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How are you going to play a Russian victory in the Ukraine? It appears that the Russians are getting closer to Odessa, which may mean the end of the hot part of the conflict. How do you think markets will react? While politicians will surely cry over it, Russian victory means:
>Supply chain pressure is let off
>Negotiations and sanctions lifting
>End of at least one uncertainty

I am positive a Russian victory pushes up US equities, I just wonder if there will be a feint downward on the actual news. Currently I plan to buy SPY calls once Russia is in striking distance of Odessa, and if the market reacts negatively at first double down then. Thoughts?

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I don't think they can afford odessa without more manpower

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If they've taken this much I think its an inevitability, without international intervention I think Russia will just funnel more men against the already battered Ukrainians. Like they tried to do in the beginning.

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You severely underestimate the amount of slavic boys that Russia is willing to commit into the meatgrinder. There is no outcome where this ends well for Ukraine, even if Russia has to drain its entire 18-45 male population to scorch the last piece of Ukie soil

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There won't be a Russian or Ukrainian victory, only a jewish victory.

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I know they can bring in conscripts but are they doing that so far? What I thought is that they are using just their standing forces and volunteers

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>How are you going to play a Russian victory in the Ukraine?
All in on the dollar.

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russian propaganda


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Russia will literally zerg rush unarmed men at ukranian machine guns if they have to. There is literally a limitless supply of them. You can only hold back a certain amount before the bodies start piling up and suffocating you under their weight. They're in too deep now. Anything less than victory will be the downfall of the kremlin, and they will never allow that to happen.

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How accurate is this map in terms of "big picture" troop deployment? It looks like the entirety of the Southern theater is being defended by a little more than 2 corps against the Russian's having 2 whole armies + a corp in the region. And Odessa only has a single division securing it in case the lines collapse?

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Its supposed to be a Swiss map
It was in a /chug/ thread


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Won't the Ruskie population get sick of it? When do they just say I'm not gonna do it is all?

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i think the inevitable russian victory will not be accepted by the west
sanctions will not be immediately lifted, plus they will need some scapegoat for the ever increasing inflation

so play around
>the possibility of oil/gas continuing to pump
>mining stocks

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If you can get a hold of Russian assets or investments then this is the time to buy now. Russia will win the war before Christmas leading to a complete collapse of Ukraine. The West will bitch and moan for a bit but ultimately come back for Russian gas. Buying Russian equities at -50% to -70% is a once in a generation wealth building experience.

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>sanctions will not be immediately lifted
They had sanctions ever since the Crimea thing and that was in like 2014.

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yeah but they were light, some of them utterly worthless and only there for show

things like outright trade embargoes or kicking countries from international payment systems are way more impactful

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This, don't expect RSX to be trading any time soon.

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Ukraine has an endless supply of Western equipment coming in. The longer this goes on the worse for Russia.

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They've used less than a third of their active military men. They won't need to conscript in this war.

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the Russians will overall win this war (favorable peace treaty + territorial concessions) but it seems unlikely that they could either defeat the Ukrainian army or otherwise convince them it's hopeless before the end of the year. The blundering of their initial zerg rush allowed the Ukrainians to get their defenses in order and provided a large boost to morale because they're all thinking that the Russians are too incompetent to organize a successful assault (maybe partially true, what do I know).

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saving up money for russian mail order brides. expecting a discount with all the male deaths and all .

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Russia ain't got so many slavic boys to commit to the meatgrinder, that narrative's been dead for a hot minute.

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And you just posted American propaganda. Can't trust anything that comes out of burgerland these days

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At this point Russia has learned to live with them. For every drop of gas that doesn't get sold to Europe will get sold to the BRICS countries

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Doesn't matter if they dont have men to shoot them

I cant buy anything on TD, do you know a broker that allows Russia trading

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Ukraine is fully mobilized for war, unlike Russia, they aren't even close to running out of men. Russia will be forced to give up and accept a pyrrhic victory or go full wartime economy and risk a revolt.

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Ukraine is on the verge of collapsing, they’ve lost too much manpower already

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So spy calls for Odessa

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You're the one sounding personally invested.

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I don't give a shit either way. Im speaking objectively Russia is posed to win, and objectively I think that means an increase in the market.

Thats why I made this thread to see what people think.

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What if we just grab the funds of the war and invest them in a coin
ill start: adanimals looks like the next axie, and that's juist a golden egg's chicken waiting to be used

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They are sending muslim boys first to die. Chechens been feeding the meatgrinder.

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>tfw I bought the RSX dip the day before trading was halted in the US

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It took 340K Nazis to take Odessa. Russia has less than half of that left in all of Ukraine with the casualties they’ve taken. So no they probably can’t take Odessa

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They will go up until Poland

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Forgot to post pic, Nazis also took 92K casualties taking Odessa

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>Supply chain pressure is let off

Due to Ukraine littering the sea with mines, its going to take at least 6 months before normal shipping can return. Already a major food crisis is on the way for this summer, which is extra bad news since most analyst were figuring the real food shortages would not hit until autumn.

