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Anyone else here /notstaking/? Ive held my LINK patently for over 5 years. I sure as hell aint giving it to them now. Ide stake a small percent of my stack on LPL and thats about that. It cant be just me, but there is something fishy going on with the first 75mil.

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Im not an og yet

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Ill stake as soon as i can as much as i can. There is nothing fishy about it you are just a fucking schizo.

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If they’re giving precedence to long term holders I’m putting all 30k from 2017 in there. That’s what they’re for.

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precedence to long term lpl holders or link holders?

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Partially autistic n fully untarded here. Fwiw its clear to me that hope is futile and has negative long term health effects. I don't expect a return from sir gay any more than getting social security checks in 2059. I embrace hopelessness and accepted my fate as a pleb and now I am free, unironically. Maybe my grandkids will make it but even that is a slippery slope to ponder.
T>10k link maureen

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Link holders.

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staking is for midwits
imagine not being able to make more than 5% a year trading

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Why the fuck would they give precedence for Lpl over link lol are you dumb?

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I'll stick with bancor given it's way more than 5% and it's here now.

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Wanna know how I know that you’re lying?

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Maybe. But LINK schizos have been right about pretty much EVERYTHING. This was not an accident.

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Im not lying. Im just extra cautious about my LINK. Its around 90% of my entire networth.

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>trying to subtly shill LPL
lmao fuck off to your horse rimmer

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10k was the make it stack so you could sell 3k at $1000, stake 3k for $150-300k in passive income, and have 4K in cold storage for event of $81k madness or a staking failure which lost your original staked link

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Locking it up until 0.1 becomes 1.0 is a risk but, as an OG, don't you have enough LINK that selling half near the top will give you fuck you money? Why not stake half for the emissions?

The risk is that you'd be locking it up for an indeterminate amount of time and possibly incurring a massive opportunity cost.

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I held all the way to bottom, I do not see light until I was a man

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I psyoped myself into hodling since 2017, what’s another 5 years?

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i think the first wave of stakers will still make some decent profits, i doubt think much will go wrong with it and that it'll be low risk/mid reward. but that's just my 2 cents, anything could happen.

if i am lucky enough to stake in this first wave, i would like to join in. but just like chainlink is rolling out staking slow, i would be dipping my toes into it slowly too. i think going all in would be wreckless, and maybe impossible since there is a cap in the v0.1. but that isn't to say that there's anything wrong with going all in either as i know there will be a lot of people eager to do just that.

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Whats with the confidence? Did they already announce staking? Consensus isnt here yet.

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i have 25k link that hasnt moved since early 2018

do i qualify to stake?

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It’s announcement of announcement but at least u get a clearer idea of what staking is

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OG from 2017 in here as well i have about 50k link left i wont stake ANYTHING

ill let someone else lose all there link because of some faulty node that wanted to be dishonest...


pic related the post that made me put about 10K into link at .23 cents

and also gonna cap this when anons lose there link of no fault of their own

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Check the blog

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there is no slashing for v0.1 but ok

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I'm planning on hanging back first to see how the staking goes for everyone else, in case there are any complications or hacks with the nodes that cause people to lose their staked LINK.

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holy fuck holy fuck its happening oh my god its almost here oh fuck oh man ive been waiting 5 years for this

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Came here to say this

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I keep my entire net worth on celsius, including my full stack of >10000 linkies

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>I don't trust lord Sirgay but I trust jonneh the horse whisperer
Lpl shill not even trying

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Same. I only trust Chainlink with the tokens anyway. Too chickenshit to consider any other pools.

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What the hell? Was like 2% a few days ago.

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Delet this

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You can stake directly with Chainlink anon. And the rewards are coming directly from their wallet.



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Im OG link marine corporal
been hodling my meger stack since 2017
this is a fucking hodl, holy shit. reading shit like this >>49461029
really tests my mettle, just a few more years.....right.......right marines?

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Blessed by Kek

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I will only use a staking platform provided by the chainlink team. I'm sure as hell not going to use any 3rd party shit. But if Sergey offers me staking I'm going all in

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10% when you consider you can just swap all the bnt for link as and when you want

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If you can't trust the LINK team with your tokens, then all the reasons you believe you hold a valuable asset are lies. Think on this.

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100% retard take

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Except bancor is a massive risk

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I keep mine on ftx for 5%. So no, likely not.

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The Jewish plan to get our link is to entice us with staking and then hack it so they can steal our link

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They are specifically targeting early holders and there is specifically no loss protection. Expect a "bug" which does as little damage to Chainlink's reputation as possible while extracting the maximum number of linkies from OGs as possible.

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They will sacrifice reputation of one or two major chainlink nodes to steel the linkies

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>every anon seems to have huge stacks
Is 10k enough? I can afford more, but it feels risky throwing my fiat into crypto right now

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No gutz, no glory.

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Is someone training a version of dalle where they’re manually inputting things like Sergey_Nazorov = “{fat, man, plaid, morbidly_obese}?

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There's no slashing at v0.1, anon.

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No, but they should. I just have a secret phrase that faithfully produces accurate sergeys.

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wtf dalle

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But its 8$ a pop, and btc still has the potential to go down 30%, or more, crypto hasnt really gone through an economic meltdown yet.

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It’s glaringly obvious by now that btc purpose and only usecase is to suppress link

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Some of us have been holding since it was cents. Just buy what you can, it will pay off eventually

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i want my cock to work by the time i make it. i will not do another five years

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Can anyone answer this?


>The initial plan, a few months in, is to reward 5% for 75M staked. Out of ~400M circulating. For one (1) single feed. Which will later be scaled up to all feeds.

>How can they do 5% off of one feed?

Is this subsidy or is this baseless? Any sources?

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blog post mentioned subsidy

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You earned your gigaChad status for life, king.

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based ballsy-motherfucker

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