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I'll answer any questions honestly and meme free

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what do you get out of these threads?

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see how they gather around a corporate logo like moths to a flame

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alright, explain me to me like im retardes how exactly did chainlink solve the oracle problem?

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>shitcoin shill thread

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as for my question, which developers are working on CCIP and what is their track record, why are they suited to launch something like this

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What is the make it stack

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Is sergay still a virgin?

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nice of you bro, but we're in full hysterical bliss mode from now until the end of time. Sergey flicked the switched from silence to economics, the rest is history.
Just look at the absolute hysteria of discord faggots at the moment as an indication for how bullish things are. They lost the narrative, they lost control, then they lost their minds. It's hilarious.

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A chance to give back to the board that found link

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Can you please explain your uploaded picture?
And what is your price prediction eoy

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>the cultist mindset
to any newfags especially /pol/ newfags that might see this thread and the information it’s all a huge load of bullshit any amount of LINK you think about buying instead buy ICP with it you will thank me

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When do you think jannie trannie faggots are going to nuke your thread?

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>>49480177 you are trying to keep them poor

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Read the whitepapers
Do you know who created wBTC, arguably the most important cross chain protocol in all of crypto?
Where's he work now?
How long can you hold
Doubt it
But I bet he hasnt had sex in years given how hard he works on link
It's like a warm fire by which to warm cold hands

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In the blogpost they talked about an allotment for link community or something like that, where is it on that scheme? is it the second tier ? Will oldfags be able to vote for dispute resolution through Aave etc...?

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>How long can you hold
I've been holding since 2018, I'm a poorfag though, so I've only got 100.
To answer your question, I'm never selling.

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I dont do price predictions
I still can't believe anyone bought something called dfinity much less internet computer
Batting about .500 these days so we'll see

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Why did the talks get removed from the conesus site?

Is Eric still speaking at smartcon?

Will this version of staking see us hit new ath?

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They're starting staking on their eth/usd feed only
They're going to open up 25-75mm links worth of staking space and subsidize it as a live beta test before rolling out across all nodes/feeds

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hello frend, just thought I'd say thanks for threads like these and I'm glad Link is having a decent rally here after some tough times

t. linklet

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The way you cunts talk would make it seem as though you're not still stuck in single digits after missing a bullrun.

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why has sergey gained so much weight since 2017, while I lost 50 pounds

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I still see the link talk?
I can't see Eric being able to stay away from smartcon
I'd guess that the combination of knowing that the node incentive fund is now an asset to link holders rather than a liabiity and the launch of ccip will start establishing price floors

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Thanks for dropping by. How quickly do you see tokens being locked up through staking after the initial 75M used for ETH/USD (plus I would think they add a few other feeds for v0.1)? Is the 99.5% estimate within 2 years realistic in your view?

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so the picture you posted does not apply here? Which nodes will be selected for the pool? What's the alerter alotment they refered to? How does it work? If the stake is pooled what's the incentive of each node to act honestly? What are the tools in place for alerting?

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Do you think staking will go live before or after the ETH merge?

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why the fuck do you care nigger are you in luna threads talking to the people who lost literally everything? why do we hold such a privileged position front and center in your mind?
It's easy to get delusions of self importance when you have a cheer squad of 100 fucking fudders giving you constant updates on the state of your investment.

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If I understand how staking is supposed to work (based on whitepaper 2.0), if layer 1 consensus is questioned by any of the nodes on the committee or by some external actor (I guess that's where community comes in according to Sergey), the "truth" is determined by layer 2 committee of nodes, correct? Isn't this just delegating trust to some "higher power", what compels L2 nodes to tell the truth if there is no L3 to slash their stake if they lie? Either I'm missing something, or the whole system is still based on trust, we just move trust one level higher.

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One more question.

What happened to the OG influences of link. Like link anon and CL tonight.

Why does it feel like the magic died.

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we missed the dogcoin / L1 ghost-chain bull run, probably the worst bull run ever, BTC only did a 3x above last ATH, chainlink already had it's bullrun during 2019 and 2020 anyway, this recent strength just confirms that link is ready for another solo bullrun so yeah it is exciting to once again be pumping against the market

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ETH/USD feed is secured by 25M link. Will adding another feed, lets say link/usd create need for another pool of 25M staked link or can you merge the 2 feeds into one "staking pool"?
Also thoughts on CCIP impact on staking. Will it require a lot of stake? What about revenue from CCIP?

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Always glad to be here
I admit I have a different perspective than most here in that I'm already wealthy but it has frustrated me to see link consistently do incredible things and not get the love it deserves
But eventually price approximates value
And I do have much love for anons waging and stacking, they deserve it. Miss oatmeal anon like you wouldn't believe
He's been literally sitting at a desk working his ass off and eating like shit to make you rich
I'll be eating a bigmac this saturday in respect

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Where is the next top. Im tired of buying tops.

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This two tiers, deco powered system with customers nodes has seemingly been replaced by community stakers in charge of manually raising alerts. What are your thoughts on this

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Clink hired like 1000 people, this is the result. They are finally catching up to ethereum

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>They're going to open up 25-75mm links worth of staking space and subsidize it as a live beta test before rolling out across all nodes/feeds

how risky do you think this wave of early adoption to staking will be? like the chances of getting slashed vs the rewards.

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you are trying to shill them a total shitcoin and take their money

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Are you feeding us spoons or feeding us WITH spoons?

