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Chainlink staking is different from your flavor of the month shitcoin. Chainlink staking works by locking up existing supply of token from circulation. The more you lock up, the more rewards you receive.

From here it's basic economics. What happens when different players try to lock up as much link as possible, and massive amount of the token gets removed from the market This will cause the craziest supply shock you have ever seen in crypto history.

This is Mainnet 2019 all over again. Strap in my dudes.

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Why didnt tezos moon? wasnt it the first pos network?j

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few understand
for me, this is all obvious
sometimes i forget though that i am neck deep in esoteric knowledge, the average normie cannot ever hope to understand. hell, not even the average crypto buyer can understand. not even the average smart guy on the right side of the bell curve.
we truly are going to become the new financial elite
and yes, it'll happen literally overnight

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I think Graph is more of a closer comparison. It mooned btw

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and when is that going to be exactly?

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The announcement will be huge, everybody will buy and the price will increase significantly, I'm so happy for you guys. You deserve this after so much bad price action, finally it's here

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I get it, but currently, but what is the demand now or within the near future for decentralized oracles and is it enough for staking to be profitable?

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Because they are building something decent, are not a VC pnd and pajeets can't copy past their erc20 shotcoins

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Im so happy for you guys

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I don’t want to be entitled, but yes we do deserve it
Nodes are already profitable. Which is why staking is being released in the first place

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Only all bsc and polygon nodes are profitable

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soon the Solana, Polkadot and Cosmos nodes will be too.

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in a recession?

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Harry just posted that Solana price feeds were the first production deployment of OCRv2 so that there's still room to squeeze the margins by upgrading existing price feeds contracts as well. Looking good

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How big do you think the price jump on the announcement will be?

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we shall see if next friday will be the day.
how do you cope knowing all this and having to wait for years and maybe some time until the market will follow the organic demand from the network? Its grinding on me.

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there's nothing to cope about
someday soon we will look back on these days fondly
once you attain this level of wealth and power, you can never go back
nothing will ever be the same
enjoy the moment while you can

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This everyone. Enjoy your poverty while you still can.

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having an uncontrolled rapidly changing amount of inflation will be very attractive to well brained humans.

that said i will defiantly take a piece of the tard bump.

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price prediction after this goes through?

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I’m really hoping $150 ath, $70 eoy. Around $500 next year for sure.

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interesting. sui stack size?

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$1k. Always has been, always will be.

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I've seen a lot of fud and shiposting about link recently, when's this staking supposed to go through? real facts only pls, I don't have enough money to burn on this if it's gonna crab for another 12 months.

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Idk the exact date, but 100% guaranteed this year.

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It might hit $30, chances of it coming anywhere close to ATH this year are slim.
Yet again the newfag reveals himself. The suicide stack was originally 10k. You can cope all you want saying that it’s 1k, but that doesn’t change reality.

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I love you

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remember arbitrum? staking is going to turn out to be another arbitrum, just like arbitrum was another oracle.

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I meant 1k

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Great picture OP

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Stop playing with my feelings

-2017 Linker

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>Stop playing with my feelings
Did you have similar sentiment when link went from 40 cents to 20 bucks?

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It’s worst now since everything is crashing

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Hurry now and thank me later

Visit TrumpFanToken dot com

And load your bags!

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2022 is not that easy but I noticed a big hope on shitcoins

visit TrumpFanToken dot com

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Okay, so basically LINK tokens have value because you will soon be able to stake them to earn more LINK tokens which are valuable because you can stake them to earn more LINK tokens which you can use to stake more LINK tokens. That is why the LINK token is valuable.

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The "suicide stack is 10k" fudders will be the first to experience my special "Ari" smart contracts. You cockroaches are the worst. 1k has been the suicide stack from day 1 and even they will be able to make it within a couple years.

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No theyre valuable because they're exchanged for data when used on the network you fucking retard

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Jesus Christ. The mind of a mongoloid is fascinating.

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now you're catching on :^)

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>If we change our shitcoin into a ponzi shitcoin strap in my dudes
Yeah strap in... For Zeroooooo.

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>1k has been the suicide stack from day 1
There was a time on biz, pretty much all of 2018, when the 10k link suicide stack was completely agreed upon. I know this for 100% fact because I was a newfag then and based my stack size on 10k being a suicide stack. I know that things changed once the price broke out and went above $1, and latefags changed it to 1k suicidal stack. But it was board consensus for over a year that 10k was the suicide stack. Back then it cost about $2-3k for 10k link

>and even they will be able to make it within a couple years
I actually agree with you, and I think 10k link is way more than a suicide stack. But the point is that back in the day 10k was the suicide stack, everyone agreed on that. The 1k meme came much later once price grew

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oldfag here, 1k suicide, 10k to make it

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he's telling all his buddies as we speak

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They're used to secure the truth
Of which liars are terrified

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It was 1k in 2017. If you newfucks decided to make it 10k that's on you.

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And yet I can't find her.

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He unironically is most likely.

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>2018 thread

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this guy is there too

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Sui was always 10k, for the simple reason that 1k link was like $200. Nobody gave a shit about that small of an amount. If you told anons in 2018 you had 1k link that's like saying you have 1k xrp right now, it's fucking nothing.

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>its different
>not really different
good job dude

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You can spew whatever you want, but I was here when Link came out. 10k was the make it stack, 1k was the suicide stack. I don't need your confirmation. If you want to fuck with new people that's our choice. But if you truly believe what you're saying then you clearly joined after 2017.

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This is true. I remember because I thought it was bullshit and decided to buy as many make it stacks as I could to be safe. I bought almost 5 make it stacks before LINK started mooning. Today I have 35k LINK left (sold some because I lost my job and hadn't saved anything, sadly had to live off it)

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>10k was the make it stack, 1k was the suicide stack. I don't need your confirmation
Anon I’ve been on biz for at least 2 hours every single day since Jan 2018. 1k suicide stack wasn’t a thing until recently. It was always 10k suicide stack. 1k link was $200-400 in 2017/18. That’s literally pocket change. Only a literal child would invest so little
>If you want to fuck with new people that's our choice
How is saying that 10k used to be the make it stack considered fucking with new people?
>But if you truly believe what you're saying then you clearly joined after 2017
I joined Jan 2018, and at that point in time 10k was the suicide stack. Nothing that you say is going to change my mind. I was there, I remember it very clearly

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Such is life. 35k is a nice stack.

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>1k link was $200-400 in 2017/18. That’s literally pocket change.
that's the point
"Put this pocket change in so if it does go 10000x you won't kill yourself"
you mong

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that's the whole point
a suicide stack was a small stack you could buy with pocket change and still make a lot of money with

like >>49353063
says, we were here the whole time
you are lying, and we know you are. so wtf is your angle?

in any event, 10k link is the same supply as 210 btc. i don't need confirmation from mouth breathers on the forum that that is a make it stack. it's simple math.

