it is to force people to live in those cities to do their slavery where you can get by with buses/bikes. Like I said, luxury. Everyone who hasn't made it is still an indentured servant.

>> No.49571442

Get a thick bike lock, the kind the food couriers use. Gotta deal with N where I live and this is how the chinese couriers deal with bike thieves.

>> No.49571460
File: 8 KB, 204x247, index.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What barter goods should I stock up on?
I'm thinking like bags of rice, it lasts for a good while and anyone can use it.

>> No.49571482

Yep if your in a rural area or far from jobs you are gonna have a rough time ahead.

To bad our country built thwir lifestyle on cheap oil.

>> No.49571504

Holy shit I live here small world

>> No.49571556

Get the tables flipped on you Ameripoor


>> No.49571635

Mega based. Normies delude themselves saying they don't want this

>> No.49572260

it's not going to make working harder, people simply will not work

>> No.49573058

They will if they want to, you know, eat. People in shithole countries live in abject poverty, Ameripoors don't even know what real pain is like. But it's coming.