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I am unironically suicidal

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Good, you should rope for buying the tranny coin.

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Thats a bit mean :(

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held this shit from over a hunnid grand down to sub 10K wtf was I thinking

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>buying the tranny coin.
The only coin able to scale*

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its gonna bounce up.

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I unironically bought at like 1.78 because of this thread.

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They lied......tech is absolute shit....total vaporware that will NEVER work......Kevin lied and said KDA would go to tripple digits, while they were dumping hard on us.......I lost so much money.........I can't take it anymore.......

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I’m buying
I know I’m going to be right this year
This phoneposting itoddler is gonna be rich hbu

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kadena babena

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This. Why the fuck would you morons buy this crap.

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but in two weeks kaddex will save it anon

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when kaddex... when defi... feels like I am the only one holding this still... asuka anon... anime posters... it was all a ruse

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It's been insane. I think Terra might have had a bag they sold off during the chaos.

But now this has full retraced its mainstream pump. looking at the kda/BTC chart for next support

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i distinctly remember telling you KDA fags to sell a year ago. it's a worthless shitcoin that rode up on some hype. i was met with smug anime posters telling me i just didn't get it.
you get what you fucking deserve

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Maybe. There was like 600k volume on May 18th

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I sold sir

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Kadena has crashed, now I will never pass..

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I guess I was right all along. No cross-chain transaction atomicity meant DeFi can’t happen. Massive number of transactions means no Store of Value use case. All Baboona has is the payment use case and there has never been any money in that. Sometimes understanding fundamentals matters.

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yeah and it was a terrible idea, selling was good for late october, early november. You just made people miss a x40-50 opportunity.

stupid dumbass

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Always was. KDA actually helped.

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>Massive number of transactions means no Store of Value use case.
now how does this make sense nigger

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i dont know the timeline of your gay shitcoin. when i told them to sell it was after ATH.

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People who store actual wealth on a blockchain want to be able to periodically verify all transactions on that blockchain.

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there is x-chain atomicity on kadena

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Nice id faG.

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thought this was a kadena thread?

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i bought this at 1.6 last year
i bought 30k coins
i never sold
you telling me you're suicidal?

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kadena is chain in spanish

spelt differently but still

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its actually harrowing
even considering worst case scenario of all miners selling their shit the second they mine its still like 40k tokens a day in selling pressure which is less than 80k usd
some farming dog shitcoins on eth/bsc are doing better than kda is doing having 10 times emission rates of kda
holy fuck how did kda drop so low this is actually unexplainable
fuking clown world

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early ecosystem, no buy pressure. but you can buy more cheapies if you still believe

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no ecosystem
all the pr they had was invested in kaddex
kaddex rugged

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> there is x-chain atomicity on kadena
> ...if you write it yourself, somehow

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Even crazier is before this it just got the biggest listings like Binance, for extra bot liquidity

I really think Terra played a role in this. they probably had a stack because they were partnered with Kadena on a bridge.

Either that or just too much mining profitability had miners stacking bags that had a lot to liquidate.

Anyway pretty much full reset now, little bit extra till the next BTC cluster.

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Two retards

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yes, i am retarded, i held through 28 pump buying at 1.5
theres no hope for me

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same trannies delusional about their gender also delusional about their protocol
surprise surprise

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>I really think Terra played a role in this.

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KDA is the only chain that will survive. It is the greatest technology created since the internet. No other chain will be needed. Fast, escalable, safe and 0 fees.
Slurp or enjoy staying poor

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>I guess I was right all along
You are retarded

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if it has 0 fees and no congestion and no staking how is it gonna to appreciate value?
i think this is a major case of token not needed

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A very cheap team that does not hire a good marketing team. The website is trash. Where is ledger? When will Kaddex finally be done? When will marmalade be updated?

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Fuck you for fudding your own bags
Fees are not 0, but they are very low. The idea is you can run dapps more complex than stupid token copypastes, thus exposing billions of people to blockchain and make number go up due to scarcity

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>does not hire a good marketing team.
i don't think theres even a marketing team man
>The website is trash.
it is
>Where is ledger?
in their pockets storing their btc
>When will Kaddex finally be done?
they rugged and ran away half a year ago, man
>When will marmalade be updated?
nobody cares

Now let me ask some real questions. Wheres stables? Bridges? Is token needed? Why inflation rate is so high? How much money did kucoin end up stealing?

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so how do you promote your shitcoin enough to do that?
>Fuck you for fudding your own bags
i don't give a fuck anymore
might kms tomorrow who knows