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>How is saying that 10k used to be the make it stack considered fucking with new people?
People used it to demoralize others, because many people bought 1k suicide stacks and 10k make it stacks in 2017. In 2018 people started saying 10k was the suicide stack to make people feel bad about their stack size. It was a great demoralization tactic and they even got people to sell their "small 10k stacks" with this reverse psychology bullshit. If it worked to get you to buy a 10k stack then great for you, because I believe the next 12 months are going to make every Link holder happy.

It doesn't really matter though, as we all know how valuable Link is.

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I’m not here to argue whether it makes sense. I’m just stating the fact that 10k was the suicide stack for all of 2018 and most of 2019. How about instead of posting that screenshot you actually go to the archives and go back to mid 2018 and see for yourself

I’m not just making this shit up

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and we're telling you you're wrong
if you're not just making things up, then you're misremembering things

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>It was a great demoralization tactic and they even got people to sell their "small 10k stacks" with this reverse psychology bullshit. If it worked to get you to buy a 10k stack then great for you

Kek, this might actually be what happened then. Maybe I did get fudded into buying MORE link than otherwise would have

But either way, 10k was the suicide stack even it if was just a meme

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>How about instead of posting that screenshot you actually go to the archives and go back to mid 2018 and see for yourself

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>keep pointing out he's wrong
>"yeah i know i'm wrong but [continues to be wrong]"
don't know, don't care, eat my shit

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you are the one who needs to go back to the archives and prove your (invalid) claims.

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Looking forward to retiring soon.

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I also don’t care. It just seems bizarre to me that you’re trying to make this shit up. If you’re so sure that 1k was the suicide stack since 2017, then prove it. Go check the archives and see for yourself. You’re going to realize that I’m right

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When do the DeFi tools and privacy shit come out, thats the only reason i bought this shitcoin while blackout drunk one night

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you're one tiresome nigger
prove a logical point or fuck off not "oh someone said it once back then, yeah"

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Nah I’m good, I don’t need to. I don’t care about “proving” it to you, I know I’m right. I’d bet my entire stack on me being right

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>I also don’t care.
yes, of course you don't
people tend to "stop caring" about internet arguments when they are proven wrong

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I remember it's 1k because I bought twice that with fucking nothing.

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Kek, you’re the one that said it first. How ironic

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Alright enough about this stupid ass suicide stack argument. We’re all linkies here and this is a thread about staking. That’s what we should be talking about
>I’m still right though

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Gaslighting faggot. They're valuable because they collateralize definitive truth and will be the reserve currency of a more efficient economy and new disruptive models that can happen in a trust minimized environment.

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Why is this dude so 2017?

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Sandro Salsano, where is my money?

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Fun list, I know that Sergito Ermotti (ex UBS CEO) is into blockchain
Wonder who else we can shill link to

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Absolutely delusional

>> No.49353834

Kudelski as well

>> No.49353835

You did get memed on. But congratulations for being smart enough to grind out 10k.

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How long does double that will take you to retire?

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I bought 20k

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when will this guy retire like this year?

>> No.49354064

This but 14k

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You fags still arguing if 1k or 10k is suicide stack. Just buy all you can and stop being a weirdo.

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fuck this chainlink , snipe every new token with ease on bsc , tutorial here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwezjkHEHz8

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50 million network revenue
3% apy
Yes linkies, everything will change. You will revisit good old ico price.

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stack size started getting used as fud in 2019 when it became apparent the crumbs were true and link was a sure thing. easier to convince anons they'll never be able to accumulate enough to make it, than to fud the project itself. and yes, 1k/10k are the numbers, always were, always will be.

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Snipers will go broke.
1/100 snipes could work hell 1/1000
1000 * 10 bucks 100 bucks?

Have fun, maybe you will get lucky.

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Assblaster said 1k was a suicide stack because he convinced me to buy at least 1k and I ended up going all in

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>Once staking is released, everything changes
Everything except the price.

You imagine that there's blockchain/ smart contract projects lined up awaiting the release of staking, so they can suddenly begin using the chainlink network?
Everyone who wants to have an oracle connected to their project already has an oracle connected to their project. Chainlink oracles are already up and running.

Staking changes none of that. It doesn't increase network utilization, it doesn't increase the amount of LINK being paid to nodes, and it doesn't increase or decrease the amount of LINK available on the market.
No change to supply or demand means no change in price.

The price of LINK is speculative, and it will remain speculative until something actually increases the usage of the network. That's not staking, unfortunately.

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Suicide stack has and always will have been 10k

>> No.49354368

You are one dumb nigger

>> No.49354372

Every project on BSC is a literal scam kek There isn't anything that was born on BSC that is legitimate.

>> No.49354377

AB never said 1k was the sui stack, he said that 10k was enough to be comfortably retired while spending hyper conservatively and it only cost like 1700 to buy making it a suicide stack. 100k is and always was the make it stack and you can go check the archives to see for yourself

>> No.49354399

Dumb nigger

>> No.49354400

Why do people do this instead of getting into something useful like polygon for example i dont get it

>> No.49354420

>All nodes have 0 link staked
>One node decides to get 100k link staked
>Every other node gets starved for revenue until they decide to get link staked too

>> No.49354435

Are you implying that chainlink isn’t useful? Are you by chance sub 60 IQ?

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You think everyone using the chainlink network today is going to rewrite their smartcontracts to prefer staked nodes instead of just continuing to use the same ten trusted nodes that they've been relying on for the last three years?

>> No.49354495

Imagine back to 2018, you have the chance to scoop up 1000 linkies for $200. You pass it up and in less than 10 years LINK hits the fabled $1k. You had the chance to turn $200 in to $1m and you passed it up. That’s absolutely a suicide inducing fuck up, since it was so easily attainable, even to the most humble pajeet in the most remote Indian village. It was always 1000 suicide stack. 10k suicide stack was discord tranny demoralization psyop to imply $1k LINK could never happen and poor fags would never make it. Truth is, we were all always going to make so long as we believed

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It is Staking actually .
Its a security mechanism meant to scale up the network in a decentralized way . If anything swift,oracle,google etc already have their existing oracles waiting for staking and ccip to be connected to the chainlink network in order to leverage the tokenomics of chainlink's first mover advantage and already established standart. Staking will give birth to a new generation of hybrid smart contracts.


>> No.49354529

Those trusted nodes will be staking too though won’t they?

And yes, new players will pop up once staking is live

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Thtaking Thoon

>> No.49354543 [DELETED] 


>> No.49354554

>any one of the ten trusted nodes decide to implement staking

You think everyone using the chainlink network today is going to rewrite their smartcontracts to prefer unstaked nodes instead of just continuing to use the same ten trusted nodes that they've been relying on for the last three years?

>> No.49354584

Yeah I agree with you, that logic makes perfect sense. But I still remember it being 10k. Maybe it was just a meme going around at that time, but I still remember it very clearly

We’re all making it though, 10k or 1k. $1keoy

>> No.49354598

1k is % of supply equivalent to 21 BTC, which was their sui stack basically

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Are you ready to live in a world where Africa will be the most populous continent?

