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Why is it that nobody cares about SIGN? Quite literally the best nft marketplace I’ve ever seen.
>Eco friendly
>No fees/low fees
>Free minting
>3D Gallery
Like what the fuck lol why do people insist on using opensea and opensea only? Is it because of the bored ape garbage nobody cares about nowadays? Worst part is that sign runs on waves so it’s safe (wont go under, probably)

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Tell us Op how mutch waves is paying you for shilling?

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you take that everyone talking about something you dont like isnt getting paid for it right?

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cause waves fees are allways high, so not using it at all

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I bet someone is getting paid for this, and i want a piece of it, no one speaks about waves/SIGN like that for free.

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never heard of sign before, but if other replies says its got something to do with waves then I take it that its part of their ecosystem?

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Buy Waves with Binance and you'll not be paying fees

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ikr, I know USDN and thats it

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Its part of the coins that you can get in waves, so yeah its safe

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boy sminem always said
"fuck waves man that shit is bullcrap"

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who said what

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Who is sminen?

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Oh my fucking- REEE

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No one said never

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what the actual fuck

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I swear that its not even funy

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that was very cool of you anon, I didn't know about it either

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I like USDN

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that's Stan

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there are still some good anons over there