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quit my job yesterday

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boy howdy

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based job quitter bro
what's next for you?

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u finna make it

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How do I profit from this?

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i hate my job. my managers know it. they keep talking to me about that its a marathon, not a sprint while they fail to plan shit and force me to work 10 hour days to meet their deadlines. i have 3 offers right now and they are all shit pay or shit opportunities. still looking for a better one

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quit my job 11 years ago

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>quitting your job right before a massive economic downturn

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What have you been doing since?

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I enjoy my job and the people, but the pay is low.
If I find a "better" job, I worry I won't be happy.

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You ever been really tired like cartoon character exhausted tired?

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consooming infinite information and finding god

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How much are you getting paid, what country, and what do you do? I'll help you make the decision.

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Have you been living with your parents?

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Australia, A$58k, graduate mech engineer.

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Only 58K holy shit HAHAHHAHAHAH I’m on 90K AUD in finance doing jack shit all day. Bruh get another job.

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Okay, yeah there's not a lot of opportunity for mechanical engineers. What higher paying job would you be shooting for and how's the job market for what you are shooting for?

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So this is the power of STEM...

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It's not that simple you retard

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what sort of company are you working for? id imagine if you were working for some mining company you'd be on 120k plus at least

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I don't even know. I should at least finish up my first year without jumping ship though.

I've said too much already.

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you havent really though. im honestly surprised that theres someone out there paying mech engs so low. ive seen salaries like that for engineers working in shit like water treatment

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It literally is that easy.

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Yeah just enjoy yourself for now. Start thinking ahead though. Time goes by fast.