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8.6% CPI btw.

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Absolute Chad.

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last year's model's iphone went down, bucko...

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Nice whataboutism, but remember it was either him or cheeto hitler, orangeman drumpflestiltskin, orange mussolini!!! hahahaha!!!

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woah relax with the anti-semitism there, goy

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What Biden derangement syndrome does to a mf

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Are you chud incels still spreading that schizophrenic fake news that the federal reserve are some demonic cult who’s mission it is to enslave the American public?

Why can’t you chuds just be trusting of the people in power? They are only making what’s best for you. They are the experts just obey them it’s not that complicated.

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Let's say Republicans win decently in the midterms and inflation increases a little bit more but then goes back down a bit before 2024 to a level lower than it currently is.

Does Biden win re-election
1) against Trump?
2) against DeSantis?

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All that inflation comes from Trump's admin

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I hope channel 4 bans you for hate speech.

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Actually it's Congress and Putin's fault chud

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This but unironically

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They have all been doing the same thing since the 90s

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dancing 0%
laughing 0%
stripping naked and swimming in the local icy river from the mountains 0%
community at church 0%
mushrooms from the forest 0%
corn from the fields 0%
game trapped and grilled 0%
family % unmeasurable

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i fucking hate biden so much for raising the price of everything in my country. i live in europe btw.

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>Just buy an electric car

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let the cat in nigger