For the US, we won't run out of food, but it will drive already high prices higher. MENA is the most directly fucked by this, as they import most their wheat from Ukraine. Don't know about Europe since the Netherlands is their breadbasket. Clueless about Africa and South and East Asia in this regard as well.

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Russia doesn't care about infrastructure though. Their combat style is significantly different and don't care to repopulate or take over these cities

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Win what? Their initial intention was to quickly seize Kyiv and establish a new government, clearly that isn't going to happen. The Ukrainians aren't just going to stop fighting if Odessa falls.

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Also Odessa falling would entail a massive humanitarian crises, Mariupol on steroids. Russia would have to demolish the entire city. Could lead to a much more serious oil embargo.

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Read your history. Odessa was taken by Romanians. Germans only provided fire support.

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The fatasses who shills you Rubic and GRT are the same ones explaining the intricacies of geopolitics.

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>tfw long NILSY & YNDX since 2018

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Something I forgot to mention, its not just the crops themselves but the fertilizer. Russia and Belarus are major exporters of ingredients for fertilizers. Potash, a potassium rich salt important for industrial agriculture, is largely produced in Belarus and Russia. Even countries like Brazil that didn't sanction Russia, the sanctions drove up the price internationally, so they are effected. A lot of farmers are waiting to buy as late as possible, hoping that the price will decline (they have been declining from all time highs as the US and allies quietly dropped sanctions on fertilizers from Russia and Belarus).

It's too late now to take advantage of the situation like a vulture, but I saw that a company in the US that is just focused on potash mining (ticker was IPI) shot up like a moon crypto at the peak of the war.

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the Chechens are here for gunning the would-deserters. they are not getting much casualties

It's actually Dagestanis, Tatars and far-easterns boys that were sent to the meatgrinder first. Now they are sending guys from LPR and DPR.

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>Russia annexes a bunch of Ukraine
>announces an end to the war
>markets breathe a sigh of relief and instantly pump

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fuck RUSSIA. I hate that shithole, hope they get bombed

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>he thinks he knows their intention by watching CNN

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sattelite images of ditches dug in the red zone is proof for the eyes. but again, you are a kremlin shill, so you are stupid as fuck.
slavs are the true slavs. defending their master even when they send them to certain death, like a dog breed

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nuke moscow

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Think of all those lonely Russian and Ukrainian women. They will be desperate to find a man.

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Lol Roma always abandoned their fight. Stop larping as some heroic victor. Roma can’t help but always switch sides too.

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The new sanctions have just begun tho. Businesses are still winding down activity in Russia. Will take months to see what early results are and then its still extrapolation to see if Russia can handle these in the timeframe of 1-2 years.

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What do sattelite images of ditches prove ?

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What boys? This isn't Russia 1940s kek. Their demography is that of a dead nation. Ukraine can afford more casualties and have much higher manpower with a million men under arms if they need it

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cope Vlad, cope

ruzzian corpses will feed the worms

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Opposition polling has Putin's rating at 82% since the war began. Russians will coup Putin if he fails to take Odessa, and many believe he is not going hard enough. Sanctions just galvanized the population for war. Big time blowback.

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Europe is rather self sufficient, France is also a major exporter for agricultural products, though if Russian fertilizer ends up being axed Europe will be in trouble due to the continent importing that, but I am doubtful that will happen unless Europe go full retard.

If Russia make it to Odessa, which right now seems far fetched, I think Ukraine will be forced to negotiate. But if they do not I would not be surprised if we see Ukrainian force begin to collapse at that point.

I doubt he will need to take all of Ukraine, or even towards Odessa to really keep his population under the boot. But that said, Ukraine will have to demilitarize (which it probably will refuse to do unless their army collapses) before peace can be had, so yah he will likely have to take Odessa.

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that sadam has WMDs kek

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>thinks sanctions ease if russia wins

you russian shills are cute. Welcome to Soviet 2.0 morons. This ends when you kill Putin.

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They will still be able to trade with some Asian and South American countries. So it is not 100% North Korea or USSR situation. Life will get pretty bad for average Russkies, but they claim they thrive in such situations so... everyone wins.

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Lmfao. No they're not you're delusional. Ukraine was a dying country, Russia is spitting on its grave rn. This would have been over if they didn't piss away 100b of your burger taxes on the ukes because we need a globo homo Slavic shithole

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>Russians will coup Putin if he fails to take Odessa, and many believe he is not going hard enough
why do civilians want odessa

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This is just the modern style. America does it too

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>It appears that the Russians are getting closer to Odessa
Gif related shows a Russian-biased website's own map change from the start of March to the start of April. Even the Russians can't hide how badly the invasion is going.
Yet somehow 4channel is full of shills repeatedly trying to tell outsiders that "Ukraine is about to lose ANY day now!!"

