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Prices will keep on mooning.

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We are paying that now in canada

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I am I'll be able to afford a bitcoin

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It's just about $7 here in socal, I expect $10 shortly. Not sure how minimum wagies will survive.

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I'm going long on GUSH

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Just tax the oil companies to subsidize gas.

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They won't do this.
I've talked with my dad (he works at Bitcoin) and he said they can alter the newer pumps to half gallon price or even 1 liter price. They'll definitely do that first.

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theyll just stop going to work
then what, idk. will get ugly.

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Us PVBLICTRANSPORTCHADS don't have this problem.

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>owning a car


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So the niggermobile runs on unicorn farts, right?

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That doesn’t mean we will have $10 a gallon gas soon, that just means we’re preparing for $10 a gallon gas. Which is still pretty concerning.

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we'll enact the national defense production act again to make wagies go to the cagie

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I own a ton of suncor stock and the divvy more than pays for my gas

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I've made more money on exxon in the last year and a half than I could spend on gas in my entire lifetime, I'm not too butthurt about it

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ive been paying 200$ in gas for years using ETH, im used to it

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We'll get right on training that army of Japs on bicycles to transport your beans and rice.

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>you vill buy the EV and YOU VILL be happy

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The grid is powered by fossils fuels you fucking German cunt.

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Glad I bought a hybrid and get 60mpg. Seethe more truckiods. Also I'm never going back in the office.

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Killing anyone who doesn't have a ten year old car in their driveway. These are the people making mental notes about their communities during election cycles, noting which signs are in which yards. Part of why I always laugh when people say they don't care about the price of fuel because they have an electric vehicle. That's just painting a target on your back.

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>owning anything
>thinking you’ll be happy

It’s becoming more clear than ever, that we will eat the bugs.

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Fuck you Claus I don't consent to your kikery.

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But norway produces a shitload of oil

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Do you eat food? Do you use electricity?

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Uber rich retirement locations in california and florida already pay $10. Obvious LARP

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Based. Just picked some up.