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Is chainlink a meme or a cult or something? Why are you guys the only ones talking about it?

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It's a cult not needed

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We are obsessed with shit. We eat shit daily while pretending it's chocolate. We bathe in shit (see video -- meetup of /biz/ anons). We love the smell of shit. LINK is a shitcoin and it's the shittiest of the shitcoins. It stinks. A lot. Therefore we like it. Because we like shit.

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4 years ago a couple of anons found a coin at 15 cents that was the future of crypto

we've been riding that high ever since

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We just like the token is all


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i fucking love the fact that theyre on the Hedera council funding HBAR foundation

two of my favorite projects unite

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coin not needed and those cultists are coping about it. Pathetic jeets be like that fr fr no cap, specially when their village is about to burn them at the stake and rape their daughters for not feeding them this crypto winter. "But staking is on LINK now!!". Everyone already has had staking for 8+ years now you absolutely dumb fucking retards. Buy ICP if you want to make it fr fr and be bussin bussin

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chainlink was the greatest asset we bought in together and made easy +1000%, we were supose to sell on the bullrun itself but some people were greedy and kept holding, now they STILL HOLD despite being -90% against every ticker. chainlink is a story of how greed can make a man become a woman

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