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>y-you kill Putin or globo homo will nag you like the whingy virtue signaling old cunts they are

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post in /chug/ you r*ssian scum

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>I am positive a Russian victory pushes up US equities
highly speculative at best and strictly private equity at worst. nobody except russia/china is making a high yield on a russian win.

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>It appears that the Russians are getting closer to Odessa
This does not appear to be the case at all, all fronts except in Donbass is essentially a stand stil.

It's difficult to say how long the conflict will last, Zelensky recently talked (indirectly) about why this is the case, when he commented on Macron's suggestion that Ukraine should give up territories to Russia and end the conflict in a peace deal.
Zelensky essentially said that to many had died, that thousands of lives would have been lost for nothing, or even less than nothing.
Something similar occurred in WW1, the UK entered the war because they had a "guarantee" on Belgium, which the Germans violated. France entered because of an alliance with Russia, after several millions of casualties, they simply couldn't accept a minor border change. All these lives that had been lost would have been lost for nothing, so to even the scale their demands in a peace talk came to reflect this. A diplomatic end to the conflict was no longer an option.

Russia will end it's offensive operation after they have taken Donbas and perhaps the South West. Ukraine won't accept defeat, but won't have the ability to retake it's lost territory, creating a frozen conflict that will last for years until the West becomes tired of it and pressure Ukraine to accepting the state of things.

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kek this meme. the neo-nazi ukranians are out of men, they started recruting women and literal children. Odessa and everything east of the Dnieper is up for grabs.

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much more serous kek. delusional. it will be taken in time and the west will kvetch. its gonna be beautifull.

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Not a fan of Russia in this conflict but holy fuck I hope this war ends soon so the markets can stop fucking dumping

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>Russia will end it's offensive operation after they have taken Donbas and perhaps the South West. Ukraine won't accept defeat, but won't have the ability to retake it's lost territory, creating a frozen conflict that will last for years until the West becomes tired of it and pressure Ukraine to accepting the state of things.
This is the most likely outcome. Despite stereotypical Russian military incompetence, the Ukrainians are highly unlikely to have the manpower to throw themselves at the Russians and achieve a successful counterattack in the occupied easter/southern regions, but Russia can't win a city-to-city total war campaign either. They've already secured a decent land bridge to Crimea and are never going to give that up, the best semi-realistic major offensive is to pour out from the South, tie down as many of the people thinly stretched Ukrainian forces as they can, and go for a final blitzkrieg to take Odessa and landlock Ukraine. I think that would be a sufficient political victory that the Russian state could reasonably claim that they "defeated" Ukraine even without a formal surrender or immediate treaty. And then frozen conflict as you said.

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ukraine will get a lot of the heavy weapons later this year (august, september). their soldiers are currently being trained on them. there will be an ukranian offensive on the occupied regions and both the west and ukraine are preparing for this (so are the russians by fortifying their positions). the real showdown is yet to come. they won't gain back all the territory but i think the goal of the west is more to bleed out the russian army both from a manpower and equipment standpoint so that putin can't go beyond ukraine (especially moldavia).

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If you want some hot chicks, it would be a good time to go to Russia and Ukraine in a year or so. With most of the male population dead, the numbers are in our favor.

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seethe ruzzians. you will soon eat ze rats and you will love it. God speed retards

You will be removed from Ukraine as you were from your mother's asshole.

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As if you faggots believe there's a "war" going on
Its all just globohomo smoke and mirrors
They are dismantling the world economy to cause massive famine in 3rd world countries
This will cause a huge influx of "refugees" into the first world
Why do you think there are niggers in every ad, tv show etc
They're preparing you for your new neighbours
They will Brown the world, creating the ultimate low iq, easy to manipulate, slave consumers
Europeans are gods chosen people, the satanic jews know this, that's why they hate us
That's why we'll win
There is no hiding from this future
You cannot insulate yourself or your family from this
Pepper your angus and get ready to fight
The universal energy is with is brothers

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Russians cant take Odessa its too critical for Ukraine and their allies. They need the black sea ports and will do anything to keep it. Would be very costly to take, so now it remains a Russian dream

>> No.49476609

Odessa would be a nightmare
Like Maripoul X5
They even have like 100 kilometers of tunnels (check Odessa catacombs).
Russians needed 2 months to take Azovstal with just 2km of tunnels lol...
Nah, Odessa is out of the question for now.

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Doesn't matter if they just keep using the munitions and XXL anal dildos as part of the Desmond is Amazing USO Show. It's now said Zelensky can take a full M-224 mortar with a running jump.

>> No.49476690

Am I the only one who sees booba in that pic?