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You fucking faggot retard there is no slashing in v0.1

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As aman with 1000 chainlink tokens who never intends to sell, what can I expect in the coming years?

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Tier 2 are supposed to be the customers themselves with their own protocols reputation and TVL at stake but obviously that's gonna be insanely hard to implement so it seems like they just shifted to community alerts for now

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oh, interesting. i didn't even notice that on the chart. i knew they'd be subsidizing it but i didn't know that would be 0 worry at all. thanks for pointing that out cocksucker.

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absolutely rekt, feel free to share pics of people crying on discord

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It depends on what the behind the scenes arrangement is with nodes with respect to staking. I would guess that there is an agreement that, in exchange for all of the early subsidies given to the nodes that they agree to staking minimums based on how much value their feeds secure or what tier nodes they want to be.
There was a lot bullish in that staking blog post but maybe the most bullish of all is that link token holders are not viewed by the team as "lucky to be a part" but rather as a valued part of what they're building and that they will get consideration going forward. The link team absolutely could have launched staking without any incentive and used the node fund to sway more top tier infrastructure providers with incentives, instead those incentives are going to long term holders and the enterprises will likely have to compete on the open market for access to link tokens given the incredible future revenue possibilities (and low overheads) of a link/eth node
I do disagree with that staking estimate simply because markets exist. If 99+% were locked up, the returns on LPing would be astronomical. Same for market making on CEX's, lending protocols etc.
I think you're a bit off here, is there a single succinct question you can ask?
The staking blog was pretty clear about everything except what the partner growth program was
This is a long held suspicion and I think it even more now: staking has been delayed for eth POS, likely for years now. It makes sense in that the most performant iteration of arbitrum requires an eth instance and link node providers likely aren't equipped to run large POW mining rigs.
Since staking is launching with a simple model and with incentives, it likely has been ready since 2019/2020 and they've been waiting on skelly and the purple hair gang to get off their asses.

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lol fuck off then

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>How long can you hold
5 years, easily

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You come across really emotionally balanced on this topic, anon. I like the pattern where you try to direct the narrative to convince yourself of it.

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>He's been literally sitting at a desk working his ass off and eating like shit to make you rich
stop being misleading

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I don't have inside information but from looking at the docs it would appear that as part of the contracts/SLAs the arbitration mechanism (likely deco based calls to specific trusted sources)
I don't see that launching with v0.1 as there isn't slashing and I don't see it launching with v1 as that slashing is likely to be for offline/non-response only. That is easy to prove with an arbitrator set of nodes.

I'd go one step further and say that it wouldn't surprise me if we got to v1 and people felt v2 unnecessary. In other words the notion of ruining a massive revenue stream and your public reputation by delivering faulty data would be felt to be adequate for nearly all applications (so called "implicit staking") and slashing ends up being almost universally coded in SLAs for non-response only
But that's just my opinion and the big brains at CL may have more cooking

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Can the blockchain trilemma by delegating one of its components to the chainlink network?

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*be solved

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the team are faggots and v0.1 could have been release much much sooner then when we got it. On top of that they are using our money to test out one price feed instead of a full roll out like they should have done last year. Also the time lock is bearish , why are they doing stupid shit like then when people want to rush into the pools unless they know something is up. you have to give up opportunity cost just for 5% of a token that trads sub 10$

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I like the part where you're still here talking about Chainlink lmao Literally nothing better to do today, huh?
I mean I'm here because I have 6 figures in this shit but being here for free? man...

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the article was extremely vague, here are my questions:

>which nodes will be selected and how much will they be able to stake?

then the blog says "To initially fill the community alerter allotment, a fair entry mechanism will be used to help ensure participation from a wide range of community members".

>how much of the 25 million will be allocated to this?
>if it's dedicated to neets how will they even raise alerts will chainlink provide tools?

"an adjudication smart contract will automatically verify that the conditions of the smart contract SLA were breached and that the alert was valid"

>if a smart contract can check this what's the point of having alerters?

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Think about why there are multiple people dedicating their lives to hating on link on 4chan now: the brutal truth is that most investors don't have the patience to buy value and sit on their hands.

A lot of them lost it on aave, or leverage trading or selling to swing or selling for their condo or car
They all hate hate hate that it might be 5 figures one day
The silver lining is that this is true for almost every investment ever. There's a reason there are very few rich people and hoards of poor ones.
I would guess that the value secured by the feed would dictate the amount of link it needs staked. Eth/usd is about as high value as it gets
again conjecture from me but this is I think Sergey's big dick trump card for a gentle takeover of legacy banking and derivatives: Imagine a year from now there are 150 high rep nodes with 50mm worth of link staked on each node. Using the calcs from supralinear staking he can roll in and say "I can provide trust assurances of a greater value than the entire derivatives market using only half the nodes in my network. Let's talk."

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>"They lost the narrative, they lost control, then they lost their minds."
>"absolutely rekt"
>"I mean I'm here because I have 6 figures in this shit"
Wow you seem so secure and satisfied, not to mention confident.

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where is assblaster

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Greetings nf**l, thanks for this again. We owe you a lot, I really enjoyed your human relationship thread.
I was trying to find your archives but too bad half of them are gone.
I know this is not CL related but
can you re-elaborate about how to be disciplined in the face of indulging in excess, and also be smart with your money in the world of scammers when you do "make it".

