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god damn

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> he bought
>intanet computah

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Thanks for playing

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should have bought jpegs on the internet computer

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How did they take this pic?

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Cut your losses.

>VCs loaded up and purchased $10 000 worth of ICP at 3 cents a piece ($0.03)
>private investors and other early buyers loaded up HEAVY bags with 6 figures below $1 and $10
>ICP was listed above $2000 on Coinbase and Binance before stabilizing around $600, then $400 for like one week
>kept dumping since then, non-stop, thanks to retail, boomers and latecomers happily providing exit liquidity at the top of the crypto bubble thinking they were investing in revolutionary tech
>turns out that it's YET ANOTHER centralized vaporware scam that does NOTHING and doesn't build anything outside of a gambling DeFi platform for holders to lose even more funds in NFT scams (useless in bear markets and intrinsically worthless)
>almost everyone on /biz/ saw through the shills and their attempt by rightfully calling it a scam back in May 2021
>months pass
>eventually some faggot chink shill who probably wanted to cut his losses starts promoting this scam to the /pol/ subset of lurkers who browse this board when ICP was trading at $70
>he succeeds because he was lucky enough and made calls that were decent in the past
>but more importantly the 1488 bait and muh racism were enough to attract the lowest common denominators
>ICP keeps dumping
>Mario 64 on ICP is a nothing burger and gets shut down
>ICP keeps dumping
>ICP keeps dumping
>ICP keeps dumping
>bear market is confirmed
>ICP keeps dumping even further

ICP is probably the second biggest scam to ever grace crypto, with TERRA/LUNA being in the first place and Bitconnect in the third. Compared to these two however, ICP and the Dfinity foundation are still fooling the drooling retards who were dumb enough to fall for the "tech in crypto" meme. Not even pajeet chasing shitcoins are as retarded and gullible as those people.

If you bought, held and lost money on ICP instead of ignoring it or swinging it for sats/dollars you are worthless human trash. Even a pajeet nigger on BSC is smarter and more sound financially.

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Buying more 500 ICP next week. Nice copypasta.

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Thanks. I'm doing my best

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Why didn't you buy ICP IOU for pennies in 2020?
Biz needed handholding from the moonman, too retarded to DYOR