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Honk here. Honestly though, is this just a slow rug or the real deal next Shib? The dog with bat fucks got blown out. But absent that FUD, what are our serious concerns about this project?

For me, I feel like there are too many whales.

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Where's predictionbro at?

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Probably shagging that one anon's wife

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Next shib fo sho… there’s a lot of whales but they’ve all held for a long ass time on huge pumps. Plus on real volume the numbers would even out. It’s like 200k mc so big buys would change the playing field

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My main concern is HONK

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Based and concerned

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Sounds a little jeety desu

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Yeahhhh… imma need a mcap prediction right fucking now

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Maybe but it’s true

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0.001T mcap eoy

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1T mc EOD

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Translation for us retards who can't do maths?

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a thousandth of a trillion is a billion.
Ygmi breh
Then you're gonna waste it all cause u can't into math

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Bruh what about these two asshole senators on fox shilling regulation and shit

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Should I shave my ass

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Rolling for 1c by end of the month

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Rerolling for a dolla

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Goose isn’t shady so they’d be fine. CZ is also based and works hand in hand with the SEC (goose is bsc)
No trim

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Digits confirm. Bend over anon. And don't use manscape.

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Based unironic 5 billion mcap srs

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Not sure about that anon. The Goose is Loose and the pozzed will try to catch it. They'll fail of course though

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That’s true you ever try to catch a wild goose? I haven’t but I’ve heard it’s impossible

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I shot one once. Didn't use buckshot though. Fucker ran off and was never seen again. Probably didn't die though

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With a 200K cap I can see it doing a really stupid 100x for no good reason but don't really see anything to signal the 50,000x that would be needed to achieve full memecoin status.

I spent $100 on it for LOLs

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AMR’s are generally needed for that scenario

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Become familiar with the lore of Alex

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If a coin named sh/b can reach infamy and fame we can too since the devs are actually doing baste shit. We is geeese n shiet

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What do u considered a whale? The devs seemed pretty in shape desu

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I bought a paltry amount but what exactly are the devs doing? I know jack shit about GOHO I just impulse bought

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I suggest checking the website and checking into the TG group. They are starting a nft marketplace (I’m poor at explaining this), they’ve been grabbing artists and shit for it and to market, they are planning to break into plebbit and apply for listing on cmc and coingecko once the market recovers, check the website for more info im missing a ton

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>see pic
Someone alluded to a data tool in the future or something idk. I do know they’re building out an ecosystem and not stopping with one thing

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Post vegetables to spite that one dude

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What’s that mean? I’m brain dead with the technicalities as I’m a retard

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Rolling for 50 dollars eoweo2022

Anons think the devs are some back alley abortionists we need to show they are based even tho back alley abortionists are based

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Someone in TG mentioned a data scrubbing tool (think privacy) using GOHO might get built. But read the pic there’s a bunch about GOHO that’s confirmed in that

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I don't know why GOHO people like this image because it's a big confusing mess

basically boils down to

1) some celebs liked a couple memes on social media

2) the DAO is live and you can mint a GHE to join it

3) someone bought an IRL goose

4) the tokenomics are pretty solid

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It captures community suggested stuff like goose fi radio too

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It has community suggested stuff like goose fi radio too

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seems dumb to me when projects water their shit down with stuff like this

It's supposed to be and exciting milestone that someone posted a 30 minute playlist with a picture of a goose?

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Kek fair enough bring it up in the tg they’d prob fix it up

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You forgot 5)

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Someone bought a goose?

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I dunno. it says they're sponsoring a goose named ryan gosling?

I would be nice if they had any real detail for this stuff.

The tokenomics are pretty well documented but aside from a general roadmap it's hard to tell specifically what is going on and what they are up to right NOW.

Weekly dev updates and a public git would boost my confidence.

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Agreed. Devs - stop the slow rug and start developing. Plz and thx

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Bring it up in the tg you can literally talk to them. And you can check wallet activity to confirm there’s no slow rug

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And right now they’re onboarding and scouting NFT artists and communities to the marketplace

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even though I have a list of gripes I think it could pump after a CMC / coingecko listing if they can increase their wallet distribution and stick to the roadmap

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Let’s sponsor goose from top gun since the movie came out

Pump to what?


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Where’s the BGC poster

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Planting vegetable

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Pump to wat anon

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Same dude. How much longer till you hit financial independence? Is the end in sight for you?

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What mcap is le moon

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Predictionbro pls
You've probably already asked every goho holder twice in every thread
Just enjoy the ride or you'll be in a constant state of worry at each particular stage

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I have a 10 billion stack, what am I in for?

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50 million epy

I’m going to take shrooms to see if I can find the answer

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Eagle chad here half of my net worth

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Imagine calling a grade C memecoin a "project".

I think there is your first problem.

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Imagine being a cunt

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>I’m going to take shrooms to see if I can find the answer

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imagine being gay

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>7up in id
Should I drink that shit?

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this shit is what made me buy in the first place kek, how low is my iq?

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Pretty smart for getting in this early

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Why the FUCK doesnt this pump already?

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Current status: Eagle

Ivory tower : soon

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And still we can't break 1000 holders. Maybe one day. Never selling my small 2.5T bag.

