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You fell for a scam?
Don't you understand,
You thought it was too late
But you fell for the bait.
I heard you're still mad
Because of your weak hands
Suck my dick
You silly prick
You fell for a meme

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if chainlink fails i will unironically kms

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I'll never sell my LINK. That's 2million LINK out of circulation. Let that one sink in.

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shill team 6 going extra hard today

nobody talks about link outside of /biz/ and it has a low market cap

cool idea but ruined and made cheap to smart money because we all see the coordinated shill campaign on fucking 4chan

4chan pimp shilling was the worst thing to ever happen to the chainlink ecosystem and its future

everyone involved in the coordinated shilling is, unfortunately, irreversibly retarded

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I can't understand why this autistic board is shilling this ERC20 token so much? Is it just PnD whales trying to steal money from anime retards?

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Nice, get as many loans as possible and share the money on biz before you do though.

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not selling

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Nolinkies getrekt while their weak hands sweat
Watching the climb to the top of the charts
Your weak hands and weak FUD
Oh that shit's not enough
LINK's been rolling all of the dubs

Meme magic is real
And its been trying to reveal
To the ones who see through the lies
That if lambos you seek, this chance is unique
Cuz LINK is the only real prize

Flip the world on its head, now nolinkies dead
Hanging in closets for missing the moon
Our marines are the best, like SEAL team 6
And we're slaughtering nolinkies soon

See this is the one, we've been waiting for son
The one that eats the whole world
So while you chase 10%, I'm not paying rent
And you're just sour cuz you poorfags all sold

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pump* shilling

but seriously. huge blockchain investment groups are so put off by chainlink based on the 4chan spam.

it's honestly sad. reputation permanently tarnished to the people and groups that actually matter in the space

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Never selling.

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>smart money