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>Do you know who created wBTC, arguably the most important cross chain protocol in all of crypto?
I do know of course that's why I asked. What EXACTLY did he do that made wBTC so good and why is it applicable to something far more ambitious (wrapping, which was done by many, -> interchain messaging protocol that includes cross chain Dapps).

This is an advanced question but maybe you can tell me something valuable anon.

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Can we learn anything new from the Gartner slides? Phasing out of private chains with the launch of CCIP on public networks? What might that mean? Thanks.

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where did you find that slide? can you share the source? thanks spoonfeeder.

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Seems like a long term vision but for reasons outlined above I think ultimately it may not be necessary
the first iteration does not have slashing, so likely low risk
We're just talking as friends
Hopefully good times
I look forward to the day when all my link is staked or in LP's and I never have to think of selling one of my links again
Good answer
Buy more now if you can
Arbitrum has somewhat solved the trilemma in that they realized that they could sacrifice speed/throughput if they simply focused on making the on chain portion of each transaction as vanishingly small as would still maintain security
And thanks to skelly and the ethtards the entire stack is now chainlink's (instead of just the most valuable parts)
See above, I would be willing to bet it was to allow Eth to become POS and arbitrum nitro to integrate into the node
The nodes in the eth/usd feed are the only initial stakers
People who have held chainlink for a long time will likely be given an allotment for staking on these nodes initially
It's easy to see who they are on chain
With respect to alerters and adjudication, I would guess this is in V1 (not initially) since there won't be slashing in v0.1
It makes sense that those be the same group of tier 2 nodes if slashing is only for non-response initially.
"hey, this node is offline"
All other nodes check to see if this is true
If true, slash offline node
If false slash alerter
Pretty simple

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there has been a lot of concerns regarding celsius solvency... link has entrusted celsius with treasury...what happens if celsius goes under??


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Then the Khater is out of the bag.

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How much longer till mixicles and deco desu?

>> No.49481182

What's your take on LPL and it's role in early staking?

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I have just under 4000 LINK and no fucking idea of what to do with them. Lock them up with stake, if so, where and if where, how many different nodes to diversify risk? Do I risk running my own node (I have direct access to a SAS70 data center)?

Or do I do what I've been doing since 2017 and just hang on to them in my private wallet.

I got into LINK because I'm in FINTECH doing a lot of integrations between lenders, institutions, etc. I can't say much more than that and still stay anon. LINK is going to completely revolutionize the way we publish and consume data.

>> No.49481207

>See above, I would be willing to bet it was to allow Eth to become POS and arbitrum nitro to integrate into the node
so two more years for anything significant from the team. That another BTC cycle, whats that doing to solve the opportunity cost problem? the team can deliver everything right now but are dragging their feet for what ever reason and the community knows this. How much are you getting paid to shill for that fat fuck?

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Are you racist?

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How does CCIP work? I understand that it will render bridges useless and that bridges create wrapped assets, which can be a potential attack vector and weakness, but how does chainlink natively swap assets from different blockchais lets say?

>> No.49481308

Given staking v.01 and ccip are scheduled to be released by end of year do you think Link will go up in price this year with the bad macro environment?

I know you don't do price prediction but im just soo tired bros

-2017 OG

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>Arbitrum has somewhat solved the trilemma in that they realized that they could sacrifice speed/throughput if they simply focused on making the on chain portion of each transaction as vanishingly small as would still maintain security
do you know how Arbitrum is addressing the verifier's dillemma? I have yet to see a rollup that solves it, until they do Rollups are just ticking timebombs that will work a few years and then fail.

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Go to ftx and don't look back

>> No.49481357

good question
We should bring it to the attention of the team
Celsius lost millions in a wrong ETH tx and covered it up for a year. That's a massive red flag, CL team should get out

>> No.49481365

Staking when
>this year
Yeah but when

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do you not understand how slow the team works? they are going to milk this version of staking which means we are going to wait for another two years for CCIP

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Thanks for doing these threads anon.

Is it too late to set up a neet node?

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Since he got doxxed Id guess we'll never hear from him again
Always glad to be here
Self destruction is the big risk in making it
Having to go to work and maintain relationships goes a long way to keeping you from falling off the deep end.
If you have a family and kids it helps a lot since they depend on you. If not you have to be fairly rigid about new people in your life and your money.
If you are rich and single you have to fully accept that you will never know if she wants you for you or if she wants your success. It's better in those situations to ditch the bullshit and start things purely transactional. Be happy if it does turn into genuine affection and fine if it doesn't. This goes doubly if you're not a traditionally attractive man.

With respect to business ideas and reinvesting, you'll fall for the notion that you're smarter than you actually are. If you want to keep generational wealth you need to have investments and draw them down at below replacement rates. From that draw down comes both your living expenses (half) and your high risk reinvestment fund (the other half).
And dont be a retard, pay a high quality tax person to minimize your taxes and then pay them.
Leverage and taxes are what get even smart investors.

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Yes, he already addressed this with the first 25 posts.

>> No.49481436

I have roughly the same amount. Im a burger and I put them on ftx for 5% return. To be honest, I plan on removing half and putting them in cold storage but as of this moment ftx is the safest centralized exchange in crypto.

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This is very true. My bro and I ( two OG holders) always say to our swingy friend - All you have to do as a Link holder is nothing and you can’t even do that!!!

>> No.49481543

I want a quck rundown on how chainlink works and why it's a good idea to invest in chainlink instead of other coins like XMR, XRP, AVAX, etc.

