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Any coins worth buying until the bear market ends? Most of them must’ve dipped hard recently so I feel like slurping some of them.

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a lot of shitcoins will disappear in a couple of months

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shitcoins aren't meant to survive the market child, that's why they're called shitocins kek

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BTC of course

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ApeCoin, if you snooze ya lose

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i'm srly thinking in sell my grandma car so i can buy shiba & doge

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some of them do for some weird reason, but it's always a lottery

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kek after the 2 mega crashes my paranoid ass says noooooooo. But i don't see why not

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Get solid ones pls;


Some good GamFi/Metaverse/NFT projects
Some good DeFi's (1inch, dydx or uniswap)

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fucking kek shiba still alive? i thought it was long gone kekekekek

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you have to, sorry. But Fiat is not going to make it either

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GameFi can suck my dick, got my kid addicted to earning bills only at 7

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sne, you'd be earlier, it's edge computing, what could go wrong?

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is it a bad thing?

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kek people using my resources is what could go wrong, I dont trust this shit

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>What could go wrong?
Literally everything?

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AI is taking over AAAAAAAAAAA

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platypoge ser


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>what could go wrong?
you tell me ser, you seem to have all the knowledge in the world, how heavy are them bags ??

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Waves is skyrocketing anytime soon, they already gained like crazy in the last few weeks. Always at the news right now. Would maybe worth it

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Perhaps it could skyrocket easily if they deliver their layer 0 solutions

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How about you join us Bear Badge chads so you don’t have to figure it all out alone? That’s why we are comfy and will be prepared for blast off no stress. We love our badge bros. We take care of our badge bros. We have open arms

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Mainly BTC and ETH to play it safe. Then a little bit into SOL, DOT, ADA perhaps? Up to you.

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Just go for L1s that have already survived a bear market. There are loads of alts that are probably still going to be around in the next bull period, like Harmony, Multivac etc.

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uhm no thx

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Keep buying while everyone else is crying, I don't know if I can help you but I'm going to suggest some for you.
You should dyor but this is it.
Everything is an absolute shitcoin right now. Except for development coins - I think.

Or coins that are being developed. I think.

Eitherways I got three for you - you could pick up whichever you think works for you.

$LACE - LoveLace is a project that focuses on the Metaverse, but uses it as a service toolkit rather than being just another project that goes on and on about building an entire block or city or absolute faggotry of jpegs.

$QOM - This is probably going to be your biggest money gainer simply because it's from the creator of SHIB - Ryoshi who dropped his shitcoins and jumped shit because he was tired of being associated with something that valued nothing and made a fool of everyone involved.

$VINU - Metaverse + Memecoin + Fast&Feesless + Blue doggy = Megawinner

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Thread full of trash and shills. Not surprised.

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They are called shit coins for a reason. That's why you need to dyor and invest in projects that are solid like Eth, Matic, Rfox, Avax and the rest of them.

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Sol just because it's backed by Blackrock

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It's not a bad thing. That nigga is just brain ded. Gamefi projects like Cometh and Kogs slam has allowed me to keep earning in these terrible times, and I'm closely following up on Honeyland so that I can add it to my list of games.

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SRM fully diluted has a massive marketcap. Why do you like this. Aren't the tokenomics shit?

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If you actually want to profit buy Spool instead because I am accumulating that at the moment because it looks promising.

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what's that?

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PlatyPoge best meme with best website, swap, nfts, staking and more on BSC sers


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I do agree with DOT but the Defi I think there are better ones like Equilibrium.

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Now is the time to expand and check out DAOs. bitDAO is a prime example of one done right.

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We don't do memes around here sucker. When you have a project that as solid as SportsIcon, Sylo, Rfox, or Spool, come so we can have a discussion.
So long sucker.

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yet some of them still in top 20

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kek, many projects did fail especially with DeFi the bear market will just going wipe it all out, crypto is not going to make it.

Pajeet, stop it, don't waste your time any crypto will become a meme soon.

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I think being lower cap projects look promising and I will be accumulating RAIL tokens as it deliver complete privacy utility.

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faggot, whatever you say no one can stop crypto and it would be the future of finance.

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DYOR anon

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There won't be anything as privacy anon, look elsewhere

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Same faggot

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which one exactly?

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>Any coin what buying?

Many alts are very underpriced at the moment, I'm taking advantage of that and slurping more of them like TXA, it's still low cap and have lots of room to grow.Have good fundamentals, gonna survive the dip as well

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How retarded are you jeet?
Privacy is something all humans value and that's what Railgun is bringing to the space.

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Only fags still invest in meme token. Go for something real with fundamentals anon, they can survive the bear market. I did suggest ORE, very solid and plays a huge role in identity and asset management which is driving more adoption in the space atm

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DAO is good because they it's members participate in decision making, I'm currently staking TXA for TXAD which is their governance token. They will soon transit to DAO and TXAD will serve as their voting right

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PlatyPoge easy 10-20x from here only 5k mcap on bsc, 3 days old working team and solid community


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Low caps with good use cases are like unrefined gold. The real profits starts flooding in when a lot of people begin to get in after seeing all that they can get from the project. CVP, VFOX, and ORE are the ones I hold, but I'm closely looking out for HXD so I can add it to my bag.

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Kek, sell your granny car for shit coins?? You are retarded, why not place your bet on token with solid fundamentals and usecase which are good for long term hold. TXA is a one of my best hold now because they are creating hybrid DEX with both CEX and DEX features of exchange which will make trading seamless and faster. This a good example of tokens that will survive for longer term

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I'm only stacking HBARs for the next 3 years. Simple as.

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i miss the footfag insider threads

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>supply maxxed out
>60 million users
>new features, updates and partnerships coming this year
>supply on exchanges is running extremely low
>search engine queries are 20% of DDG in under a year of release date
>and much much more

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>RAIL tokens
Red pill me on RAIL

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Only low caps
They are solid and cheap, just dyor

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>Any coins worth buying until the bear market ends?
No one fucking knows, but I've been buying more Sylo recently, coz it's going to transform the crypto space with the seekers NFT.

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That is why alts with utilities are better.
For me personally I'm only accumulating XPRESS token, which has a lot of utility due to its super that will include all crypto features.

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What the fuck is XPRESS token

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Cryptoxpress is a project that aims to bring cryptocurrency directlyto the masses, and its token is called XPRESS

However, the fact that you are only now learning about it is somewhat shocking. DYOR and APEon it if you want to be a part of a great project that is still in its early stages.

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I've got enough BTC to be happy, now doing Juno till I have 5k, then switching to XMR. After that, probably an Urbit star, or maybe ICP if it hits $1.

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Chain on a chain browser tokens are a meme in itself.

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Back to your cope containment thread

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Just swap it for $usdc and put it into Algovest $usdc pool. 60 % APR is better than the majority will do in this climate.


Just use the weekly yield to gamble on shitcoins until the market turns.