>> No.49476709

lol 4chans brain has been completely broken by da jooze

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>sanctions lifting
lol anon, sanctions are permanent until the total collapse of the russian state
both sides went all in on this there is no backing down now and soon it will not even matter as russian crude production will permanently be reduced when well heads get shut in and no spare parts can be imported

thats not why wwI was fought, thinking the uk really gave a fuck about belgium, the uk and france were happy with any excuse to have a casus belli on germany as those nations were locked in a Thucydides trap

>> No.49476749

>getting closer to Odessa
There has been literally no movement in that direction whatsoever for months. The entire war is in Donbass now, that will last for at least a couple more months, where the war goes after it nobody knows really. Landlocking Ukraine is obviously a priority but since the army is already right there Kharkov might be next

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This, Germany only started ww1 when some shithole refused to accept 1 out of 10 terms after some guy from there killed some guy from some other shithole. Wilhelm was just thirsty for the blood of peasants and factory workers

>> No.49476759

That's exactly how the last Tzar died.

>> No.49476772

Rip Saint Nicolas II

>> No.49476775

>no spare parts can be imported
Check the map again, there's a direct land border between China and Russia. As long as Russia is willing to sell oil to China at 30% discount, parts will magically appear in Russia on a regular schedule.

>> No.49476798

all spare parts are interchangeable
tell me again about chinese high tech industry for deep artic conditions oil exploration
unless if the russian are really that stupid we will soon see videos of tipping oil well instead of tipping apt building

>> No.49476805

When someone makes that argument they don't know anything lol. Crimea sanctions were a meme, now forget the sanctions because Kremlin is fucked royally in other way. Most of European nations will cease to supply Russian gas and oil in the next decade. If they stick with it it's not over for Russia, but their influence will be nonexistent on the continent. Anyway they need lots of money - if they don't ramp up their military tech RIGHT NOW China will slowly annex them piece by piece. We'll see what happens, but I wouldn't like to be in Tzar shoes.

>> No.49476820

Russia will take it all and rebuild it. Construction. I'm gambling on the Russian coin ubx

>> No.49476831

>bro russia is winning but it means they are losing
how can I take money from these retards? I will post a link in tw and plebbit where they can send cryto to "ukraine"

>> No.49476852

Are you retarded? Those won't be Chinese parts that China will be smuggling in. Unless you're planning to sanction China as well, good luck stopping trucks moving directly across the border and good luck finding proof of what exactly is being transported in them.

>> No.49476875

Bro, China already explicitly said that they won't be supplying Russia with sanctioned items. Anyway why would you think that chinks care about them?

>> No.49476904

>duuuuude China is about to annex Russia
Is this before or after the dam collapses and all the Chinese people drop dead in the street from covid

>> No.49476921

>explicitly said
Which part of smuggling do I need to explain to you
Which part of 30% discount on oil do I need to explain to you

This really isn't complicated and it's already happening right now. And obviously China will deny it, that's what makes it smuggling

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Just 2 inbred drunk slavic states killing eachother. Eastern Europe has already lost like 15% of its population to emigration. Now we can put that up even higher for Russia and Ukraine

>> No.49477010

Objectively it's been over 3 months and they've made barely any progress. This war could easily last for years

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KYS vatnigger scum

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gonna need to reply with a pic cause the spambot is targetting me again

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Whatever remains of Ukraine will become a US-puppet extremely Anti-Russian.

Putin CANNOT let a literal enemy have control Odessa (or Kharkov), which are actually strategically important and resourceful. Just cannot. With all the sanctions imposed now, Putin has NOTHING to lose not going for Odessa, and everything to lose if he doesn't.

>> No.49477171

That's why Russia is fighting by the same number and even can rotate forces, while Ukies which had more than 3X of men to opposing army at start now literally talking abiut drafting 16 years old and wamen. Stop with this cannon fodder meme, Ukies are taking much more casualties

>> No.49477213

Because it's Russia. Built by Catherine the Great and settled by Russians. One of the few cities awarded the title City of Heroes by the Soviet Union in WWII. Also prime Black Sea real estate and landlocked the rump Ukrainian state forever.

>> No.49477334

They don't have pipelines in that capacity to China, at least not in the same as to Europe

Also China doesn't really need Russian resources, they have plenty of coal to go around. They can't fill the void EU consumers will leave with China

>> No.49477367

>Because it's Russia
that's where you're wrong kiddo =)

>> No.49477389

most likely the war will end in a stalemate nothingburger like finland 1940 and a total embarrasment for the russians. russia is good when it comes to defending their own nation but bad when it comes to invading others. to think that its going to be a clean win soon is the same level of naively that made russians think this war would unironically be over in 2 weeks.

>> No.49477399

Ruble be actin sussy senpai fr fr

>> No.49477404

Bullish on Neo-Khazaria

>> No.49477436

Western equipment that's promptly sold to Israelis arms dealers and jihadis.