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You got 3x my stack and I am small.
Gotta get to at least 1T..

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Based and honkpilled goose frens

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Fucking checked and honk. Eagle as well

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The stock market appears to be in chaos these days. But Chaos; like Littlefinger said; is a ladder... So, I guess I've climbed to quite a large extent right now...There's still a very long way to go with Syscon but it's a marathon,not a sprint

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Hey GOHO bros, congrats on your thread being up so long and not being jannied.

Also If you all want to be a little degen and invest in another coin, look in Into Troge.

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>people here actually believe putting beaks on 9fag content with their phones and posting the results on this board will magically cause green dildos for their meme token

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>goose is rent free in ur head
>sees trend reversal in crypto markets
>buys autistic goose community coin before retail
Honking is a lifestyle bitch it’s not a sprint

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Unironically, yes.

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I see max is here

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i found the answer, i just woke up, 10 billion marketcap is reached on 09/01/2022

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Gohonk general reporting in

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as for marketing and shit what are the plans? is there any plans for guerilla marketing tactics such as:
>some outlandsish shit like how d0bies sent a usb to 'space' with a weather balloon?
>asian holiday targeting
>geese habitat protection donations
>beach advertising (boat with screen along the coast in florida)
>AMA by Devs on plebbit
>ama by devs on here?
>discussion on /b/ or other boards
>public airdrops (airdrop a mass image of the project with link and qr code)
>snapchat filter, insta, twitter memes/advertisements
>give some free coins to a popular celeb, youtuber, etc.,
>tiktok using attractive influencers dancing
>make up a internet challenge
>start different niches, gym goose for gym memes, artsy goose for e/alt girls, etc.,
>random QR codes around cities

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Blessed predictionbro

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Underrated post. Have a (you)

Also, can't believe that this thread is still up. Bullish

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how effective is gorilla marketing really? it did jack shit for d0g bat

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Screenshotted and sent to devs. Ur doin gods work son

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are you in the tg? you should join if you're not there yet, you have good ideas

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Yes but I’m not giving away who I am ;)

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Depends on what you do, confidence in it, planning it, deciding a target demographic, where, who, what, why you are marketing it. Marketing is just manipulation/ dark psychology kek
t. Marketing student who have numerous awards for projects and competitions internationally (unironic here)

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flying ad might be good during summer, possibly at beaches (wide open space) when people are out
a plane with text can be a cheaper alternative to a blimp
pic rel

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Yeah these ideas that I made are to induce thought so we come with more ideas and corrections so keep it up will post prt deuce ina sec

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>The dog with bat fucks got blown out.
Went from $10,000 MC to a mean of $3,000,000 - which this unfunny meme hasn't even reached.
You can't fud D0B0 if its achieved things your shitcoin never will.

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this would be fucking incredible lmao

>> No.49459463

>brown id
Your shit and that id tell me everything I need to know about you. Pound sand

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Guerilla marketing id part 2
>we dress up our Minecraft characters in goose skins and beat the fuck out of Minecraft characters like this

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Kek goose hit 4mil mc on launch before the market dumped you can’t fud GOHO if your shitcoin hasn’t achieved things like Kevin O’Leary shout outs or being a goose

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>thinking memes don't matter or thinking geese are unfunny

ngmi. buy now or rope later

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I don't get this..am I 'tarded?

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Honk bro’s what we saying?!?!
Honk honk

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i think it's just a variation of these meme

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I see, thanks

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>AMA by Devs on plebbit

This is the #1 thing this team should do

Having zero visibility to the devs is always a bad sign

>> No.49461716

back from the jim aka el gimnasio here are the round deaux:
>youtube comment ra!ds
>a billboard amongst the most slow, traffic jammed, high density, high traffic high ways
>tailor a goose to each board for ex) /fit/ goose (make it jacked), for /b/ (honestly dont know about this one), etc.,
>have a theme towards end of summer/beginning of fall when they start migrating irl
>Have a bull or cow make friends with the goose and shill in India since they are sacred
this one depends on all your guys connections so its a crap shoot but..
>if someone has pull at a major chain or location has a sort of goose themed drink or container with the logo
>if any of you truly have fuck you money or the time and want to do this go for it- lets be the first crypto to circumnavigate the globe, fly around the equator with the usb on you
>this one as said above if you have the means, migrate the usb south with the geese irl
>bring keys to anartica?
>during sporting events get a advertisement
>during sporting events when they do the crowd video get a sign in that bitch

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the plebbit only has like 119 followers atm, i think if this is truly going to work and we arent going to rug or whatever the fuck people are thinking we need to dominate this first (the weaving forum), build the base past 1k wallets, apply asap when the market is hepatitus, get listed on cmc, coin gecko and let it grow naturally. Then start building other platforms slowly and possible get RT from either cmc or other exchanges on twitter, allow growth, but it cant be too rapid, it needs to be slow so the growth is strength and not some bullshit like harry0tterinu where its spammed, people need to want it. Like a girl who chases you and constantly hits u up typically isnt attractive. the attractive ones are wanted, you want them, you chase them. we need goho to be that girl