Yes, I'm a newfag but I see LINK is talked about way more than any other coin in this board so I need to know what's the big fuss all about before I make an investment. Thank you.

>> No.49481546

i took all my shit off celsius this morning, it just smells too fishy.. esp with luna fiasco, yield just isn't worth the risk of collapse for me. that would be really really bad for the space, so fingers crossed its nothingburger.

surely they have not entrusted everything...right

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only thing everybody needs to know about this token

token not needed

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Celsius will be the first user of CCIP, I think this is a FUD campaign against them.

>> No.49481627

>read the whitepaper

meaning that you actually don't know lmao
nice spoon feed thread kek faggot

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>With respect to alerters and adjudication, I would guess this is in V1 (not initially) since there won't be slashing in v0.1

No, they said they wanted to use v0.1 to test alerting without slashing. "In v0.1, alerting conditions will be focused on feed uptime but will expand in scope in later versions. "

>People who have held chainlink for a long time will likely be given an allotment for staking on these nodes initially

well they talked about a "community alerter allotment", so they'll have to alert to get paid no? also what do you mean "stake on these nodes"? their stake will be separated from the nodes stakes otherwise it does not make any sense, theirs is for alerting, not for providing feeds.

>It makes sense that those be the same group of tier 2 nodes if slashing is only for non-response initially.

well they talked about a "community alerter allotment"

>> No.49481700

I think you're hinting at something but I have no idea what
The only thing that struck me is this may be the death knell for permissioned private chains. Since things like arbitrum can be performant and have the security of eth, the value prop of hyperledger or r3 is in question
See above, from chainlink's blog post
It looks like at worst they'd have to take a mild haircut with staked eth markets?
I don't get it
Wonder where she is these days
Honestly I think those are not priorities at current, as much as I'd love them to go live now
Probably just as advertised: space on the biggest/best node
I think long term the NAAS and staking apparatus revenue streams will be more valuable
Staking isn't live
Wait until it is
That depends on your definition of racist:

Classic racist: There are intrinsic genetic differences between the races and therefore it is correct that certain races have different rights than others

Modern racist: there are intrinsic genetic differences between the races and so some races on the whole may have different preferences or may perform differently; this is natural and OK
CCIP is effectively a DON bridge with a secondary set of indepdenent nodes that watch that bridge and have the ability to limit or halt its function if certain red flag actions are noted
Also note that the nodes in the bridge need to be staked and the nodes watching the bridge need to be staked, and presumably for large amounts at least equal to the amount that could be lost through bad actions of the bridge...
I think bear markets are good for highlighting true value and bull markets are good for shit that solves the lambo problem. One chainlink tokens become passive income streams, I think chainlink does well in both.

>> No.49481715

if there will be the current nodes staking, and then the v0.1 with the alerter being separate entities, does that mean the 25M LINK initially is split between the two? (e.g. 20M to nodes 5M to alerters)

>> No.49481748

welcome back!

>> No.49481797

Yes or no... are you Sergey?

>> No.49481818

if everything youre saying is true why is the price action the worst of all coins? seems like the market isnt agreeing with anything youre saying

>> No.49481819

I guess so. What I don't understand is how do they expect neets to alert and how will they get paid, they're supposed to receive a reward if alerted correctly but will they also get some of the apy, even for doing nothing?

>> No.49481888

I know this is a spoonfeed thread but come on
See above, I think they're waiting on eth
Nope, perfect time
True also in traditional markets sadly
Though this guy is pretty fucking annoying he does give a good overview
I would stand by what i said re the eth/usd nodes being the first to stake link, but i could be wrong
It wouldn't surprise me if the inital "way in" for neet nodes would be to prove you can spin up a high-uptime CL node which "watches" the eth/usd nodes for non-response, which I agree would be the most likely initial implementation.
I wouldn't think it would make sense to stake a series of watcher nodes with no stake on the actual nodes securing value, but again, i could be wrong

>> No.49481962

it's not FUD you can check it on the blockchain
(2 addresses down the ETH comes from Celsius Wallet 5.)

Furthermore the CEO said this
>Celsius generates revenue in part from “discretionary trading” of cryptocurrencies, including “speculative trades” on prices, according to its UK accounts. Mashinsky has insisted the company does not trade customer assets. “How we earn yield does not involve trading the asset itself,” he told the Financial Times last year.
Which is absolute BS and makes me mistrust what they say. If they really only make money by Staking ETH, they lost 35k ETH (70M) with no way to get it back. If they make extra by taking loans on the depositors assets, there is a good chance they got liqd in the current bear

They have said NOTHING on the stETH fiasco. CL team needs to get the fuck out.

>> No.49481999

That's a good question.
My suspicion is that since alerters are not at risk for faulty alerts (since no slashing) they initially wouldn't stake
But again, I don't know
Always glad to be here
I'm definitely not sergey
Interestingly i think at least one anon knows who I am and has said hi to me in real life
4chan really is the place where smart well adjusted people come to larp as tranny powerbottoms
The absolute worst?!? are you sure!?!?!

>> No.49482014

excellent anon this is exactly what I was looking for, will give it a read and assess if it solves Verifier's dillema

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So in my picrel, for example with ccip between kadena/eth, is my topology understanding correct? basically theres still 2 nodes that are synced and communicate between 2 blockchains (kda and eth here for example), but theres oversight of said nodes by another set of independent cl nodes, correct? Additionally, those independent nodes requiring staking link to secure the bridge basically means that LINK itself would be backing other protocols and assets, if im understanding this correctly. What am I missing anon? Thank you for taking the time to answer questions.

