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I feel like we're going to dump more before the next bull cycle, but I'm also becoming impatient incase I am wrong. I need to slurp cheapies.

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I'm sure we will dump more, at least to 20k.

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just go half in

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Wait. The bottoms in 2023: BTC $ 8k, ETH $ 200, LINK $ 1

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Yeah I think this is likely too desu.

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That's pretty dire. How'd you come up with such numbers?

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Go always all in dude.

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Go all in on Harry.Potter.ObamaSonic.10.Inu you fucking retard faggots

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Anon, now is not the time to buy anything. I'm telling you all you have to do right now is wait and buy your upcoming PULSE IDO. At the end of this year, you will be a rich man, and you will never have to think about such things again.

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just buy HEX

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psychological lows & liquidity.

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learn how to read a chart OP, it's a rounded bottom and we're at the bottom. maybe it'll pick up eom, but i doubt we'll see anything before august.

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>read charts
I've lost count of how many times I've seen people who have all that supposedly dialed in and yet still get BTFO and proven wrong.

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