>> No.49461938

They’re gonna

>> No.49462055

i think a marketing roadmap needs to be created/ established. if they can bring on more trustworthy people to expand different areas for more growth great. and someone should run a swot anaylsis to figure out what we can exploit and fix
>1. Gather the autists in here, our homefront should be behind it like with previous large coins
>2. get and let natural growth occur and spread. this can and will happen regardless its just being put as step two so we are aware. basically its just the more people=more discussion=more memes=spreading like a virus
3. While the above is happening, roadmap things should be going well and hopefully more social media following occurs mainly on twitter first.
4. Develop and expand the twitter, dont be so agressive with shilling but whoever runs it develop a personality as we see fast food chains and other organizations do. make it fun, but not too over bearing and annoying. it should shoot to get RTs, likes, or shoutouts whether a celeb, tik tok person, or crypto person or exchange
>engage with the audience via twitter, answer questions be cool with the ppl after all they will grow the coin
>build the damn plebbit- at this point cmc and cg should be listed, now every crypto board separate accounts should make pleb posts to be seen as organic, we upvote on various posts and boards to get attention
>more followers= more holders= we need a AMA to show them its legit
>if issues still persist do another audit or someshit
>develop a IG (possibly)
>now we can start getting normie appeal via bullshit like getting into tik tok, yt, snapchat filters etc.,
>if and i mean if the devs are comfortable which i doubt it but if this becomes a giant ass thing then they could do reveals or something but thats a pipe idea that im having from tweaking on pre workout
ideally think of this as a virus, infect as many people as possible. be too quick, the virus fails and dies, be too slow it dies, find the perfect

>> No.49462087

rate at which it spreads, it can not be too quick to where it peaks and dies like most coins but it cant be too slow where it takes too long and dies. it needs a steady rate of growth with failures every now and again, like a whale sell off etc., and create hype around a decrease in price not a omg its over thing

>> No.49462118

ik im aware, im just speaking out loud of everything so if anyone has ideas develop from what im saying great build onto it or make something better

>> No.49462165

ideally heavily populated areas and diverse crowds and i dont mean ethnic diversity im speaking in terms of location. fly this around popular vacation spots on beaches that are popular with the age range of 15-30 such as in miami and that way people who vacation go home to missouri, texas whereever and spread it with there friends and family

>> No.49462176

I got out when I could and it hasn't been back to where I exited. That was months ago. It's over. Reflection shitcoins are lost causes. They are useless.

>> No.49462229

so what is your alternative coin anon? do you think the current other animal coins have a chance better? if so why?

>> No.49462242

kek love you predictionbro I see you're putting that energy/anxiety to good use

>> No.49462258

i swear im like a cm away from emailing the devs my resume and contact info out of spite for ppl like you just to make this shit flourish and succeed since i dont start my job until august and have all the time in the world fuck you

>> No.49462268

>ideally think of this as a virus, infect as many people as possible. be too quick, the virus fails and dies, be too slow it dies, find the perfect
checked and loving the epidemics analogy

>> No.49462286

SWOT analyses is a good idea. Team has ppl in the ad industry as well so you could def get your point across. Extremely huge goose cock energy in this thread

>> No.49462390

Go ahead. But you're exactly the type of person that is involved in these "communities." "Do this, do that, but, I'm not gonna do it but maybe uh, nevermind." All the TGs are circlejerks.

>> No.49462420

those are some good ideas there mate, however, the devs/team are fucking useless. i’ve said this before, all they do is post stickers from time to time and hype the nft marketplace(soon). unless they prove themselves as trustworthy and start being active and engage with the community this shit will slowly die.

>> No.49462650

Maybe because you’re newer they haven’t “proven” themselves specifically to you as an individual. Ask any OG the team delivers and has kept it going through crazy amounts of overall market fud.

>> No.49462924

Give the guys a fucking break lol, its a grassroots project, its not like theyre fucking chainlink with money to hire 100 devs..mind you the nft marketplace is already done and dev has started on another utility which I cant reveal yet

>> No.49462968

Do it bro, but I wouldnt doxx myself, just offer your services anonimously

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i want to see what >>49462420
says so im marking this as a reminder for myself



fear the BGC

>> No.49463444

You are a gentleman and a scholar, anon. Do it. For all our baggies

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Shib is pussy juice, this will also be another irritating pussy juice. I'm big on NFT based projects now.

Every problem that we have in society has a suite of relative solutions that are also business opportunities.

Depression is a problem. But solving that problem is a business opportunity for perfect misfit and an opportunity to reach out to the community. Perfect misfit is a decent NFT platform, here to redefine the sphere

>> No.49463559

yeah, i am new indeed, got in a couple of months ago. and in 2 months of lurking the tg i havent seen shit from the team. yeah, they made a dao and some nfts. i dont want them to prove themselves to me personally, i want them to build a community and you dont do that by being silent and posting stickers. i dont give a fuck about the OG’s, you dont convince people to get a bag of your shitcoin just because some OG’s have faith, you dont get new people in like that.

>> No.49463576


the actaual fuck

>> No.49463587

checkin those trips
do it fgt