>> No.49482055

Aaaand checked wagmi

>> No.49482058

>It wouldn't surprise me if the inital "way in" for neet nodes would be to prove you can spin up a high-uptime CL node which "watches" the eth/usd nodes for non-response, which I agree would be the most likely initial implementation.

I like this, would honestly love to participate in this

>> No.49482077

Checked and thank you for making these.

Another question, is it really possible for centralized exchanges to force sell your link or is that a meme?

>> No.49482134

Do you think the coming us regulations can impact chainlink negatively?

>> No.49482137

>seems like the market isnt agreeing with anything youre saying

well, it's already gone over 50-100x, well over 100x at some point last year. when bitcoin goes 100x, cools off for a couple of years, then does another 50-100x, does the market agree bitcoin is shit? in the bear market sure, but in the bull market everyone and their grandmother starts trying to sound like the wolf of wallstreet. same goes for ethereum, which pretty much all web3 devs work with or have worked with at some point and which a lot of normies got ultra bullish on last year. it too has been through boom and bust cycles in its price.

also, this is one of the dumbest markets you can think of. you will for sure get a lot of flack on /biz/ for pretending the market is the best indicator that something is good. the "market" has agreed that Shiba Inu Obama 420 and DogeMatrix69 and Terra Luna because it has "luna" meaning moon in it, and Safemoon, shit like that. all of that garbage sounds sexy to normies who just started looking into these things yesterday. 5 years ago we felt like we were 5-10 years ahead of normies, and today it still feels like we are still 5-10 years ahead of them.

>> No.49482163

Is the price going back down again? I didn't finish accumulating (currently at 1050Link). I'm not sure if Link has started it's take-off into high price, or if it's just a temporary pump/dump due to staking announcement...

>> No.49482218

>People who have held chainlink for a long time will likely be given an allotment for staking on these nodes initially
>It's easy to see who they are on chain

Do you think this means the aave defi yield farm crowd gets dabbed on because of this?

>> No.49482254

>Is it too late to set up a neet node?
>Nope, perfect time
is there any sort of guide about how to start to spin up a node, or get the software from somewhere to do so?

>> No.49482293

if you can't even go to the Chainlink site to find the relevant documentation then you shouldn't bother at all. Not trying to be unnecessarily harsh, it's just an involved process and if you're this lazy I will save you some time.

>> No.49482361

wouldn't the alerters have to have at least have some LINK staked, to be able to be punished if they alert incorrectly or too often
the v0.1 is "no slashing" but i don't know if that's just the nodes or alerters

>> No.49482372

>Nope, perfect time
Will 10k stacklets be able to find jobs?

>> No.49482384

there is still a problem with that solution
Checkers are not rewarded. The way the verifiers dillema works is that asserters will just NOT CHEAT AT ALL for a very long time, only when they're confident checkers have stopped verifying will they execute an attack.

In addition, a checker can collude with an asserter so it knows how to pass the attention checks without extra costs and without actually verifying.

>> No.49482409

Aren't checkers penalized for admitting fraudulent data? Seems like slashing solves that problem.

>> No.49482414

Is Chainlink needed on Bitcoin (Ticker: BSV)?

>> No.49482424
File: 113 KB, 2685x1348, 610b8986bb95c6413b546000_cross-chain-anti-fraud-network.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

More like this

>> No.49482444

forgive for so many questions
it's rare to get someone knowledgeable here, so when i find someone like that i have to try and get the most out of it
for the LINK bridge between chains, someone mentioned that it's better and/or more secure than existing bridges
not sure if that's right or wrong, but if right i'd be curious how they pull that off
does payment go to the LINK node, and the node receives the coin to sell and then buys it on the other chain or something? or does something similar with not having wrapped assets directly?

>> No.49482502

>node info on chainlink website
that's all i needed to know where to start
so, thank you i suppose

>> No.49482520
File: 1.98 MB, 1579x1829, spoony.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

jpgs are forever
based spoonfeed thread

>> No.49482524

It does not because there is no reason for anyone to want to be a checker. There is no monetary incentive.

SO the only ones who will do it will be Arbitrum folks (which makes the system rely on a centralized party doing its job) and people with an agenda (colluders with asserters).

Once an asserter pulls off an attack they can make infinitely more than whatever penalty a checker will get.

>> No.49482553

No he fucks us every day

>> No.49482592

Hi Spoonfeedy, thanks for stopping by again.
I like the guy in the YouTube video. He seems nice. I think you should retract your 'annoying' comment.

>> No.49482597

Forced sells unlikely
Selling or buying freezes
Stopping trading
Leasing your links to other protocols

Not your keys, not your crypto
I think they'll be written in part by chainlink
Just like accord/openlaw
No idea
I would guess, but no inside info
I agree with this
I would think both, but again I could be wrong
Probably the downside is that if you suck as an alerter you stay a neet node and don't get jobs
Re-read the article, he exactly shows how this is mitigated by intermittent publishing
I can't wait until some sucker who got scammed by craig makes a full on isis style video of him getting burned alive
That retard deserves it

>> No.49482606
File: 324 KB, 1345x1485, cl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thoughts on this?

