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How far are you down from your ATH? 70% here.

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I've been underwater since january

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Started with around $27k (my life's savings) then int'd all of it into LRC and it's now worth about $5k. Fortunately I make $11/hr so I can easily rebuild this within 25 or so years.

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8% I bought the dip and it dip again.

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Like 99.8%. I started with 20 grands now i have about 3 bucks 59? Havent opened binance for a while

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And the people that did this to you will never spend a day in prison. Crypto will go down as one of the biggest scams in human history.

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At around 95% or so. Then again I don't invest in crypto.

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I made my choice fully aware of the potential it may all go to 0. I view it as a very expensive gambling ticket but with far more likelihood of being worth something in a decade. That being said, it's not so bad, I've been netting around 7% apy from providing liquidity in a pool. It's a vessel for passive income even if my principal is way down. That on top of the ~$3k I have in dividend stocks and some websites which bring in $10-$50/mo (that I throw right into the dividend stocks). Obviously it's still very little but time may work in my favor. I have hope.

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jesus you're so dramatic

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My Equity portfolio is 10% down from ATH.

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ATH 350k
NOW 101K


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I’m at my all time high. Pulled out last year, did some swing trading plus continued waging.

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Completely lost my 1700 euros investment
I'm done but I'm past caring anymore

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> Fortunately I make $11/hr so I can easily rebuild this within 25 or so years.

Ok, at a second job of 30 hrs a week, you could rebuild this within 6-9 months.

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Is it true? Or ya wanna cheat us with yar shitcoin? My favourite NFT project is Streeth

>Mints & auctions iconic Street Art NFTs
>Completely secured personal Vault
>Audit by CoinScope

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You mean the people that forced you to buy a reddit coin at the top and made you hold all the way down? So..... yourself?

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that's the power of leverage

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Down 65%. Didn't take any profit. Hoping to die in my sleep

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80ish percent. Every call I make has just utterly rugged. OMG, XRP, GRT, and now CRO.

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Most other pyramid schemes have been outlawed by society but not crypto. This one is getting shilled on CNBC. I think society has really dropped the ball on this one and I feel sorry for people who lost money. I'm not one of them as I invest in equities.

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It's as much of a pyramid scheme as internet companies in 2001 or tech stocks the past years.
Just speculation driven by hype for new stuff.
It's been the most profitable market to be in since it's inception exactly because it's not regulated. It's a paradise for anyone smart or entrepreneurial and their best chance by far to make it and escape the rat race.

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Lol y'all this time I'm down but only quite a few token are showing good price movement on my portfolio SYLO, RIDE and FLM. I may just TP and forget about my holdings for months.

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Hehehehe swing trading being saving souls from onset. Notwithstanding unlike you I have my long term buys which include KILT, AxlToken and VRA locked somewhere whilst swing trading other tokens.

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I had enough to buy a big hone in full had I moved to say Texas.
I'd then only have to worry about misc. expenses and property taxes

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someone saved my wojak from years ago? maybe i am a productive member of society after all