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>deep inhale

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I dont see what his religion has to do with anything


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If it was me, I'd rather burn that ape than sell it back to him

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The epic saga has ended

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seething kike

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I got jewed by eToro because they have set 20x leverage by default and biden keeps wrecking the economy so I got liquidates within hours.

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fpwp shooo shooo jew

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i hope someone steals it from him again

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How to steal his monkey picture again and sell it back to him?

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forgot scheming anime girl reaction picture

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The Jew fears the Crypto Pajeet.

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Ethereum is wealth distribution!

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And he'll still turn a profit from the tv show he's making with the ape character

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>Seth Green has paid 165 ethereum for publicity.
You all are really fucking dumb if you believed this shit from day 1.

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He stole it from himself and 'sold' it to himself for 165 eth (not real money so it's not illegal) to raise the floor price for his ape since most of these jpgs are only worth 80k USDs

This only reminds me of that one pajeet forum where a lot of afghan refugees were coming to pakistan and india and the indians were seethecrying because the Afghans looked like Europeans compared to the dark skinned indians, which caused them consternation due to their cultural preoccupation with looking Brahmin.

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Awwww did we hurt your feelings Jew?

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I agree it's just pol/tards leaking again


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fpbp, polcels are retarded

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right click save as

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oy vey

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I'll explain. Jews are well known for being swindlers. When the swindler gets swindled, it's called humor.

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How does it feel to be a low IQ poorfag, goys? How does it feel to be obliterated by a superior race, the same way you do to niggers?

Must suck, well, go watch Dora the explorer or something that your goyim minds can understand, poorfag niggers

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how does it feel to be circumcised?

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Jew as an ethnicity not as a religion. Most of those Hollywood Jews are obviously atheists or satanists.

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kill yourself jew subhuman. can't wait for the day I get to slaughter some insects of your kind

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This is obvious money laundering. How blind are people to this?

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Good morning you jewish basterd
How can I rape you today?

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And he's a fucking pedophile

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Saturn cult: time=money

Here is your answer retard/pretending kike

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RIP Isaac Kappy. Never forget.

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It's not his religion, it is his etnicity.