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what is the next 10000x?

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Probably Lunc or Rfox

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Next 1000x?
Luna, TRX and maybe GRT

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Mana, Rfox, Hero, Ride, SLP
theoretically good times are ahead for metaverse and gaming projects.

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definitely pleb on avax

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Axl unironically, once it's nft market place is fully functional, it would put it at the top where it belongs.

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Never again

I'll consider this.>>49341571

i simply love it's tournament based game, kogs slam

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good choice
i'd say goho

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Y'all fags have got to take a chill pill, ain't no 1000x right now unless you want to fucking get rekt and fill these nuggets pocket. Get gems with good utilities and roadmaps, for heads-up get DNT, Holoride and OP

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Lots of fag rantings incoming with lots of plebic comments in here. But I should say your picks are enthusiastic, got a flair for OP of course I got the airdrop but adding Holoride ain't a bad idea.
Nothing beats DYOR so yeah it's what it is

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>what is the next 10000x?

I cannot categorically tell you what the next is, but I do believe that TXA is really a good game changer as it is introducing first ever hybrid dex that combined good features of cex and dex in one platform.

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really? where can i see this?

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it is yet to go live, we have our fingers cross for the final launch anyway

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probally not a 1000x but Maple has been steadily making me gains for a few days

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The future of all amerimutts kek

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I doubt anything can be a 10000x, now that's just being plain greedy but give it some time and maybe you'd see that LoveLace is going to easily be the next 200x. Simply because it's ahead of it's time. It doesn't hurt that Meta is also investing in LoveLace as well.

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It's metaverse platform is live
ape in while it's early and get dabbin to the moon!

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It might not be up to 10000X but feel free to dyor and invest in projects that are solid like Eth, Matic, Spool, Avax, and the rest of them.

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Not possible pajeet

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I'd invest in HBAR. Forget about that 10000x degen shit. Look at what the HBAR foundation is doing and invest in the long term tech.

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goho but stay poor im accooming

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Mainly BTC and ETH to play it safe. Then I will diversify my funds into Spool for sable coins stakings and earn passive income.

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kek, GRT?

redpill me on these

checked, enlighten me on txa

checked, im in it as well but just because it has promising tech and the organization is good im also in it for money, yeah money will come but it also needs to be worth it to invest (the payout that is)

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Never gonna happen retard, dyor

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Based and honk

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>mom is a divorced asian woman
>kids are mentally ill hapas
>dad is the mutt meme

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thanks, just bought 100k

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Many people are ignorant of privacy protocol potentials, so I'll choose RAIL instead.

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Does that still exist in this bear market

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Having Railgun will be a better choice anon.
Railgun is outperforming when it comes to the delivery of complete privacy utility.

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I just looked into TXA, seems to offer a useful solution and it's a super tiny cap. picked up a bag.
Thanks, anon!

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A guaranteed 100x is Rubic unironically, 10m mc and a useful project memes aside, but DYOR.

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This yesterday I took the goose bill

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become familiar with the lore of max. A anon (me) got paid by a guy in my town to fuck his wife bc they have a bwc bull worship fetish thing, i got paid 500 bucks and put it in goho and some fudster the other day was talking shit and i recognized his texting and he started talking about vegetables. I recognized this and asked if his name was Max bc that is her husbands name and he went silent kek i asked him if it was him and he shamefully said yea

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i want to become a golden goose so bad fuck

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Just tired with all these piece of crap and want to try out getting a land in sports metaverse or a penthouse powered by exclusible in partnership with sports metaverse. Sports Icon like Shawn Wright recently bought a land and many others I read. I hope it turns out as good as it seems, I am positive though.

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Get Goho fren, 300k mcap, devs are based and treating this like a business and not a pump and dump piece of shit. Fall in the TG and ask some questions as well as check the website for the white paper. Wagmi keep ur head up soldier

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Unironically targeting 10b mcap, this coin and community are good. But make ur own decisions, Dyor, none of this is financial advice

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Usdc coin. We are heading for massive deflation all assets except cash go to zero. Cash is king, cope and seethe

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Rail maybe. Maybe Sylo
both are privacy token that'll be appreciated in the coming years.
what do i even know, i'm just a little fag.