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I guess some one jinxed the crypto market. Everything is falling apart with alot of hacks happening around. More than all, this we have the quantum threats that's going to go bonkers soon. Fuck! We need to save our asses soon.
If anyone knows a solution to this please share it in here.
Chads we need a solution

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I am the quantum defense so therefore the quantum threat

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>quantum threats
There are no quantum threats. No one has working on real quantum computers. What you see in the media that's all larp. We are safe for the next 30 years.

Learn to use technology safely.

Don't click on links and don't answer to spams.

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>quantum threats
There are no quantum threats. No one is working on real quantum computers. What you see in the media that's all larp. We are safe for the next 30 years.

Learn to use technology safely.

Don't click on links and don't answer to spams.

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Wtf are you talking about anon, Hollywood has clouded your sense of reasoning.
Are you drunk or something? Quantum what?

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Just ape into post quantum cryptography projects and the problem is solved

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You've got some Saving grace anon

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>quantum threat
Shit, you can't even save your ass from a gay's dick. Fuck off

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Hey OP, do you wear condoms while fucking trannies??

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This is just another scary bed time story

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Attention all bizraelis: The Great Reset has come at a crossroads with humanity. We can not allow the WEF & the young globohomo leaders to manipulate the markets any longer with their fake wars. In order for the Golden Bullrun to resume, Chainlink(ticker: LINK) needs to be destroyed.
/biz will declare WAR on Chainlink next week and send globohomo a message.
You heard it here first. Linkies will be financially exterminated. Participation is mandatory btw, proof of short will be required to post on /biz. I repeat everybody will have to participate.

Spread the word and prepare your shorts. It's finally happening... The Great Short is upon us lads.

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Faggot, whacha mean by post quantum cryptography projects

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That's FUDding anon. I ain't believing any shit about quantum threat or the likes

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This is damn scary, good enough we've, nft, metaverse and more should be secured else we're all gonna be fucked.

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This is why you'll get rekt

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Check this, Its possible for 1121 qubit quantum computer to hack crypto elliptic curve
>IBM roadmap shows that its might be launched next year

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Don't be naive mate, even JP Morgan admitted that its possible quantum computer can hack crypto elliptic curve,
>US white house has also started working on making there security quantum resistant
>Several top countries including China are heavily funding QC tech
>The threat is not to far

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IBM will save us. They are the ones making the quantum computers, so they will make the quantum solution too.

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Quantum computing would just steal fiat you jelly brain cunt

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Old fag! You've got shit brains.
Take a look at QAN's robust and innovative features, dumbass enterprise or group of people can easily launch and run a decentralised autonomous organisation efficiently

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Why is ETH not making any announcement concerning this

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Cellframe, Qanplatform and QRL are the most known

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You are the naive one if you think I'm gonna dump my bag for some futuristic threat that won't even come to pass

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It might open doors of opportunity though, I mean blockchains that aims to solve the threat will of course be the next big deal in crypto

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QANplatform has been audited by IBM platinum partner, that's the only blockchain I believe is quantum resistant

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Are there any? Most of the ones I've seen are memes. They don't offer anything real and their market cap is always below 20M

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Get your ass down the line pajeets, you can get your ass saved when having the Lattice-based post-quantum cryptographic algorithm implemented in Rust programming language.

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These looked like memes, but I checked and saw that Cellframe and QRL are below 20M market cap.
> below 20M market cap = meme

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If you're worried about quantum computers breaking SHA-256 encryption you should be worried about a lot more things than blockchains being hacked. They're on the forefront of cryptography and would be one of the first to adapt to quantum resistant encryption algorithms. The banking system and other legacy systems would be pretty slow to adapt.

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Has the mainnet launched yet, I heard its testnet launched few months ago

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Isn't that why the White house issued a memo for all agencies to upgrade their security to the latest quantum resistant codes?


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Maybe ETH is still denying the fact that the threat is possible, Its a pity QCT might hit crypto hard

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Definitely anon.
On its Blockchain if widely supported, bridging a token from the BSC to Ethereum possible

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Wtf is meme you crazy idiots

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All the chains will be fine when it comes to security. I'm more worried about our energy consumption. We all need to migrate to a better consensus algorithm to save the planet, but bitcoin maxis will not listen.

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>crazy idiots
Crazy idiots are huffing around when they would benefit from the low and predictable fees with quantum resistance

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Lol morons thought and reasoning

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>Don't be naive mate
>Repeats blatant propaganda

>JP Morgan can admitted that
They drink the same kool-aid like all the normie.

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Hey retarded, it's energy efficiency is a top-notch, energy consumption
converges to zero. Fucking good right?

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That's web2 and not for web3. Blockchain is safe pageet

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through the safe and secure smart contracts feature of Cherry Network of course
obviously you have to be developing through the use of the Cherry Network's file storage system

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>to save the planet
from what?
You should read the global disaster predictions from the last 100 years. Non of them became true. It's just sensationalism and fake excuse to government intervention.
We could produce ten times more CO2 and it still wouldn't make measurable effect on the environment. Maybe we would have slightly more plants globally what is good for food production.

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That's where proof of Randomness consensus protocol comes in

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Jeets are filled with shit brains... They've got no good thing to offer

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How about testnet?

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You've got it all sucking on its testnet, it ensures frictionless and cost-efficient transaction execution

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Lol are you panicking? Better get your investment out and spend it on some whores

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Oh yeah. good news for metamask users as QAN testnet is live.

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ETH recently hired devs to investigate the quantum threat. I think it is too late for them because if they could not upgrade to PoS quickly, how will they upgrade to quantum resistance?

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This is sweet as fuck, it enable developers and entrepreneurs to deploy their apps with no extra blockchain expertise.

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Web3 is doomed without quantum security.
> more hacks
> more rugs
> more dumps

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You are a quantum computer?

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Proof of work is great at decentralization, but it is energy inefficient
Proof of stake is energy efficient, but it encourages centralization.

What's this? Did you DYOR? I'll check it and see.

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>Web3 is doomed without quantum security
Regards got nothing to panic about, providing quantum security yet remaining compatible with 99% of the ecosystem is very much possible.

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>Web3 is doomed without quantum security.
Retards got nothing to panic about, providing quantum security yet remaining compatible with 99% of the ecosystem is very much possible.

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He's a piece of shit, he can't last 3 seconds on his mama's wrecked pussy

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>What's this?
Hey dumbass, There are no unnecessary
computing tasks, so the operation
platform is environment-friendly.

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Qortal is the answer. Qort will be quantum resistant. DYOR but definitely look into QORT