>> No.49482629

Have a family

>> No.49482653

Primo twitter seethe

>> No.49482678

Sell link at certain price levels to diversify or just the rewards given overexposure? Will link be used as a tool to combat fake news or change political systems and if so what will be the dominant political form?

>> No.49482717

How will they choose long term holders? Even sergey said that if you’re in this space and not using Defi then you’re missing out. A lot of OG moved their link across wallets etc

>> No.49482724

He's probably mocking them for not implementing penalty slashing in v0.1. The jobs that require staking, CCIP and the enterprise abstraction layer, aren't out yet so there's no need to rush for it.

>> No.49482732

Yes, it is better for two explicit reasons:
There's an antifraud netowrk that can stop the bridge
There's a reference framework that is heavily audited and adaptable, so long as you use it correctly you don't have to "roll your own" and fuck it up

>> No.49482747

>Will 10k stacklets be able to find jobs?
i think he's asking if 10k would be sufficient to run a NEET node and get jobs
since nodes rely on reputation first, i don't know how small starter nodes will grind up that reputation
since, you need the jobs to build the reputation, but you need the reputation to get the jobs

>> No.49482752

>Re-read the article, he exactly shows how this is mitigated by intermittent publishing
it does not.
>Now the Checker’s utility is:

>if checking: R*X-C
>if not checking: -L*X-P*A

The checker was not given any monetary incentive to be a checker because there is no profit to be made. In practice X is zero until the time of attack, which might be a year or more into the future.

>> No.49482771

Reputation is explicitly downstream from staked amount, anon.

>> No.49482783

should I move to the us from yuropoor given long term developments of the world?

>> No.49482809

Yes, especially if you've never been to the US before. Euros are misinformed about America to an equivalent extent that Americans are misinformed about Europe.

>> No.49482818

Yep, like he said, neets with fatstacks will still get jobs because of their stake

>> No.49482826

so more staked = more likely to get jobs
but why would more staked get one more jobs? is that due to having to put up more LINK meaning that if you get the job and mess up the amount of LINK you would be slashed for say 10k would be a good bit more if only staking 2k

>> No.49482858

would you delegate a job to a node with 100 or 10k link? the stake is collateral and you as a contractor want guarantee

>> No.49482906

hope that's the case, so my 13k will take me far
godspeed everyone
thank you spoonfeed anon, researching how to run a node and going to experiment and test it for the next couple weeks

>> No.49482928


It's not a lottery, staked amount doesn't make you more or less likely to run jobs. Staked amount = capacity. If you have X jobs that requires Y collateral in total, when your total amount staked is higher you can run more jobs at arbitrary collateral amounts; no waiting necessary. Stake also = trustworthiness by proxy. What stacklet is going to risk his 1000 LINK to scam a job that only requires 10 LINK in collateral? It's just much more incentivized to run the job and send the user on his merry.

>> No.49483019

Why is chainlink poomping? Staking was always being released later this year, there is nothing new to buy into here

>> No.49483024

so it'd be likely that NEET nodes would be performing multiple jobs at once
and with super linear staking, the more nodes the more secure it all is
I wonder: if your staking 10k, and doing let's say 10 jobs with 1k staked each, those 10k are now "reserved" and you couldn't pick up an 11th or 12th job that also required 1k collateral

>> No.49483044

Beat me to it.

>> No.49483050

I believe this is how it works, because otherwise all the other jobs become undercollateralized.

>> No.49483069

Why are people so retarded that they pump the news and not the rumors?

>> No.49483111

because discord influencer groups have invented retarded rumors for link for years. nothing to pump there, we all ignore the rumors now

>> No.49483116

Its intrinsic to being a participant in the protocol which carries significant financial reward
Fine youre probably right
I swim in these kinds of people and there's nothing more annoying than someone who is smart but convinced they're a genius
But im sure he's a fine fellow
Ooooo he sounds angry
Link is an infrastructure, it can be used for good purposes but someone has to do that
10k is likely not enough to just have people give you job flow
It's likely plenty to stake and have passive income
Read my post above, it is an intrinsic part of getting the revenue stream of the protocol
Depends on what part of yurop you're from

>> No.49483123

ty again
though I still wonder: even with over collateral, a SLA might only request let's say 50 nodes
likely a good number of those 50 will be nodes that have staked for years with massive reputation
and with the SLA not wanting to pay for 75 or 100 nodes, since I assume the more nodes that do the job then all of them must be equally paid for, then I wonder how the node jobs will trickle down to the nodes not able to grind reputation yet

>> No.49483142

@chainlink first Twitter space ever starting in 18 minutes

>> No.49483146

Sell link at certain price levels to diversify or just the rewards given overexposure?

>> No.49483157

>10k is likely not enough to just have people give you job flow
ah, well damn then
i suppose that means NEET nodes were a pipedream all along

>> No.49483176

well thats the thing, big nodes with hella link will be gunning for big jobs requiring massive amounts of collateral (think institutional level/ B2B). Small jobs will be left to small fish

>> No.49483194

Hey OP, I enjoy reading your threads. Since explicit staking has been announced only for the ETH/USD feed lite-capped at 25M and will likely be expanded to the max 75M link. Isn’t this a sign that the current feed will not be free much longer? Also, since there will be 75M links dedicated to this feed, won’t we see a waterfall effect with other feeds soon requiring explicit stakes with their own value in LINK secured? And to go even further, assuming that there can be an infinite set of DONs for any type of data, doesn’t this imply that somewhere along the line, there won’t be much LINK available on the open markets? Sorry for all the questions, I just have one more. Doesn’t this mean, Linkies just win?