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Scam, manipulation big time. 3days ago it went only 10 cents up after bitcoin went up 2500, now it's 1600 down and this scam goes 40cents down. Come on guys you need to go to jail..When you buy NFT art, you’re buying into the story of a person. What they’ve experienced and how they’ve grown—the reason they’re who they are today. Perfect misfit is building a community where healthy mental condition is prior. This is a social good project.

Perfect misfit is all over social platforms

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I don't understand what you're trying to communicate, but I appreciate the reply.

I agree some projects are waiting on CCIP.
But any road from here is a looong slooooow build up of network usage.

I disagree wholeheartedly that big players (Oracle, Swift, Google) are actually eager to be early adopters. They can afford not to be.
None of the "big names" are going to jump into this quickly, because the optics are so bad if something goes wrong. No, the big players will wait until reliability and the overall network are already well-established.

So my point is, "staking changes everything" is simply incorrect. Staking changes nothing. It opens the door for the next phase: another five years of bagholding and (hopefully) adoption. But it's going to be slow.

>> No.49354866

For it to be slow, you'd have to assume speculators all avoid link. Game theory suggests this is incredibly unlikely, even if adoption takes time, investors will want to frontrun each other to be in first if they see the writing on the wall. And unlike pre-staking, the supply will soon become an issue.

>> No.49355052

My point is , right now big players already have some sort of oracles of their own performing what ever computation they require , the goal of chainlink is to decentralize the process and cut the middleman of the current version of what ever services they are performing . So a lot of the computation that is currently needed and performed is not currently processed by the chainlink network because some features are missing (staking,CCIP) .

>> No.49355154

>chainlink price feeds on sol
>coindesk does presser
srsly fuck that kike sam for suppressing chainlink

>> No.49355285

Also to be clear I'm not saying network adoption will necessarily be fast, just the appreciation of the token price. I'm amazed how conditioned the anons here are to believe the price action they're seeing right now is legitimate, all that's going on is in a market where everything is 100% speculative, speculators are bouncing between easy fast gains (shitcoins) and safety (btc). When there is an option that is both safe and offers great speculative potential as well, which link with staking will be, the scales will tip quickly.

>> No.49355304

I agree with everything you say except
>another five years of bagholding

We will almost certainly see ATH surpassed within the next 2 years. Yeah, full on enterprise adoption is going to take 5 years at the very minimum. But in the mean time, as staking is released and people can start earning passive income, a new hype cycle will start. People will talk more about chainlink and getting linkpilled and start FOMOing in and eventually we will get our own bullrun. Chainlink is still not well known and even less understood

We might not see 4 digit link in the next 5 years, but $200+ is certainly possible from speculation alone

>> No.49355338

cool dildo anon

>> No.49355398

I'm going to be frank, its disgusting how manipulated anons have gotten from this price action to where they look at 4 digit link as unattainable in the near future. Staking literally changes everything, it introduces supply shock, it makes the token valuable to hold for retail and speculators, it attracts enterprise to begin using the network, its literally everything. This isn't arbitrum, and arbitrum is going to be very important in the future as well, but arbitrum was a solution for enterprise scaling and never meant for retail, meaning without staking, nobody is really utilizing L2 yet.

>> No.49355401

I’m the guy who quoted you. I meant that your argument assumes that none of this theoretical ten trusted, hard coded node providers decide to stake LINK. If any of them do, the race is on for the other nodes on the list

>> No.49355498

I hope you’re fucking right anon. I’ve had the vast majority of my net worth in link for the last 4 years. I’d love for $1k link in the next year or two, but at the same time I’m not getting my hopes too high. I though 2020 was gonna be our year for sure. And 2021, and 2022. I really hope you’re right, but I’m prepared to hold for the next decade if needed

>> No.49355537

Truth is absolute. It needs no "collateral" because truth is self evident. I don't need to pay somebody to tell me if it is currently snowing right now. I can look out my window and see that there is no snow to be found. This "collateral" you speak of is a bribe payment to nodes to advertise false data. Who do you think owns all the largest nodes? It's not the average Joe I can tell you that. It's insiders who stand to lose money if the globohomo version of truth is exposed for the fraud that it is. How's that for implicit staking?

>> No.49355568

$4 after a BTC capitulation.
Do you still feel comfy?

The real question is how long until assassination smart contracts are released.

>> No.49355600

>truth is self evident. I don't need to pay somebody to tell me if it is currently snowing right now

Tell me what the usd/jpy pair is trading at right now? Oh what’s that, you have to rely on a potentially untrustworthy intermediary to get this piece of truth? Huh…

>> No.49355646

>as opposed to 50 nodes relying on a potentially untrustworthy intermediary...

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Assblaster said 10k was enough to never have to work again.
You're literally blaspheming rn, rot in a pit

>> No.49355670

technically collateral is explicit staking anon not implicit. They are incentivized to transfer truth or get penalized harshly by the slasher. It will not be globohomo truth unless the network is drawing from a single source, like the election snafu. Collateral is present in many agreements anon I dont know why plebs get so caught up with muh future tech will change everything. We are just talking about using a different type of ledger to record information and automate certain aspects. Revolutionary sure but not that ground breaking.

>> No.49355694

Take a look at Litecoin or Monero to see the future of Chainlink.
It will pump on a bull run but keep bleeding against other new coins.
It already had its initial super pump phase and will only have a slow growing phase which will under perform the new scams of every bull run.
They did it. Chainlink holders will experience max pain, and it hasn't even started yet.

>> No.49355770

I don't think a $1k link is probable in the near future. I don't think the team is ready to unveil everything and fully get chainlink out there yet for that to occur. They are still fine slowly building and creating zero hype. It's definitely possible, but thats something maybe 5-7+ years out to look forward to

>> No.49355782

Im actually happy for the linkmarines
Whats your price predict for eoy?
Also dont bother shilling im not gonna hold any alts just give me your honest answer

>> No.49355798

Holy shit just bought a suicide stack this sounds too good to be true

>> No.49355820

This might sound dumb, but will thosd providing APIs to chainlink demand payement from nodes?

>> No.49355837

What's the difference between link staking vs rose, sol, ada, dot.

Should we expects prices to pump as much as these?

>> No.49355846

>insider ID
>tries to cover up the truth

You can't make this shit up. And when I mentioned insiders standing to lose money as implicit staking, I was referring to the fact that they would lose USD if they lost control of the vaccine narrative, the gun control narrative, the climate change narrative, etc. The big players are not 100% all in link like you autists. They have non-crypto investments that depend on the narrative to continue for those investments to stay profitable.

But you do bring up a good point that they also have explicit staking concerns as well as the implicit staking concerns I mentioned. They are now incentivized more than ever to bribe nodes to output false information.

>> No.49355850

It's commonly accepted that a suicide stack can be sold for $100,000 and a make it stack for $1,000,000.
A 10k stack at current prices can be sold for $70,000 dollars. Either you think LINK can only be sold for around $10, or a suicide stack is 1000 stinkies.

>> No.49355860

>as opposed to 50 nodes relying on a potentially untrustworthy intermediary...