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>their soldiers are being trained on them
>implying these soldiers arent being immediately (re)deployed to the SD front
>implying ukraine has soldiers enough to train on entirely new and complex foreign weapon systems by July / August
>implying these soldiers arent getting ground into pink paste by unrelenting artillery bombardment and rocket attacks

Inevitable Russian victory is going to leave normies dumbfounded, lmao. Retail NPCs gonna panic. Keeping cash for market discounts

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i don't know enough about war so i just watch the lines move.

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>Built by Catherine the Great and settled by Russians
Fucking lol. Putinoid shills are hilarious.

>> No.49477828

Idiot that line near Odessa hasn't moved since March. It's the Ukrainians trying to mount an offensive over there. Only shifting lines are in the east, and that's at a plodding pace.

>> No.49477847

Damn. How many kopeeks were you paid for this post?

>> No.49477848

i trust USA intelligence about state of this war a lot more than russian niggers.

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This gets wrapped by the fall. Negotiated settlement. Russia keeps whatever territory it currently holds. Ukraine probably becomes a landlocked country. Gas prices go back to normal and markets moon.

>> No.49477882

i'm not even saying that ukraine will win this, just that they are currently playing on time and that they are preparing for an offensive strike in late summer. for the west it's a win already if russia gets weakened enough it's military capabilities for the next decade or two so that europe can get armed for the big one. only hope is that putin dies before things escalate globally.

>> No.49477976

They'll just move on to next thing, anyone who has swallowed this shit has got the cognitive load to be fed instructions perpetually but not to reflect on them

The people of Odessa want to return to Russia, there will be no occupation of Russian minority regions. 'Ukraine' has no future as a cohesive entity and the west will be administered by Poland

>> No.49478357

Mutt hands posted this

>> No.49478418

Mystery meat mutt hands typed this.

>> No.49478458

Fkin kekk. Also doesn't matter how much globo homo money they get if no one is left to shoot with the equipment

>> No.49478474

ukraine is winning....
the people are not behind this invasion, good luck getting anyone motivated enough without paying appropriately.

>> No.49478815

Imagine China attack Russia and turn iit into dust, then handle protection over whole Europe. And u will be thankful for China more US because of killing all Russians :) Coming soon guys. WIN WIN - China - EU

>> No.49478818

Care to explain? A significant amount of Ukraine is occupied, has been since 2014, there is nothing making the Russians leave, and Ukraine is on track to become landlocked.

>> No.49478992

>The city of Odessa, founded by the Russian Empress Catherine the Great, centers on the site of the Turkish fortress Khadzhibei, which was occupied by a Russian Army in 1789. The Flemish engineer working for the empress, Franz de Volan (François Sainte de Wollant) recommended the area of Khadzhibei fortress as the site for the region's basic port: it had an ice-free harbor, breakwaters could be cheaply constructed that would render the harbor safe and it would have the capacity to accommodate large fleets. The Namestnik of Yekaterinoslav and Voznesensk, Platon Zubov (one of Catherine's favorites) supported this proposal, and in 1794 Catherine approved the founding of the new port-city and invested the first money in constructing the city.

the way you worded your post i almost thought the guy you replied to lied so i looked it up
but he didn't lie, he stated a historical fact. you quoted that fact and called him a "putinoid shill" for it

i wonder what brain disability i would need to suffer to begin acting like one of you people

>> No.49479070

''How is Germany losing the war? They control most of europe''
- anyone in 1943

The problem anon is that guerilla activity already exists in the occupied area the size of Italy. It's really difficult for Russia - and expensive - to keep it occupied while also fighting the main Ukranian army. So let's assume they also take the entire Donbass. Fine. then what? Ukraine will make peace deal? Lol no. And the west *loves* all of this, and just pumps Ukraine full to destroy Russia. It's a godsend for NATO. And nukes will not be used since the oligarchs have no interest in MAD. And Putin can't mobilize Russian society since it ain't a war. The only thing Ukraine has to down is prevent being encircled and just drag Russia into the mud for as long as possible, and then take all lost areas back. Plus Rostov as a bonus.

>> No.49479147
File: 3.96 MB, 444x250, 1616198024330.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Negotiations and sanctions lifting
No one tell him.

>> No.49479213

Wait a few months and reread the wiki. It will say Odessa was founded based on the site where zelinsky first accepted the globo homo and took a big black shlong to the pooper.

>> No.49479230

How? They're losing people. They're losing territory. They're losing in every metric besides the TV saying they're losing, but rven the TV is lubing you up and getting you ready to accept it by admitting the ruskies take a new city every week.

>> No.49479241

>without international intervention
The US alone has sent at least $50 billion to Ukraine already, mostly in the forms of armaments.