>> No.49483196

A bunch of the things in that blog post were bullish:
Staking will initially be subsidized
The node fund is now an asset for every link holder, rather than future potential dilution
The amounts proposed to stake on nodes is high, meaning that as this gets rolled out to feeds other than eth/usd it's likely there will be a supply crunch
Once staking goes live, there will likely be a reasonable floor for returns on staked link, meaning that people are unlikely to have to sell much in the way of link, decreasing sell pressure

>> No.49483235

What happens to staked Link if a job fails? Are the stakers SOL and lose their Linkies?

>> No.49483240

Lots of surface area potential for low priority jobs, imo. VRF continues to exist in the future, and any kind of IOT data that could be useful on-chain would theoretically have a link job opening. Temperature/humidity sensors, not just for hyperlocal weather data but for supply chain insurance, for example.

>> No.49483261

>Small jobs will be left to small fish
likely, though with super linear staking the more nodes doing the jobs the higher the security by massive amounts
they wouldn't have to be of course the big jobs, just the smaller ones that make it possible to get earnings without having the node operators you stake to taking who knows how large of a cut
if most of the LINK aggregates to the largest nodes, then that lowers security from the super linear staking (since with super linear, the more nodes the more massive the collateral becomes)

>> No.49483262

I see, that would solve it.
Thanks for the spoonfeed fren, any specific source on how the revenue will be distributed and what portion checkers will receive?

>> No.49483281

See above re alerter nodes
The time was never better
Depends on what % of your NW is link
<20 no >80 yes
All of what you said has been the hope for the tokenomics from the very start
It's where the 5 figure plus price estimates came from in 2017/2018

>> No.49483335

well I say that solves it but it is a delicate balance
offer too much revenue to Checkers and the slash becomes pointless.

Slash would have to scale with revenue.

>> No.49483338

Which books do you recommend?

>> No.49483377

you're right about the smaller jobs like VRF. that likely would be a good starting grind, if 10k were collateral
per linkpool's site, there were 123400 VRF requests
I suppose too: the high collateral NEET nodes, would they possible "bid" for the price of the jobs? where a node with low reputation, but high collateral, offer to do a job for let's say $1.00 usd, as opposed to higher reputation nodes requesting $2.00 usd?

>> No.49483453

*123400 VRF requests, per week

>> No.49483494

The market is so retarded that it needed to hear the staking news yet again.
Not even joking.

>> No.49483505

In v1 and onward they get a portion slashed
No idea what the watcher fee is but would love to know if anyone has inside info

>> No.49483540

The Bible
Carnege's How to win friends and influence people
Cialdini's influence

>> No.49483591

Appreciate your threads bro.

Do you plan on participating with staking immediately with v0.1 or later on?
Also, how much percent of your stack do you plan to stake? I imagine it would be smart not to stake all at one place

>> No.49483701

got to run but thank you again spoonbro

>> No.49483750

Why hasn't this thread been deleted yet? Fud is weak today. Could it be the trannies have given up, or are they regrouping for a final Swan screech? Do we care? I don't really think we do now

>> No.49484226

I'll stake as much as they'll let me on 0.1, but honestly individuals will likely get a few thousand links worth of space at max
Long term my hope is to have over 90% of my link "working" in a combination of

Legacy 0.1 staking
Linkpool staking
Linkstake.com staking
and likely some AMMs where I want exposure to the pair eg link/eth on crv via cvx or whatever
Leave 10% to slowly deleverage and keep the open market liquid
Always glad to be here
With every day that goes by where chainlink continues to exist their break from reality becomes more permanent
In the 50's and 60's there were prominent minds who warned against the fallacy of stock investing

>> No.49484330

>In the 50's and 60's there were prominent minds who warned against the fallacy of stock investing

>> No.49484373

you are a good man. I got fudded out of my bags because I was a retarded noob. Slowly climbing my way backup. 700 linkies now and really want to kill myself but oh well, what can I do besides slowly grind and buy my stack back. thanks for this thread bro, rare to see someone that actually cares on this board. Are you diversified into in other coins or do you just hold link?

>> No.49484487

Buffet's favo book the intelligent investor discusses widely outdated takes about stock vs bond allocation; i point this out simply to show how widely asset allocation takes change in just the course of one generation
Sounds like you're doing the best you can with your situation, that's admirable
I hold lots of other stuff but never discuss it in these threads since i dont want to shill anything but link

>> No.49484595

Why do you think using your LINK to participate in defi adventures will disqualify you from being considered a long term holder and staking v.1?

>> No.49484694

The simplest way to identify long term holders is to see wallets with link that haven't moved for x days

>> No.49484697

Who do you think will be curating the "Third Party Staking Delegation Service" mentioned in the latest blog post. I understand that Linkpool announced in 2018 that they are making staking contracts. do you think that is still relevant?

if so do you think that would be monetised by the team that developed It, like taking a cut of revenue?

>> No.49484768

I think there will be competing factions

>> No.49485001

Simple, lazy, and inaccurate. Certainly not a fair, especially considering their relationship and promotion of AAVE.

>> No.49485682

Do you think there are actual entities (very wealthy whales) actively fudding link and engaging in price suppression? I'm a bit naive and im not sure if its just a 4chan meme or there are actual psychopaths' that get a kick out of fudding link and suppressing price for their own gains.