From multiple different sources, aggregated, and with staked link that will be slashed if they’re wrong. The nodes have a very big incentive to not be wrong. Multiple sources means you’re protected from a single source of info being wrong or manipulated

Let’s say you own a farm and if it snows your crops die. You buy weather insurance and expect a payout when it snows. But the insurance company is dishonest and decides to tell you that they wont pay you because THEIR weather source says it didn’t actually snow. Or maybe they try to delay your payment for a few months.
Now imagine you had instead bought weather insurance that uses tamper proof smart contracts. The weather data is sourced from a chainlink network, and it becomes impossible to cheat you out of a payment or delay payment. In fact, you get paid instantly

>> No.49355896

Honest price prediction is somewhere between $5 and $50. $5 if btc tanks and drags the market down with it. $50 if staking creates a big hype event and we moon from speculators

>> No.49355923

Will they roll out staking at consensus?

>> No.49355942

I highly doubt it'll reach 50 anon
Even with staking my guess is it'll go to somewhere around 15-20

>> No.49355947

If I was one of ten node operators supplying a piece of data, I'd do everything I can to get everyone to agree not to buy Link for staking so that we don't have to put down more capital

Just sayin

>> No.49355955

Not eoy, but I expected a peak between $200-$400 whenever it does hit. If it can capture $200 with ease and a nice base, that can easily push to upper 300's

>> No.49355965

>once you attain this level of wealth and power, you can never go back
I have a comfortable life. I will not be changing too much, it will make things easier for sure. I have been selling link for the past two years in small amounts to sample degereracy - it's not my cup of tea. Not having to work is enough.

>> No.49355975

I agree, it’s unlikely. Just giving that number as the highest I could see it realistically going. $20-30 is far more likely

>> No.49355996

>Just giving that number as the highest I could see it realistically going

Highest by the end of this year I meant to say. I fully expect $1000+ in the next 5+ years

>> No.49356010

Bribing nodes would be more expensive than the contract being protected due to super linear staking which tends towards decentralization and neet nodes. Also each contract has a different collateral requirement and some will need more than others. Chainlink deals with deterministic truth not my gun narrative versus your vaccine mandate. Just like truflation, putting more data on chain makes it public and informs the public. That is a double good. More data = more science and it is a public data set not hidden behind paywalls. But that does not mean it is free data someone paid for but it is free for you. Data is a public good arguably not subjected to the tragedy of the commons because the more the merrier. Climate change narratives may change. for example in the 1970s they believed the world was cooling. Then they discovered CFCs and Rachel Carson and others wrote some stuff (more data) resulting in a shift in the narrative.

To the normie science wins. But to anons scientism falls down as even more data is written on chain and digested by more and more minds. This is not getting to the bottom of the wiki page and feeling informed it is dynamic and capable data sets providing deterministic truth. Putting black crime stats on chain would instantly wake people up for example. If you disagree with more data on chain then you may disagree with blockchains altogether idk anon

>> No.49356081

>I fully expect $1000+ in the next 5+ years
Are you retarded or just outright fucking delusional that you think this niche cryptocurrency project will get to a thousand dollars in 5 years?

>> No.49356089

This is for the next hype cycle and when the bull market returns. The 1000 EOY meme will be everywhere and will start around $200-$300, and price action will fizzle out at $400 maybe $500 if intense fomo is happening. This will crush a lot of newcomer dreams for the cycle and even OGs who don't take some profits. I'm here to say that the 1k eoy happening tonight meme will go mainstream, and when it does, OGs better start unloading some bags. Screen cap this

>> No.49356136

Litecoin is a dead bitcoin clone and Monero is only used to buy drugs (which its great at, but terrible at speculative value, also its inflationary). If you don't believe crypto has fundamentals and its all a ponzi race to zero, you wouldn't be wasting time in chainlink threads, you'd be creating the next bsc project.

>> No.49356158

He meant 5$ in 1000 years.

>> No.49356174

Guess who owns the majority of data sources? Guess who operates the majority of whitelisted nodes right now? Any node seeking to input truthful data will be slashed. This is basic game theory.

>> No.49356178

Right now people are waking up to the idea they dont need to be slaves as employees and can do creative things and make serious money. With public data sets more and more people will embrace raw data and make things from it to change the world. Youtube and social media improved the skills of people in terms of taking pictures and making videos and blah blah blah Chainlink will allow the next generation to do things with data never before possible. If you think this means that central forces in governments will be able to push things through the press you are wrong. Most zoomers do not listen to the boomers. Data will become datum, the data singularity. Think how liberated from waging the next generation will be because of access to public data sets. Google and facebook only monetized user data for targeted ads Chainlink monetized all data for cross chain and off chain applications

>> No.49356207

Will the present staking at consensus? They triggered us with all these staking tweets anon .

>> No.49356208

yes but not in the future. What's the matter anon you dont like the future? you want to stay in the present consuming new tokens and nfts getting fucked in the ass with gas fees?

we need to take control by putting more data on public blockchains

>> No.49356233

I'm shocked how pussified so many of you have become. They have legitimately won, they have convinced anons it can't hit 4 digits. So many of you are going to capitulate at $30 to "take profits", and another hoard at $50 probably because "surely this rally will fail like all the rest", and on and on for every triple digit milestone. They have conditioned you. They have won.

>> No.49356351

checked 1keoy the fud campaign failed

>> No.49356402
File: 353 KB, 500x500, 1653919700483.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You guys are fucking brutal, blatant fud is one thing but you are masters at psychological manipulation at this point. If you are a newfag reading this thread, you need to understand something. If Chainlink actually accomplishes what it is supposed to do, 100 link on a long enough timeline could be considered a make-it stack. Chainlink is synthetic trust, it is something that could be worth more than a commodity in the world. Link at Bitcoin's current market cap would be over a grand per token, do you how little that is in the grand scheme of the value link has been made to absorb?

>> No.49356421

checked and this. the whole purpose of the price action for the past year has been to make it so demoralizing to hold link that anons will sell on the way up thinking they're making a smart decision. don't give in to the conditioning anons. $1k eoy

>> No.49356443

Checked and true. Unfortunately I will sell 5k at 30 because I have a family to support and need the money. Luckily I've plenty more and won't unload 1 more until triple digits. Link is unironically going to five figures, but life also needs to be lived I the meantime. I'll retain a minimum of 20k for the very long run.

>> No.49356451

As new nodes pop up, they are game theoretically incentivised to agree with the existing nodes. And the further into the future you go, the more nodes you have to defeat in order to put truth onchain. And don't even get me started on super linear staking which accelates this whole dynamic exponentially. Either we short the Great Reset into the ground right now, or it's never going to happen.

>> No.49356474

They don't want it that high this soon. They prefer the slow burn if you haven't noticed already. Plenty of anons will fuck up themselves anyway like you said by selling early, or not selling at all when 3 digit link comes. Many will listen to the staking meme, and stake their stack from $400 all the way back down to $70 for example, missing a shit ton of gains and the ability to multiply their stack. I'm not denying $1k is not possible, just not this soon.