>> No.49479271

And they're STILL LOSING. You need people to shoot the guns eventually m8

>> No.49479329

> they're losing

tell me the stuff they lost in the past 30 days anon

>> No.49479356

you seem to operate under the assumption that ukrainians are NPCs, their lives are disposable and having their entire population with ruined lives and no income for several years is something sustainable because ukrainians only exist to fight russia and have no other purpose in life
that's not true, ukraine is suffering immensely and the majority of western aid is military
humanitarian aid is there only to alleviate the suffering

this is not a videogame
the more this goes on the worst it is for ukraine. world bank already predicted a -50% gdp for ukraine by the end of this year, but that was before russia started doing things like blocking billions worth of ukrainian grain exports. it will get even worse when ukraine gets fully landlocked
casualties are also piling up, affecting morale
eventually this will become politically unsustainable. i see lots of people arguing about putin politically "surviving" this war, but what about zelensky? how survivable is his position? will ukrainian nationalists really accept loss of territory? if not, will the people really continue suffering for years? will the army stay loyal? no corrupt generals at all?
being the defender doesn't automatically make your political situation invincible, especially when your country has so many "russian speakers" (all 100% ukrainian btw)

the kiev/kyiv thing has really blackpilled me
i even see "historians" trying to push "kyivan rus" or "olga of kyiv"

>> No.49479388
File: 590 KB, 733x732, 1652440620898.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And you believe them!!! Kek

>> No.49479407

any and all respect as 'refugees' by acting like complete fucking niggers to the people taking them in
now the whole world knows why nobody gives a shit about them they're worse than kikes

>> No.49479464

I heard they reopened the ports?

>> No.49479466

somebody is living in fantasy land. If Ukraine makes peace by ceding territory, then the Ukranians have a civil war or at least a revolution the next day. Zelensky knows that.

Also, have you ever read a history book fucktard? So many nations have won while losing far more men themselves. The Afghans won against all superpowers while losing far more men themselves.

> it will get even worse when ukraine gets fully landlocked

Without a solid Black Sea fleet, Russia can't do shit against Odessa to provide cover. If Russia is throwing everything it has to keep Kherson, what do you think their odds are for Odessa?

>> No.49479498

nigger, you didn't answer my question you russian shilling faggot. Tell me what the Ukranians lost in the past 30 days in terms of material and land.

>> No.49479586
File: 393 KB, 900x900, 12536 - 3soyjaks adidas antenna bloodshot_eyes brainlet clothes crying cup fedora flag gay glasses hat hol...d_eyes reddit small_brain soy stretched_mouth stubble track_suit ukraine variant_classic_soyjak variant_unknown white_skin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>nigger, you didn't answer my question you russian shilling faggot. Tell me what the Ukranians lost in the past 30 days in terms of material and land.

>> No.49479638

>The Afghans won against all superpowers while losing far more men themselves
i think the tiny detail of afghans living in one of the worlds most mountainous regions might have had something to do with that
meanwhile ukraine is one of the flattest countries in europe

ultimately though i can tell from your post that you didn't even read what i said, or you did but failed to understand it due to being an ESL or suffering a stroke midway through
also nice spacing

>> No.49479707

Look at this coping nigger. He cannot answer a simple question. Does Putin jack you off for these posts? Or do you need to feed him a banana first?

>> No.49479713

i dont give a single fuck about the war for khazaria. zionism is the same as nazism and every american zionist politician is guilty of treason.

>> No.49479740

No one is immune to propaganda.

This thread proves it.

You're all retards.

>> No.49479809

my play is the war in ukraine could easily last a decade or more. ukraine will continue bleeding russia until they leave.
go home poor vatnigger

>> No.49479833

israeli soldiers go to ukraine with fake 1488 tattoos and use ISIS style tactics to kill "orcs" : dropping mortar rounds with quadcopters, using women and children in apartment blocks as human shields, contacting the families of dead russian soldiers to show them getting beheaded

meanwhile in america their neo bolshevik cousins are gearing up to deploy a second bioweapon, and are attacking the food supply hoping to cause a famine, after allowing blm and antifa total free reign to commit domestic terror during the previous administration.

every single zionist in america is guilty of treason

>> No.49479894

death to the terror sponsor state israel. justice for zionist treason. justice for the victims of zionist sponsored terror and barbarity.

>> No.49479978

>throwing everything it has to keep Kherson
Nobody is throwing anything there, even the Ukrainian's meme "offensives" have a few hundred guys at most and don't do shit.
All the actual fighting is in the Donbass right now
Plus Afghanistan is a mountainous land of religious zealots and a different culture/language. The people in the areas Russia controls are ethnically Russian, they speak Russian, and they live on flat steppeland

>> No.49479985
File: 768 KB, 1500x1500, 1654664564416.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Makes peace
He soon won't have a lot of choices. He friends in the west will tell him it's time to let it go. American politicians won't survive $7 gas, and winter is coming in Europe. Best to just take the L and let life go on.

>> No.49480114

> yes goy, make peace so Russia can exist for longer and pull the same shit next time, rather than ending it here and now

>> No.49480181

Ukraine will be partitioned and will completely lose access to the black sea. Yes, the war will be over by September. Short commodities around august.
Anyone screeching about a Ukrainian victory is pure broke-boy tranny cope.