>> No.49485749
File: 53 KB, 599x599, bf5a7e05ce7c8471.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Honestly, how do oracles work? Where are they pulling the data from? I don't get it.

>> No.49486081

The opposite really. We know paid PR workers make threads here.

>> No.49486175

>there are intrinsic genetic differences between the races
How do you define race? It's a completely arbitrary and socially constructed categorization. The number of races and phenotypic boundaries used to define them are completely arbitrary, so anyone using the word "race" in any quasi-scientific context is just making a fool of themselves.

>> No.49486362

>socially constructed categorization
oohbbooyy topkek

>> No.49486406

Laughably wrong. There are easily definable genetic clusters, even computers can delineate our races.

>> No.49486918
File: 84 KB, 1208x230, Link Hbar enterprise.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Always look forward to these threads anon. Thoughts on HBAR + LINK? Will enterprises use hashgraph or simply just arbitrum? Seems like LINK joined the governing council because they believe hashgraph has won enterprise?

>> No.49486953

AI can accurately predict race from an x-ray 80% of the time. This just came out a couple of weeks ago. Race is very real and very telling for the likely outcomes of an individual.

>> No.49487420

chainlink doesnt really care about the L1 in the same way that you dont really care whether or not your processor is intel or amd as long as the computer is fast and works reliably

>> No.49487788

Nobody tell him

>> No.49488190

You just did

>> No.49488346

kek imagine knowing that much and also being so braindead

>> No.49488681

what is the best way for a retard with no relevant skills to participate in the network?

>> No.49488991
File: 247 KB, 500x624, 1610256263702.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sup Sergey

>> No.49489049

Any realistic price predictions?

>> No.49489096


tg: gginubsc

0x Ce25CDfB7a3647eAc4db1E794bfdC70dC1111C3a

>> No.49489165
File: 174 KB, 1548x1284, A4DA2E4B-02BF-4960-ADED-BDF87C372883.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>He's been literally sitting at a desk working his ass off and eating like shit to make you rich
Based Sergey

>> No.49489452

Where does this path lead to in this clown world?
I behave almost like a psychopath and constantly look for new people to help me almost to the point of gluttony and greed.
I am either subconsciously trying to become a god or became addicted to the feeling of self improvement.

Because this process is subconscious I don't know what my real aim is and what the result will be.

>> No.49489474

What’s the connection between chainlink and ripple/xrp?
>verification not required

>> No.49489942

>fudded out of my bags
what happened, anon?

>> No.49489983

Classic fud, it all gets to newfags as it did to me before I accoomulated my 10k stack. Most effective for me was the stack size fud. That being said:



>> No.49490061

Price prediction?

>> No.49490134

You seem like a retarded faggot if stack size fud got to you

>> No.49490169

What price will this be in 5 years?

>> No.49490209

Anyone streaming the consensus?

>> No.49490300
File: 164 KB, 2000x1074, D8A35C17-54F6-47DD-B977-9A82A5EB0865.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

About $14.88

>> No.49490366

if the team does everything it claims it will including dominating traditional financial institutions? $70

if it continues to dominate defi and traditional financial institutions have no need for blockchain (much more likely)? $20

>> No.49490370

Link should never be close in price to DOT and others just shows how stupid people are

>> No.49490402

forgot to add 3 zeros faggot

>> No.49490447


TG @gginubsc


>> No.49490453

considering its numerous failures these past few months as well as the ponzi-like staking scheme announced a few days ago, I’d be surprised if it wasn’t 0.

>> No.49491168
File: 199 KB, 2167x549, 7342874361748134.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks for the great thread as always.
Have you considered funding emerging Chainlink projects? Do you follow the hackathons at all? I just entered in the last one and it was an eye opener in terms of amount of people involved and the money floating around. Despite the market conditions, it was Chainlink's largest hackathon in terms of entrants and submitted projects.
Here's the closing ceremony: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kLXEqQ6tL0

I would also suggest everyone to read that blog post very carefully. There is a lot of information given throughout. For example:
>Ecosystem participants including community members and node operators can stake their LINK tokens in distinct allotments within a staking pool. Furthermore, node operators can create or use a delegation system, serving as an additional avenue for community members to stake their LINK.
This is written for LinkPool. Are nodes going to "create" or are they going to "use" a heavily audited staking platform from a reputable company? There may be competition in time but LinkPool has a big headstart. Another revenue stream for LPL and will bring many eyes.

>> No.49491304

>are you sure?
dude chainlink crashed 90%. how fucking delusional are you? are YOU sure?

>> No.49491412
File: 154 KB, 918x831, 1647913560235.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There is risk in any emerging tech but we've seen this all before.
>Amazon’s high watermark of the dot-com bubble was $113 back in 1999. When the bubble burst, Amazon traded all the way back down to $5.51 in late 2001.

>> No.49491499

Should I sell my Link stack? I've never sold any Link before but your post really made me reconsider. Should I sell all of it? Is this your best recommendation?

>> No.49492464

>Depends on what % of your NW is link
><20 no >80 yes

My net worth is 90% in link. I'm just gonna use the rewards to accumulate link forever.

>> No.49492556

What the heck is a CCIP? I came back to /biz/ after a year and a half break and everybody is talking about web3 or CCIP. Could I get a qrd?

>> No.49492589
File: 129 KB, 676x690, chainlink ccip.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It connects all the blockchains.