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Sure what’s up?

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People are still driving gasoline powered cars in 2022? Trade that shit in for a Tesla.

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Oil prices are fake (because "peak oil" is fake and there's huge reserves of oil that aren't even touched -- the entire oil industry is rigged), just like that jew-vs-jew war in Ukraine.

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This guy knows what’s up.

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Yeah let’s take a steam car, add a completely unnecessary (middleman) and drive overpriced coal powered vehicles like a city cuck

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These guys know what’s up

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The f150 lightning looks awesome minus the giant tablet in the dash. You’re a faggot who hates on everything for the sake of hating and being a miserable person. You’re the same as marvel obsessed redditors but on the opposite end of the spectrum

In short, kys

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This, oil is one of the best examples of artificial scarcity. Manufactured artificial scarcity. Oil "needs" to be thought of as scarce, so prices in turn can be artificially driven up. It's used as a control mechanism and to push various globalists agendas, both financial and others.

If Hitler returned and Germany/Europe became Nationalsocialist again, then you can bet suddenly oil wouldn't be scarce in the USA anymore -- they'd magically suddenly have an infinite supply of oil to fight another war for the jews.

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First of all, you’re projecting some retarded shit out of your ass. Secondly, you didn’t address the argument dumb fuck, ie. It’s a kiked industry that creates a fake need for a middleman to turn coal into energy for you like a baby. It’s like saying hot pocks are better than an actual homemade meal so I’m guessing yousa are from usa

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You ain't gettin that oil, Jack!

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>He thinks the prices are fake

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I got a 2022 Ram. That is the last gasoline powered truck I am going to buy. However, I am holding out for the Tesla Cybertruck.