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Just how the hell are we gonna have another bullrun now that the whole world knows crypto is nothing but useless pumps and dumps?

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The frontrunning will be the run sell in 2024

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we're not
the crypto bubble is kill

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Never thought about it this way... makes sense, people WILL buy prior to the halving that's for sure

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bull run to 2024 havling, dump on halving, fud, then bull run 2025

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short memories

halving makes the line go up

normies see line go up and fomo

a whole circus of grifters shows up to shill shitcoins

the cycle continues.

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>crypto is nothing
the BAYC holders of NFT's would beg to differ. The whole crypto / NFT thing is in its infancy and going mainstream. The Wall Street investments are getting involved.

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The entire world knew that before the previous pump.
Literally everything is a pump and dump. EVERYTHING. Gas? Pump and dump. Food? Pump and dump? Stocks? Pump and dump. Crypto? Pump and dump.

Learn to ride the pump and dump like everyone else.

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People will completely stop caring about crypto until the next halving like always. Regular npc have the attention span of a cow. Accumulate until then and then dump on them. Simple as that.
>this time it’s different
Stay poor then

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Like all the previous (((pumps))) : if tether keep printing gazillions USDT.
But as of now they are in withdrawal mode, so bleeding is the norm.
Without tether's fake money, the entire thing crumble like a house of cards.

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Wrong! Silver is a dump and dump since jews hate it with a burning passion.

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>Jews hate everything
No shit, Sherlock.

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lol no they won't
nobody gives 2 shits about muh halvening
a useless shitcoin is still a useless shitcoin even if miners are only getting half of what they used to

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>The entire world knew that before the previous pump.
this is wrong too
plenty of people still thought crypto was some new amazing tech
the illusion has been completely shattered, thanks to dogecoin and monkey NFTs

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>The entire world knew that before the previous pump

No they didn't
I live in Canada and there was barely any coverage of the 2017 run here if any, and I should know I was in crypto at the time. It was NOTHING like 2021. 2017 was very short when you think about it. October, November, December and then BOOM! that's it

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who cares
we are not in crypto to make money
we are here for the tech and to have a better future for humanity

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Retail not needed

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Your mother still gets sex even though everyone knows she's a whore

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By buying into Qanx dip brainlet is one of the ways to earn more during the bull