>> No.49480189

Bro, Ukraine has been occupied since 2014. Russia took Crimea in 2015. Crimea is now part of Russia. If Ukraine has a plan to repel Russia, they better do it soon. Because their sugar daddy in the west will not survive these high fuel prices.

>> No.49480381

good post. have a banana from Putin himself.

>> No.49480481

Ukraine? More like Jukraine

>> No.49480523

How important is Mauripol?

>> No.49480563

I have no idea what Putin was trying to accomplish. NATO was already weakening on its own, the EU as well. Now these things are stronger than ever before.

>> No.49480675

Nananah anon the business insider is the only respectable newssite in the US then usa today after a small gap.
It looks like they hired a couple of leftards for brownie points in the politics zone though
Chernobyl is at the other side of Ukraine, they took it to avoid rrtardation from the west

>> No.49480809

good post. have a crack cocain milf pic from Biden himself

>> No.49480840

biggest port of the Azov sea region, used to do the steel export of Ukraine I think

>> No.49480860

Look, I genuinely feel bad for the suffering of the Ukrainian people. But this is /biz/, and at a certain point you have to know when to cut losses. Ukraine can sue for peace now, and still keep a port in Odessa. Of course, this is /biz/ and many here will ride an investment to zero.

>> No.49480931

long term investment says Ukraine has to keep going till they have Rostov

>> No.49481027

Ukraine lost

>> No.49481074

The democrats literally only care about the midterm elections.
Wouldn't surprise me if the CIA kills Zelensky so he'll be out of the way

>> No.49481077

They don't have the capital and will have trouble attracting new investors.

>> No.49481112

uhhh the dems will just rig a few more
I mean, the US government is a junta anyways

Besides, There is the whole of the EU, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey and others to content with

>> No.49481246

cope you retarded mutt, you have no idea what you're talking about

>> No.49481263


Russkie/Ukrainian slavshit shill scum back to /pol/

>> No.49481282

or else what, niggerlover?

>> No.49481555

nigger hands typed this

>> No.49481608
File: 87 KB, 740x1045, slavshit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine living in a country that has mean 12K/year income

Damn, I think war is something "usual" thing for you.

>> No.49481693

do you get your info from mainstream media? LOL

>> No.49481909

wow sick burn I'll go away now

>> No.49481968

Depends on whether Ukraine retakes Kharkiv and pushes the lines far enough away from it to besiege it in peace. Kharkiv holds the dam for Crimea, so holding it effectively threatens to destroy Crimea within a year.

>> No.49481986

>the assumption that ukrainians are NPCs
in matters of state all citizens might as well be for the influence they have on geopolitics and the hohol leaders are thorougly corrupt and paid for to fight to the last ukie
no if you think this war ends because of a normie uprising than the only chance of that happening is the eu overthrowing their unelected eu politicians next winter when people will freeze and starve
its only possible in the eu because they were so retarded as to instigate a police state without a security apparatus, it worked when people were fat and happy but when that tide turns brussels will burn

you can already see macron squealing in trying to sue for peace for he can see his own head on a stick, but the usa quickly shuts that down

>> No.49481997

I wonder what Russia will use the sea of azov for?

>> No.49482002

ukraine has never won anything in history my little analyst

>> No.49482019

And I never had a blueberry muffin until the first time I had one.

>> No.49482034


>> No.49482041

They won Poland as their paypig

>> No.49482053

Russia is a shithole

If I was Russian I'd unironically kill myself

>> No.49482633
File: 161 KB, 577x781, putin doubles.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Negotiations and sanctions lifting
This is some premium cope
Sanctions are only lifting when all putin doubles are dead

>> No.49482686
File: 393 KB, 1049x803, 13434243r5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Russian victory in the Ukraine
2 more weeks

>> No.49482758
File: 131 KB, 816x764, 16434273-17FC-4312-8491-5986E91DED3D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

…and russia hasn’t won a single war in europe since the industrial revolution without american backing.

>> No.49482794
File: 248 KB, 941x1024, 1644419741686.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can I have your attention anons.
Fuck commies
Fuck vatnicks
Fuck jannies
And fuck OP

>> No.49482978
File: 603 KB, 1170x967, average k poster.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's insane how deranged the goyim can get when the tribe pulls the "be angry" golem switch
makes me feel increasingly detached from normalfags

used to be angry at all the kikeshit pulled off to impoverish people, the banking system, inflation, debt slavery, etc
but now i begin to like it

>> No.49483244

>One random nigga on tv is enough to convince the entire west

>> No.49483341
File: 4 KB, 257x196, bobo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I mean, you have to give Putin the illusion of winning at the very least. What's stopping him from "using it"? Personally I feel like that threat is not trivial at this point.