>> No.49356510

my numbers say 5k eoy

>> No.49356540
File: 69 KB, 1170x180, FA677208-7471-45ED-9F8C-FA6FEC82A079.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jesus Christ the past two years did a number on you mentally weak faggots.

Here are some hopiums you can snort on:




>> No.49356544
File: 522 KB, 2076x1094, 1648757791897.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.49356550

wrong. chainlink is middleware. it securely transfers what data sources. produce. sounds to me you might like to start your own data company if you are unhappy with the data being put on chain by chainlink nodes. Chainlink does not produce data it acts as middleware to transfer data.

Super linear staking does not accelerate anything. You are officially a retard nigger.

>> No.49356561

"they", who is this they, you guys go way overboard with conspiracy theories to the point I can't tell if you're fudding as a schizo or serious. Price suppression is logical when two things are in play, link being released to the market (ended November last year) and staking not released (likely to end in 1 week). After that point there is nothing to gain by suppressing the price of the token for those that want to accumulate.

>> No.49356600

Sergey releasing LINK on regular schedule sustained the bullrun. BTC crashed when the LINK faucet ran dry kek

>> No.49356648

Of course you handwave the idea there's a they. You're a sheltered and naive little lady with no imagination or inner monolog. Materialist swine. Get back to your nietzsche.

>> No.49356818

Here is an example of what will happen with data censorship. Diversity advocates will claim that putting the race of criminals is racist because it makes people fear black people. These people will protest at Congress and get race removed from the criminal reports.

Free data advocates will claim this distorts truth and begin to ask for other data that can confirm race without asking for it. A picture of the criminal will suffice and confirm race without asking for it.

Censorship is a weapon of the left.

>> No.49356833 [DELETED] 

newfags, ^ this is what this anon >>49356402 is referencing. this faggot isn't selling at $30. he's trying to convince you to sell at $30.

>> No.49356878

I would have liked to start my own data company, but I would not be able to monetize it on the Chainlink network. If the whole network is as corrupt as I've laid out so far, it would cost me $15 million, for example, to get the existing nodes to agree with my truthful data. Tomorrow, it will cost me $150 million. And the next time a whitelisted node goes online, the price just rose to over 1 billion dollars. That is why we need to sell all our Chainlink tokens tonight. There is a point of no return. And that point is fast approaching.

>> No.49356916

something bullish im noticing: for the first time in a long time, link/usd volume on coinbase is consistently exceeding link/usdt spot volume on binance

>> No.49356970

newfags ^ this is the psychological manipulation >>49356402 is referencing. this faggot isn't selling at $30. he's trying to plant the seed in your head that you should sell at $30. the fact that the fud is now shifting towards price points to sell on the way up is mega bullish

>> No.49356976

nodes consume data from different sources you retard. if you have a source you would sell your data to nodes and they put it onchain. if the data is in demand they will consume it. the more data the merrier. you wont start a data source because you are retarded not because you are poor. think local. if you can monetize the data around you you can grow and expand that as a small business. is you data worth something to someone?

there is a threshold for expected price to prevent cz scam wicks but i am not sure how that relates to vaccine narratives. if you want to put vaccine production stats chain you would need to use multiple data sources to determine the truth.

This is an even dumber argument than cHaiNlinK is jUst a meDiuMiziraTor hurrr

>> No.49357018
File: 601 KB, 1080x1843, Screenshot_20220603-190238_Twitter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Posted earlier today

>> No.49357069


>> No.49357191

The ironic part of your post is you're the npc here, unable to think with logic so everything has to be a hand in the shadows. Yes there are parties that know about link and actively suppressing it. But they aren't all powerful, and there are market factors at play as well.

>> No.49357248

>have 6k link
question: do I take my 64 ETH and stake it in two nodes.... or do I exchange it for ~16k link making my new total ~22k

>> No.49357265

Why would I choose to input truthful data (and get slashed) when I can just copy what all the other nodes are submitting and make profit while doing so?

>> No.49357266

Have you heard of self fulfilling prophecy?
The token will really have a painful grind because for the token price to go up enough people have to buy it thinking it will go higher and there are currently none left.

>> No.49357321

Are we back in 2017? Unironically retail not needed. That was the entire point of buying link in the first place, and when staking is released, that's going to be realized.

>> No.49357427

Read the second whitepaper, superlinear staking solves this. Ironically, your scenario would actually be ideal for an upstart

>> No.49357531

This is unbelievably stupid

>> No.49357587

Assblasted said LINK will never go above $150 or something like that.

>> No.49357590

I admit it’s LARPy but the core reasoning about staked LINK being an arms race is true

>> No.49357614

In your situation you would be piggybacking off of a data source that is being used and accepted only if it continues to do so. how do you know which data source will continue to report truth? remember the cmc outage? if you consumed cmc data along with the others that did you would have been slashed for using that data. options
you decentralize by consuming other data sources and newer ones too so that you don't rely on a single source.
you copy what other nodes are doing. but you want to find new ways to stand out amongst the other nodes so you consume new data sources, add additional stake, etc.
both situations are decentralizing the network and adding to the security

tldr you may get slashed for playing follow the leader. should you trust a single data source or many? how does your node respond to source outage?

>> No.49357741
File: 117 KB, 689x638, 1654122771408.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.49357780

This isn't niche but nice fud

>> No.49357804

>oR sOmEtHiNg LiKe ThAt

>> No.49357837

I'm expecting -5% minimum, could as large as -20% though. Depends on what they do to btc

>> No.49357849


>> No.49357893

>supply shock
And when the minimum lock time finishes, everybody will dump on each other like a rugged shitcoin.

>> No.49357929

This is right it’s been this way since 2018.
Don’t be a nigger

>> No.49357975

you need to lock up collateral to service contracts my nigger.

>> No.49358089
File: 3.71 MB, 500x312, doomlink.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

he joined to make sure sergey doesnt deviate from the wef plan

>> No.49358313

>the wef plan to put more data on chain so the public can see (((their))) tricks
great plan

>> No.49358368

Exactly. Public immutable data on the blockchain. The fudders are disagreeing with the fact that more data on chain means fewer Jewish tricks.

>> No.49358382 [DELETED] 

>imagine Sirgay releases staking next week
>it’s not what you expect he’s been staking IP addresses of 4chan /biz/ hodlers
>he spent the money you invested on hiring BBC rape gangs to visit the houses of every /biz/ poster that has ever said anything racist he announces
>the second you hear that your hear a large *THUD *CRASH and your door tumbles down
>large naked and hung black men charge through your door screaming “GET THAT WHITE BOI!!!!”
>they grab you and hold you down holding chat logs of all the time you posted racist things on 4chan asking “YOU THINK THIS SHIT FUNNY”
>as they hold you down you hear them arguing over who gets the mouth and who’s taking the ass as you tremble and son violently
>Sirgay lives streams all of it to WEF members as they run their hands together and say this is the fate you linkies chose
>as your ass is getting pounded by violent niggers Sirgay is laughing hysterically and announces he will commence the 1.5 Million link token dumps weekly
>The blacks then show you the charts as they are ducking you and you see the price crash down to $1

>> No.49358648 [DELETED] 
File: 37 KB, 1085x598, lovelace.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>meanwhile staking link in lovelace like a psycho

>> No.49358659


>> No.49358663

and less impact from the goyim

>> No.49358937

>In 2018 people started saying 10k was the suicide stack to make people feel bad about their stack size
This is not why they are doing it. It is to make non linkers think that a reasonable stack is unobtainable and thus will not even try

>> No.49358993

>he doesnt know where public demand comes from
>he thinks governments are not reactionary

>> No.49359536

That's a lot of money you're asking for advice with. Don't fuck it up.

