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let's talk about biz's dearest coin

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You are unironically retarded to not throw at least a few hundred at this. The team (who I guess is white) is fucking relentless. This is how SHIB made it.

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gonna need anon asking for predictions

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tg gginubsc


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fucking pajeet bots these days..
also check green id + dubs

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Kek I'm only fooling. Never buying this shit. Just fun to Honk a little.

But seriously you faggots are flushing money gambling on shitcoins when you could be donating your income to feed shitskins instead. Grow some vegetables and be happy. Stupid fucks.

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my prediction is 100 trillion if the market cooperates, 10b if it doesn´t

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Kek. Such a faggot. Bigger than the fucking US economy? Goho? Kek kek kek

What a fucking retard you are. As is anyone who invests in this pile of goose shit

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Lmao fuck shitskins


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Pls mind your language we have many young children invested in goosetoken

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You humorless heartless faggot. If you aren't willing to feed starving niggers, feed yourself. You'd be better off buying a cucumber and harvesting the seeds after shoving it up your ass so you can grow some vegetables in your backyard. Better investment than this pile of shit.

>Giant goose dicks
Faggot confirmed. Digits prove it. Bend over and enjoy Jamal, retard.

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Thanks for bumping

New investors please see the chart

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i hate this lil indian coin like you wouldn't believe

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New investors - please reconsider. Your hard earned money should go someplace else. Feeding the poor or, if you hate the poor, feed your own fat ass.

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have sex chud

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Thank you yet again for bumping

new investors please follow these steps to buy
1 Billion MC end of month confirmed

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Goho general reporting in

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I have more sex than you do and with a woman to boot. Enjoy your nigger ass. It's the only hole you'll ever feel wrapped around your chode

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Globo Homo coin. Don't buy the faggot shit.

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Sure you do, man. Sure you do

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Listen to this man
Not this faggot.

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If you're not a turkey now, you'll feel like a turkey when we hit 5bmc

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5B? more like 500k. Kek.

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I’m gonna… I’m gonna… HONK

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Weak sauce, coomer. Just like your coin

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hahaha dude you are fucking relentless. Hadn't seen this level of autism in a long long time

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join us in the tg

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come on scumbag - show me dev's hands. if not, certified shitskin coin robbing poor starving children of a chance at life.

vegetable gardens are the best investment anon. trust me on this

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Bro I feed myself everyday. But I don't eat shitty vegetables, I eat red meat.>>49490334

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enjoy your colon cancer, painfully shitting bricks into the street when you die at 40 penniless and broke because you aped into fucking GOHO. LMAO what a regard HAHAHAHAHAHA

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bro get help please
Me I don't care about colon cancer. I'm pretty sure meat is healthier than whatever modern diet is about.
Anyway you should seek some counsel, you seem angry and fixated. Honestly.

>almost got a HONK in the captcha. This is good

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I need help? YOU need help. Look. It fucking rugged. It's OVER. Move on. You lost your chance at nourishing vegetables because you wanted to buy fucking goose shit. Better be angry rather than live in denial. And I don't mean the river and egypt. Though you'd like that. Lots of good nigger meat to shove up your ass.


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> HONK captcha

very bullish signal, 1B EOM confirmed

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Delusion is contagious. Newfags take note. this is what we call cult behavior

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Ooooooo digits confirming me. Meanwhile, GOHO is rugging. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA fuck my sides hurt HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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max, given how fast you post in these threads, you probably have a fucking script that alerts you whenever a goho general is created. You're doing this because this community has destroyed all your previous rugs, and they also doxxed you and revealed you're a bong pedo. So it's extremely clear you're insane, gay, and evil. Please leave.

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Who the fuck is Max? Is that the guy that fucked your wife, cummed in your mouth, and then cut your dick off? You seem angry

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You are Max. Middle aged, bald, british guy. Come on now, you're embarassing yourself.

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Fucking kek pot calling the kettle black. I'll have yo know i'm a fucking navy seal and I'm gonna fucking parachute into your backyard and chop your nuts off tonight.

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Goho Rugpool

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Goho is a fucking rugpool

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What a limp dick chart. Looks like the penilectomy worked. Fucking tranny coin

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Digits confirm.

Newfags, this guy knows his shit. GOHO cancer coin confirmed. Developed by Max himself for maximum pedo-philic-money-making. Guard your kids tonight. the Honkers are coming for them

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>19 posts by this ID

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19 posts SO FAR faggot. Kek

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yes sers a rug"pool" indeed sers

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Newfags: The real biz GOHO thread is here: >>49491662

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Oops, you got rugged! At least now you can hold onto your GOHO bags forever. HAHA goose baggies!

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Pools closed sir

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Probs much more than 19 with the amount you IP switch

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Haven't IP swtiched, faggot. Still posting on the OG ID. But keep coping. Your project rugged. It's over. Get help.

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Stop pretending you can’t use the same IP and both Maxye. Remember how badly you’ve gotten BTFO in every GOHO thread?

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No one's blown me out, anon. And who the fuck is Max? Your tranny bull?

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Yeah I’m gonna need a motherfucking mcap prediction. Yall mothafuckas in the TG asking if mcap bro, wake me up until September ends to work bro, and marketing bro are the same person.. maybe

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Imagine being so unconfident in the shit your bag holding that goose threads are a very real and legitimate threat to your finances

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Sup max, I planted my seeds in your wife’s womb

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I'm doing a service for all the newfags so they don't get roped into the next dog with bat farce
Is that you Jamal?

>> No.49492531

>next dog with bat farce
that's where you're wrong kiddo
not a dog but a GOOSE

hey bro what up

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Why would GOHO want to be the next of that? No GOHO is the next SHIB/DOGE/Microsoft

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How goes your quest for 1000 holders? Been tgrying to get that last 20 for like six months. But I guess BIZ is too smart for your faggoty pajeet fingers lol

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Interested in buying in? The thousandth wallet gets a free NFT

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Kek. Not even for a laugh

>> No.49493559

Missing out, then. I'm very sorry

Guess we'll see more of you in a few months.. You may become sort of like a mascot around here

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>please buy our coin, please join our telegram

>> No.49493892

Nigga, the goose is inevitable. We're trying to help you make some money, if you buy now, at least you won't be buying at 10M, or 20M..

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I’m on a date honking what the fuck is the future mcap bros

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He already bought in, hence why he’s so invested in GOHO threads

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1b EOY

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you still lurking max boy? What happened? thought you were gonna do 50PBTID in this thread, or more!

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Yeah bro, I'm gonna buy a bsc coin at 10m mc
Fucking faggot how poor are you, no one uses bsc
I wouldn't even buy this garbage at 10k

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Seems kinda bullish to me that there’s a weaponized autist obsessed with fudding this coin around the clock

Over 1/3 of this thread is the same sperg repeating nigger tranny faggot over and over.

Honk, seethe, dilate.

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Anyone with a brain can see this is just another pajeet scam that will disappear with the rest of them

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>How goes your quest for 1000 holders?
We broke 1k earlier today so it's going good thanks faggot

Fudders will rope

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Your being serious aren’t you kek


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Holy shit dude you are sad. Your life must really suck ass if this is what you do for fun lmao you have 1/3 of the posts in this thread just dedicated to fudding. Seek help tranny. Your not a real woman, you have no womb, your not a real investor, your 52 y/o and shove vegetable into your gaping asshole to fill the void of a real dick as your so foul no gay man would touch you. Sad!

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Acting as if being /biz's fav coin is a good thing
This is now a PrecogFinance (tickr PCOG) thread you piece of curry shit