>> No.49485795

The average/k/ poster is more based then i gave them credit for.

>> No.49486042

/k/ope is a reddit colony that's even bigger and more glowing than /pol/.

>> No.49486266

BTW at least post the thread of the screen shot for context if it's still up.
Tldr British pilots got captured.

>> No.49486383

At this point /k/ is nothing more than glowies, boomers, and teenage idiots who pretend they know about guns from video games

>> No.49486504

And the thread gets deleted after I posted the link, thanks jannies you queers.

>> No.49487128
File: 140 KB, 283x296, 1637294480206.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think we're getting off topic with the question of how commodities will be impacted by a Russian victory but all those who are emotionally invested (I am not going to hold your bags) in Ukraine. Its a classic situation of being too attached to your bags an being willing to miss out on an opportunity because you losers had to keep holding on rather then seeing its basically a shitcoin. To those of you with half a brain, listen:

>Ukraine does not hold the pacing of the conflict
Some disillusion retard here saying its Germany 1943 for Russia, when Germany lost all power to hold offensives by the end of Kursk. Lmao wtf, what are you smoking? Russia is slowly advancing in the Donbass where nearly all troops are being committed, and Russia has more or less pushed Ukrainian offensive attempts out of the north and south west where it is significantly less committed.

>Ukraine is smaller weaker then Russia
I can hear the b-but Afghanistan shit already. No this is not Vietnam/Afghanistan. Russian held Ukraine has yet to have a significant partisan movement, and the terrain is not conducive of it. Russia's core is extremely close to Ukraine, and both have a similar culture/language/ethnicity. Russia is unlikely to annex all of Ukraine especially the western half where they will likely have significant partisan actives.

>the USA/Western Europe will want commodity prices to drop
The backers of Ukraine will eventually want Russia back in the global economy, because we need them for cheap prices. The way we get that is by having Ukraine give up territory and give into Russian demands (territory, constitutional change to keep out of NATO, demilitarization, ect.)

>> No.49488413

>Russia will literally zerg rush unarmed men at ukranian machine guns if they have to.
Based and ANZAC pilled.

>> No.49488829

>Odessa would be a nightmare
>Like Maripoul X5
>They even have like 100 kilometers of tunnels (check Odessa catacombs).
>Russians needed 2 months to take Azovstal with just 2km of tunnels lol...
You can always siege coastal cities and wait even if it takes 2 years they will surrender
Mairupol didnt need to be stormed and taken but they did it just because they can

>> No.49490258

n i g g e r

>> No.49490295


They did it because it was le nazi base

>> No.49490707

What a dumb motherfucker. The city existed way before the rusnigger tactic of flooding land with rusniggers was implemented there.

>> No.49490781

>the kiev/kyiv thing has really blackpilled me
I really hope you're the same putinoid shill with a VPN and not a fucking retard. In either way, just kys.

>> No.49491080

they won in the first week, the rest has been theatre.

>control of crimea
>control of the oil
>control of the eastern seperatist cites
>west is functionally a buffer zone

they didnt take keiv cause it would be 200k civie deaths for basically no gain. the sanctions were limpdicked posturing, russia has planned this a long time and is economically prepared. their debt is nonexsistant, their critcal resources secured. the west is litterally suiciding their currencies to postpone the inevitable, as is tradition

>> No.49491225
File: 696 KB, 1440x1440, 1653575897955.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Was this all a Wag the Dog moment or just pure retardation and boomers resting on old laurels by itself?

>> No.49491284


the sanctions will last long after the war ends most likely, in the short term grain and its derivatives are dumping. could possibly long euro domestic oil/energy producers as they reclaim some market share

>> No.49491362

So thinking over it more, given any resolution the market pumps right? Like if Ukraine wins it would ULTRA PUMP (unlikely), but if Russia wins the markets have to price in some sort of calmness.

Just a matter of when, it seems like the latest Russian offensive was successful. Just have to keep your finger on the trigger calls wise I suppose. Maybe nice buy in Friday afternoon after inflation data

>> No.49491674

IF they win (big if) it’ll be a Pyrrhic victory for them at best.. they’ve crippled their armored vehicles, young men population and trained personnel and destroyed the local infrastructure.. and all they’ve done is get a little land and piss everyone off.


>> No.49492853

Guys in their 30s will do

>> No.49492912

Ukraine will join the ranks of Vietnam and Afghanistan, even if Putin wins he loses

>> No.49492966

And you think they will stick to that and wont actually supply them under table.
Holy mother of keks.
China know if Russia fail they are next.
Also they would be mad not to accept oppotunity to brotherly "vasal" Russia or rather make em Lesser Partner in "Needed Friendship"
Gotta revenge for Stalin-Mao relation and behavour and when Russians were Top Dog.

Make no mistake China will aid Russia.
Out of Love(doubt) or Need pick your choice but they will.

>> No.49492998

>oh no that's only like 40 million men of military age