>> No.49359631

This worked on me until literally yesterday. I don't know what broke in me to make me disregard it.

>> No.49359676

Id go all in link. It’s the real chad move

>> No.49360176

It's okay the fud worked on me too anon

>> No.49360269

See you in the archives circa 2026

>> No.49360601

>Mainnet 2019 all over again
So... A 3x at best?

>> No.49360644
File: 7 KB, 256x256, 32523524.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]







>> No.49360649

I was thinking about swapping my 30 eth to all linkies
talk me out of it
it would put me at 5k stinkies

>> No.49360690

Its a ballsy move. You will either live the good life, or live by the rope. 60/40 chance.

>> No.49360832

30 eth is more than 5k link

>> No.49360973

Its jealousy, people who were poor and could only afford 5k or 10k link even when it was under a dollar are freaking out at the thought of others being able to buy the same size stack now. Plain and simple, and they'd never admit it but you know that's what's going on. Notice nobody ever admits to having like, 4k link, or 7k, or an odd number like that in a link thread despite there being far more wallets in that range than 10k+? Everyone either has 50k or is a newfag with 3 digits or less. Because a lot of those 4 or low 5 digit linkers are people who bought early and hate themselves for not getting more, so they take it out on newfags by attempting to fud them out of buying at all. Its crabs in a bucket mentality and pointless but that is who they are.

>> No.49361001

most FUDers originally FUDed to prevent redditors from becoming rich and a way to filter newfags. Only the smart ones that did their research would buy it

>> No.49361034

SuPEr LiNEAr sTaKinG... Nerds

>> No.49361050

That's how all staking works fuck face

>> No.49361057

I just rn 500 of these POS wish me luck they'll prob drop -23% when I wake up in the morning

>> No.49361072

Absolutely, but at this point there's nothing fun or interesting about the fud anymore, its all out there. It used to be a midwit filter but at this point only actual retards would be dumb enough to think link isn't one of the safest surest plays in this market.

>> No.49361154

ahhh yes just like "$1000 eoy" never happened

>> No.49361167

get help

>> No.49361175

I got 3400 in sync network token, should I just dump it for link?

t. 11k linkie

>> No.49361184

idk I'm just so fucking bored of waiting, at least theres another chance at accumulating

>> No.49361196
File: 384 KB, 1080x789, 42-sS5wrsJ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the absolute state of linky-stinkies
>s-strap in!

>> No.49361219

Eli5 on Link? Or a quick resume on what's happening, is this mania just a post-2019 effect or is there things happening right now?

>> No.49361318

Except they aren't being used retard.

>> No.49361428

The only thing to do is just sleep on it until it hits triple digits (1 year, 5 years, 10 years?) then the sky is the limit.

I am proposing that once we start seeing crypto in Hollywood movies then it will go parabolic.

There also needs to be a catalyst for this shit to do something for normies. Fill their tank up, charge your POS Tesla, buy groceries, get MCDonalds...I mean something.

Tell this Sergey fucker to start talking to McD's about putting Chainlink in Happy Meals or something jfc. Normies must be subverted before they spend all their money on negro sports and sex changes

>> No.49361979

Return to r/chainlink and ask there.

>> No.49362037


>> No.49362039

Except token not needed hurhurhur lol.

>> No.49362088


>> No.49362107

REMINDER: 1K was considered a suicide stack based on early projects of Link hitting $1K EoY. We know that Link will be WAAAAAYYY bigger than that. In other words:


>> No.49362112

You are a MANIAC

>> No.49362148

I'll bet on MATIC

>> No.49362171
File: 3.90 MB, 3061x2690, HEX_Logo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


> different staking design

> lock up coins from supply
> get more coins

The absolute state of biz.

>> No.49362388

Absolute brainlet

>> No.49362433

I just dumped a fuckload of erc20 shitcoins for more linkies....exactly 3k more....witness me niggers

>> No.49362518

What kind of pagan ritual is this?

>> No.49362563

Staking opens up the extremely long tail of niche use cases that absolutely require some kind of insurance to be viable. Network adoption will switch into another gear

>> No.49362693

I'm so happy for you guys, the price increase on the day of the announcement will be m huge, you deserve it after all these years of waiting

>> No.49362963
File: 54 KB, 674x767, 921DAEF5-C486-4ABE-BEEA-E3661256F134.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I did that when eth waz 4K and Link was around $15-20.
If I’d have waited I could’ve had more Link, but I’m not worried because I believe in Link way more than Eth.
Link has much more upside potential in the short term and long term, so I’m doing what I can to buy as much as possible while it’s single digits.

My goal is to have 15k link by the time it hits 3 digits so I can can stake 10k and cash out 5k to buy a house.
Only need a couple thousand more before I’m set.

>> No.49363224
File: 6 KB, 233x250, BUTTHERINGSOFSATURNANON.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Forget it with those guys. Honestly, the most potent LINK fud is the complete retardation as shown in LINK threads like this one. Everything is a conspiracy, world events revolve around LINK, any negative sentiment is somehow contrived. Stock-standard bored loser interpretations of the world around them.

>> No.49363269


>> No.49363270
File: 942 KB, 1170x1337, 0C393A22-53A0-41FE-9711-F83F5B77ABE5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sirgay BetrayTG0UJ

>> No.49363319

Has staking ever pumped a coin? Every example I can think of (prq, grt) it just dumps relentlessly

>> No.49363347

ADA is only as high in the market cap rankings because of staking.
It has no other use case except the tokenomics make it attractive to retards.

>> No.49363354



>> No.49363728

doesnt really matter to me i have already cashed out more than enough to get ahead of my peers
the only thing that matters is that we maintain control the cubes, getting rich is only a positive side effect

>> No.49363830

Unfortunately retail is already there and in extreme pain.
When staking will be released the price will dump and you will finally understand that the company itself has no effect on the token price.

>> No.49363862

I only have 100k Link which is nowhere near enough to actually make it.

All these Linklets with 10k stacks singing about 1k eoy are starting to piss me off with their propaganda. It was a joke and they are actually believing it and causing FOMO in newfags preventing the dump.Link is only going to $100 max. Right now I might make 5MM before tax on that, but tax will take a big chunk out of that then inflation will fucking ruin me over the next decade.

