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114 hours and 23 minutes until staking is released

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that's the exact same amount of time until my scrotum fully lowers into your gaping maw. Coincidence?

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Is that true?

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Checked and comfy

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Fat fat fat scammer scammer scammer
Betray betray betray

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suistack for link?

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1 link

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Okay, so basically LINK tokens have value because you will soon be able to stake them to earn more LINK tokens which are valuable because you can stake them to earn more LINK tokens which you can use to stake more LINK tokens. That is why the LINK token is valuable.

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1k as always

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Staking is too late and the price won't recover.

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Good golly am i excited for you crazy kids

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prepare to be disappointed

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Have you goys started drinking kefir yet?

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>spells flannel wrong
>doesn't put something different, like "staking announced," in the text box before screencapping
Jesus fucking christ, anon, get it together

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fat scamer

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This. Chainlink should have released staking at $50

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i remember tweeting at sergey to release staking immediately once we reached $50
i spammed him NONSTOP
he didnt listen
too bad. some people just aren't cut out for success

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Checked and based countdowner.

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Sergey is more successful than you could ever dream of becoming

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Link had been pumping

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going from $50 to $7 doesn't sound very successful to me :^)

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Do you guys think we can get to $200? $300?
$300 is make territory for me.

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300 pesos maybe :^)

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300 yen in a month

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5k eoy

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Unlikely OP. Some bad news breaking tomorrow.

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That's about how long I've been on nofap. And I can't even lay on my stomach because I want to rub my dick against my mattress. Have to sleep on my back.

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That used to be absolute torture to me months ago. Got out of the habit of looking at hot anime girls and now I'm out of the habit of yanking my dick for the most part. You can do it, anon.

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no, it's closer to 336 hours from now