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Even though Do Kwon’s abandoned LUNC as well as validators. Do you think at some point they’ll realize despite what they want to believe that LUNA 2 and LUNC are interlinked? LUNA 2 will dump with LUNC and LUNA 2 will pump with LUNC

So why not take care of the bitter LUNC holders so at least LUNA 2 will soar with it and it’s a win win as well as it would rebuild faith in Terra maybe I’m a retard but that’s the pattern I keep seeing on average and it seems the solution to fix the problem as a whole is to fix one so the other is profitable sure there’s the risk that LUNC eclipses it and you’ll have people pissed about that but would they rather both coins go to zero or both be in a better place down the line

It just seems obvious and everyone would be brought up to varying degrees

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subtle goho shilling?

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i will put serious amount of money in goho if lunc moons

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Also if people saw a pump on the scale of what an extreme burn of classic would do you will have normies Jump on coins in general you could create a doge situation which would make crypto healthier overall so it really at this point is sort of mind numbing someone in charge has the option to do this but won’t every body would get a little crumb in the long run. The longer these are controversial and sinking the more everything else does too but a giga pump that’s completely within the realm of possibility in their hands
they’re stupid not to. not for bag holders but to reinvigorate normies to think its an easy get rich quick thing.
Again I’m not a smart dude by any means but I think anyone with half a brain cell or common sense would think about all this

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Kwon knows full well they're interlinked and probably wants to keep it that way. Last thing he wants is LUNC mooning and leaving his new coin in the dirt. This current situation means that anyone with money on LUNC has some stake in LUNA 2 as well.

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>LUNA 2 will dump with LUNC and LUNA 2 will pump with LUNC

Nope mate, LUNA 2 will slowly bleed to death with some occasional pumps here and there, but LUNC will still reign supreme.

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Exactly they’re holding each other hostage the best option is for both to lay down their weapons and work together against all that gook is reliant on these two coins going to shit and the distraction of both fighting over a moon

So he can quietly go into the night while everyone lost

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Goho is the way

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They both move in the same trajectory at the same time or one plays a bit of catch up both ways. They’re coins at odds keeping each other down in the hopes some big exchange will save them when the reality is one has to let the other be saved to fix both but ideally the kind of pump in the realm of possibility for lunc would be the one great enough to reinvigorate everything

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What is goho?

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the next, potentially the last memecoin that can still x10000 in this market

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Based. Thanks

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>Do Kwon’s abandoned LUNC as well as validators.
i understand validators voted for the burn. that doesn't sound like they've abandoned lunc

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What’s a reasonable stack of goho that one should attain in case it moons?

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Mcap prediction?

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Decide where you want to be

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Mcap prediction? And fuck you mkney stack?

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1b and if you have the money go for 1t stack while it's still cheap

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Are you being serious about the billion? What does a trillion equal to at that cap? Im a retard at math

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I'd say anywhere between 50B-100B will make a fine sui

bro we've been over this many times, 1T makes you 8M at 1B. And yes, 1B is entirely possible

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FUDers in the post be like:

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Yet the supply remains higher than ever.

Don't forget, Do Kwon controls LUNC and he owns the burn wallet.

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are you guys OK? why would dk abandon lunc that would set example for luna 2 not to be trust worthy and that's the least thing he want right now after being chased from everyone