Even if I chuck the 3MM into a dividend stock that pays out well and I get 70k a year of it, it's not enough to beat inflation unless I basically live in poverty as a neet and keep my wagecuck job in the meantime so I don't have to sell any retirement Link. In 10 years that 70k a year will feel like 20k a year. You need a minimum of 10MM, but more likely 15MM to make it. The upper predictions for Link were about $80 but that was made during the bullrun of last year, and it assumed that the overall crypto market cap would still be expanding and BTC would go on to 1MM a Bitcoin and that we would be in a full blown crypto FOMO hype bubble when mainnet came out and we got our price singularity. All of that isn't going to happen.

The singularity is cancelled. Now we will have a slow growth to $20 again. And the sad but ironic thing is most people on this board will hold from 20 cents, to $19 and then hold all the way back to sub $10 again because you all believe the 1k eoy memes, and just like the retards who held BTC and didn't sell at 19k, you will do the same with Link at $20. Looking at the current charts depresses the fuck out of me when I know I only have 100k Link, nowhere near enough to make it.

At best I will have 1-2 sweet years, and then return to wagecucking after that. But it will be worse because I will have tasted freedom and know what I am missing out on.

>> No.49364139

This copy pasta has been reformatted like 3 times now

>> No.49364149

>It is to make non linkers think that a reasonable stack is unobtainable and thus will not even try

This is the correct reason

>> No.49364408
File: 1.02 MB, 981x1176, 1648678394120.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kek, same shit was posted when link crashed from $30 to $15 and then from $13 to $5
it's the most traded because they sell

>> No.49364450

I still feel staking with a cross chain agnostic like AllianceBlock is going to also throw a thrill cause it doesn't depend on just one chain for its efficiency rather it is open to leverage on all sides of the blockchain technology.

>> No.49364491
File: 43 KB, 348x288, img.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Who gives a shit, one Link isn't going back to $25 for potentially 2-5 years.
Two Link is garbage and 100 other coins do the same shit.

Three the "Link" Community is the most toxic I've ever encountered in 25 years on the internet.
Four it's literally worthless and does absolutely nothing and IT ISN'T EVEN NEEDED.

Real Link "Make it Stack"
Is going to be around 1m link to 25m Link because it's true value is somewhere near 0.0091

>> No.49364519

Please come back when you're not on your period.

>> No.49364529

Go ID Hop more you massive faggot, also kill yourself.

>> No.49364537

Chainlink staking is not inflatiionary

>> No.49364566

No, I do not listen to women as I am not a fool.

>> No.49364583

This is a nicely crafted post. Each word carefully chosen and placed in a way to inflict a negative emotional response. Bravo sir, bravo. The 3 letters are hiring.

>> No.49364613

1k regrets eoy.....

>> No.49364833

>Nobody gave a shit about that small of an amount
That’s exactly why 1k Link was always the suicide stack.
$200 is money the average civilian can afford to lose, $2k is not.

>> No.49365022

Take this down

>> No.49365049

Hi, that's cool! Everybody knows that crypto is the future, but have ya tried Streeth?

>Mints & auctions remarkable Street Art NFTs
>Audit by CoinScope
>9 Industry leaders recognized globally and seasoned partners
>Doxxed KYC Team

>> No.49365203

i have the same plan bro

>> No.49365363

swap 15 and use the other to short link at a 0.5x. thank me later

>> No.49365502

Ive held for the past 4 years and faggots have said 1000EOY every year, you just get tired of it

200 usd max

>> No.49365655
File: 264 KB, 1335x1019, EBAE4DCA-99EB-47F8-BFFE-5B62BFFF64A3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.49365735

Genuinely kinda compelling.

>> No.49365753

yeah okay bud. I have a better chance of megan fox sliding in my DMs than that happening honestly. invest in bitDAO instead. still has a chance boys.

>> No.49365854

>i havent seen it therefore it will never happen

>> No.49366116
File: 287 KB, 1300x1444, 1636433096980.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

OG marine with 171k link here.
Yes, I didn't sell at 10$, 20$ or 50$, yes I don't have any stables.
Link having staking does mean I will at least make 30-40k a year right?

>> No.49366389
File: 402 KB, 797x1600, milkies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what if I told you it was sergey who dumps btc every time link starts to pump? after all, he's been mining since 2010.

>> No.49366447


>> No.49366455


>> No.49366463


>> No.49366562

/ourjeet/ still hanging in there bros...

>> No.49366573
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You really should look into LTO Network as staking is now paying 19%+ and its just set up Proofi that will be using LINK. Im 50/50 LINK LTO

>> No.49366607


>> No.49367725
File: 25 KB, 334x253, 49617560_634104023713247_1578451002980302848_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Finally moved my 1K poorfag stack off binance and into cold storage. That was nerve wracking.

>> No.49367786

Wtf does chain link even currently do?

>> No.49367820

It’s the official coin of /pol/. Niggers, Jews…bad news!!!

>> No.49368526

>t.eth tranny
/pol/ doesn't know what chainlink is, they have been shilled by jpm shills to buy silver for the better part of 3 years.

>> No.49368631

I hope we won't go lower, but I can't shake the feeling that we will get a BTC mega dump on staking release which will send Chainlink to $4 or maybe even lower and cause his liquidation.
Every bear is making preparations for a final shorting sequence despite it not making any sense.

>> No.49368633

can you recommend a guide

>> No.49368693

I doubt that

>> No.49368718

Kind of need all the aave faggots to get liquidated

>> No.49368729

a guide?
"withdraw" from binance, send into your ETH address (if you don't got one, you can make one with software wallets or MEW. if you are a schizo and afraid of keyloggers, viruses, etc, buy a hardware wallet like trezor or ledger)
make sure you choose the erc20 network instead of the bep/bsc ones (typically happens by default)
make sure to first send a small amount to ensure you really got the right address/didn't fuck anything up. once you confirm that this transaction happened as intended by checking your ETH wallet, move the rest

>> No.49368744


Find a hardware wallet or get a new computer that has never been connected to the internet and install a desktop wallet.

Create a wallet, Write down your seedphrase

Always move 1 token first to ensure things work as planned


>> No.49368783

That means he will get liquidated too and we get a scam dump spike to $3 or even lower.
But they didn't do anything to deserve the AAVE liquidation.
The market makers are only using them as easy targets for their price manipulation and accumulation tactics.

Another issue with this is that the lower the price goes and the more pain this causes, the harder it will be for the price to go up.

>> No.49368854

While I wouldn't shed a tear for any of those fags, nah we really don't, when staking is released they'll all have more incentive to stake than take out loans on AAVE anyways. Also reading this thread I'm amazed how many still don't understand how link staking works. Its non inflationary, its going to create a supply shock and it will inevitably increase the value of the token. Not 1k overnight, but between demand increasing and speculators jumping in on top of that, you're going to see some serious shit. And again, the entire logic behind suppression (depending to what extent you believe it was occuring) was to buy more tokens that Sergey releases via dumps (ended 8 months ago), and buy as many as possible for as cheap as possible before staking. Once staking releases, its no loner profitable for interested parties to suppress the price, it would be more profitable for them to simply buy up as many tokens as possible and then hoard their own staking rewards. To that end, if their goal is to own as much as possible it would actually benefit them to mark the price up, to prevent lesser parties from accumulating tokens + staking rewards.

>> No.49368906

Good luck. I found her, but it's complicated and hurts. I want to be with her so bad and want her in my future, but ultimately I dont want to ruin our friendship and will still be happy with that. My happiness would be next level though if it could ever work out. But I must move on in my life and still try to find love elsewhere because my inner voice says I need to do that.

Good luck and never give up on love. Something tells me its going to be very much fucking harder if/when we make it.

Then is it really making it?

>> No.49368927

B-but I’m an Aave fag.. please, remember me bro. Wagmi, common bro, please bro we’re all in this together

>> No.49368950

There are 2 scenarios where it's still profitable to manipulate the price.
1 is to get a final capitulation event and to empty out AAVE to get as many holder as possible out, and the second is to keep the price as shitty as possible until Sergey resumes selling to force him to sell all his remaining tokens at capitulation levels of prices.
We don't know how long his treasury can last with the amount of devs he hired at hi company.
The staking preparations of the initial DON network for Arbitrum shows that he also didn't expect the price to crash to these lows as the tokens were withdrawn from coinbase at a $14 price.
It's a gamble for Sergey too.
If it takes too long for the network to start and negate the price manipulation he will be forced to resume dumping his tokens at a very low price.

Another thing to keep in mind is that to this satanic cabal there are more important things than money, which is power.
They may have been manipulating the price at a loss for these past 2 years because their target was to prevent the Link marines from gaining too much power.
The same applies to Sergey too. I doubt he is more than tolerated by the satanist cabal with his Stoic values making him more of a temporary pain than someone they want to completely support.

>> No.49368981


>> No.49369014

>Who gives a shit, one Link isn't going back to $25 for potentially 2-5 years.
new ath in usd every year, we'll see.
you can't tell the difference between actual paid fudders, holders fudding for fun, and your own reflection.
secures 80b
okay I should have read the last part first

>> No.49369016

#1 makes little sense and likely costs them more than they'd make back at these price levels, #2 also makes no sense as it is effectively suicide, the network would not function if staking were not sustainable. At that point you have devalued the thing you were accumulating so severely you may not even have anything of value left.

The second part of your post is too schizo for me and I'm not going to indulge it.

>> No.49369032
File: 7 KB, 300x168, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Been eyeing Chainlink since their partnership with Allianceblock and I had no idea it still hadn't had staking. Lol

>> No.49369069

Also take note, eth insiders like hasu are still throwing shade at link
>what's ccip?
they know what's coming, and they are either packing their bags or preparing the final dump of what they have on their followers.

>> No.49369165

He wouldn't go bankrupt but imagine if he was forced to sell 200 million more tokens in the span of the next 2 years.
Take a look at what Elon is doing with his attempt to buy Twitter from his overpriced shares.
The cabal wants to profit from Chainlink but they don't want Sergey to profit from it and gain too much power.
The same also applies to the Link marines who have similar values as Sergey.

Is it profitable to sacrifice children and drink their blood in satanic rituals?
No, but they still do it because it gives them the feeling of power.
You shouldn't project your own beliefs and values onto the mind of a sick group of people who are soulless and only act for the sole purpose of feeling power.

Sergey won't be forced to dump at this low prices because he has enough crypto bear market experience, but the bad event already happened when he was forced to sell his token at the low prices it had last year while it under performed every crypto through their price suppression.
Sergey could have accumulated the same amount of money by selling 4 times less tokens if they didn't suppress its price, and a lot of us would have already made it.

The initial target of the price suppression was Sergey and it was greatly successful.
We are just the bonus on top of it.

>> No.49369200

Retarded /pol/fag.
Stay poor when LINK moons from staking and you won't be a part of /biz/ lore.

>> No.49369230

It will be a nail to the coffin, liquidating them and then pricing them out with a green dildo

>> No.49369363

Tell you what, mate. That gets my 'Shittest fud of the week' award, and I've read some particularly bad stuff lately. You do get a point for having the willpower to see it through to the end of the piece. Are you on some form of stimulant? Either way, well done. Not all of you lot have such staying power.

>> No.49369366

Well like this I will be part of the lore.
Do you like it anon?
How would you feel if you saw Chainlink dump to $5 or $4?

>> No.49369405
File: 275 KB, 870x2048, live long enough 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We will see what happens.
My current expectation still didn't change, and my previous prediction worked out until now.
It will take longer than you expect for Chainlink to recover.

>> No.49369441

What happens next friday?

>> No.49369546

The price suppression still continues and we had a dump on the announcement of Eric Schmidt being present in the September event.
If the price was to pump next week this would be a bit of a waste of resources.
Until proven incorrect the current higher probability expectation is continued price suppression at least until the event in September.

>> No.49369804

False flaggers like yourself killed /pol/ and you're doing the same shit here, pushing shit like flat earth and q anon so that actual sensible shit like who's behind 9/11 or whether the holocaust happened can't be discussed or taken seriously. Its just like Alex Jones, bought and paid for schizo shit specifically to discredit anything that isn't a mainstream narrative.

>> No.49369884
File: 39 KB, 640x628, 272d3f1985fbb13fd8701390fa2c8723.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Cassandra v2.0 !!kJRLnhQRURx
opinion discarded

>> No.49369887

they are called new liberal fascists and have tiny penises and slanted eyes

>> No.49369938

I find this name to be unfortunately quite fitting.
>Cassandra was given the gift of prophecy, but was also cursed by the god Apollo so that her true prophecies would not be believed.

Good luck!

>> No.49370126

kek this larp gets posted in every link thread now. kys

>> No.49370278

Be prepared to dig two graves when you curse someone. One for yourself.

>> No.49370494

Shoo shoo kike. Nobody does listen to you anymore. That is why you ara frantically changing narratives, not even letting them stick for a bit. You know the window is closing and you have failed to make anyone sell their LINK (hint: just look at the % holdings of the top 2500 wallets. It hasn’t decreased. In fact, those have MORE Link than ever.

We will shape the world to our liking. You will be forced to pay us money, and we will in turn use your own money against you. How’s that feel huh? Your grand designs are collapsing and you will be forced to kiss the ring.

>> No.49370583
File: 70 KB, 943x1200, Napoleon-death-mask.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>150 dollars
>in a bear market
>almost a recession
I hope you baghold til youre limping around in a walker waiting for the 5 dollar ATH.

>> No.49371583

>You have to have 700k USD in LINK before staking in order to make it, when Link is down almost 90% from ATH
Guess there really isn't much upside left. Sounds like total bullshit to be honest.

>> No.49371638
File: 731 KB, 641x619, 144385541_2793479460890711_368152647023659229_n.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wonder if Chainlink has ever pumped in a bear market before? Is there a way to find that out? How much is chainlink actually "worth", technically speaking? Liek how much value does it secure? Do they have a lot of partners?

I agree with you though I need to answer these tough questions... Can someone help me out?

>> No.49372134

>huurrr im a enlightened namefag

go back to r/chainlink you black gorilla nigger