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$7 is surreal

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token needed is surreal

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>drops from high of $52 to $7 on you

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Nah bro that's not surreal, that's the normal part you fucking idiot, you wanna know what's surreal? Being down >90% of ATH, not mooning for years and getting suppressed, missing out on the entire bullrun while the most retarded stupid normie fuck outperforms you while you get hardcore cucked
that's surreal you gorilla monkey nigger

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u mad?

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wasn't it $28 a few months ago in Jan? congrats on your surreal $7 though.

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>As I said I came to take it back (to the la-le-lu-le-lo) [equivalent of the NWO in this game]
>Metal Gear only has room for one. (Metal Gear Ray has six 'sides' to it forming a hexagon (two wing tips, head, two feet and tail) The same as LINK logo)

The breadcrumbs continue..

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I'd say it's a very fair price.
Oracles just aren't that valuable.
This was proven in the last bull run when literally EVERYTHING was running on chainlink oracles, peak defi summer, and price did fuck all.

We got it right, that chainlink would be used by all, but it just so happens to turn out that oracles just aren't that valuable. Don't marry your investments, move on. There are many more greater opportunities out there with Actual Upside Potential.

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Let the retards stew in their disbelief.

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Why did you reddit space twice? Trying to tell everyone that you're a ultra giga faggot?

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Great refute to his post. You're a fucking joke.

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like which opportunities ?

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Dude just buy solana and cardano theyre saving the world

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What you guys did not enjoy the Luna ride?
So high then WEEEEEEEE all the way down!!
What a Rush.
Time to buy more coin

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It's surreal because everything has come true except for the price singularity. Stinkers back in 2017 didn't just underestimate how early they were, they underestimated how dumb the market is. LINK is literally too high IQ for even some devs and most VCs.

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>they underestimated how dumb the market is
I would have called you schizo if it wasn't for doge and shiba being in top 20

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Can you feel it coming in the air tonight/?

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>I thought it was timely, honest, and was pertinent to the crisis we are in concerning Eric Schmidt’s total sell out to China through advanced technology stolen from Google, Facebook, WhatsApp and other digital platforms that have come to aggressively control all Chinese. I believe Eric’s evil program, Dragonfly, has already been implemented in America.

I am calling him out for his lies and his complete control by the Chinese Communist Party. Eric has lied so much lately and has admitted that he created the Social Credit System now ruling China for a ruthless totalitarian government that has Eric controlled and manipulated by President Xi Jinping and his central committee. In May of this year, Eric said that he also bifurcated the Internet for China so that there will soon be two different Internets – one controlled by America and one by China. These things are immoral and wrong and must be stopped.

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There's nothing more surreal than knowing this though.

You're still too early anon. You know what to do next.

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It's not the oracle that's supposed to be valuable - it's securing it with a scarce token which makes that token valuable in time. Presently there's not enough demand and too many tokens. But that changes with staking and time to a future where almost all of world trade and economic activity is running through smart contracts. What's surreal is that people haven't figured that out and aren't loading it in a front running effort yet.

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Spoon feed on this what is redacted and why fellow marine?

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Why does Sergey describe him as "Co-Founder" of Chainlink? With whom did he co-found it with? Isn't he essentially the Founder, but doesn't want to brag too much?!

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Markets ebb and flow. Once in a lifetime opportunities do not.

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>doesn't even know who Steve is
absolute state of newfags

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What is this?

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Sandro Salsano, where is my money?

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Ellis is a fraud

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Now you’ve crossed the line.

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Calm down Vitalik, don’t be upset that you were btfo over transfer and call

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how about this rebuttal you massive faggot: Token. Not. Needed.

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Based GitHub reader

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>Ellis is a fraud
Fuck you

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based line crosser. Does Steve Ellis even exist or is he merely a ghost in the machine taunting us from beyond the grave with false promises of 1keoy???

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based (You) farmer with perhaps the most absurd thing ever said about this thai backpacking nail salon scam

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He's the one pulling the strings.

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Google not needed. Just use bing lmao

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yandex is better for images

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I mainly use yandex desu. You can find pirate streaming and downloads that are scrubbed off jewgle.

I make music so I need a lot of random samples, presets and plugins, I find a lot hosted on random based russian sites. FUCK JEWGLE
Cant even find cool obscure sites anymore the top results is all promoted ads consumerism bullshit.

I like the old early 2000s style sites run by old boomers and literal schizos where they host a bunch of schizo rambling, occult topics, conspiracy theories etc. Kino

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He lives on the decentralized oracle network.

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and life-ruiningly good for porn

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will link increase their tokenomics?

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>>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>49329078 >>

RAY actually has hexagons on it. See this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bY5wa-Ro6N8

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Thanks,didn't even know Ellis is still on-board nor that he was actual co-founder.

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Yes and no. Initially the tokenomics should be set quite low, but as useage increases we should see the team turn the volume up and i expect to see a gradual shift within the first few weeks. Later, as the stakes are fully achieved and nodes settle, we'll probably return to a more relaxed tokenomic. All this is just advance guesswork, of course. Things could change.

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Sergey has an extraordinary secret. He had some kind of tie to Satoshi, this much is clear. As a young man, he stumbled upon something incredible, and it forever changed his life... what did he find, biz? And how did he find it? In this life few are given such an opportunity, and fewer still have the will to take it... there is much more to this man than meets the eye

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nice work

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Do you think Sergey is a virgin bros or is he out there crushing?

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shut your whore mouth

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Funny you mention that.
While google was finishing making their website the most valuable in the world they had a whole team of people who were hired to hide what google was doing, when other companies were building themselves up with hype and marketing Google did not.
Only when it was too late for the common person to load their bags, did google unveil their silver bullet.
I’m reminded often of that investment opportunity mainly because while history doesn’t repeat, it often rhymes.
You’ll know what I’m talking about soon enough ;)

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>he doesn’t know about sergey’s couchsurfing adventures

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Ignore the name kek

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Is 10k enough? I held 10k for 4 years. I refuse to buy more. Tell me I will be rich.

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he is up till 3am writing hooker smart contracts

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bitsh moderchodda

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i'm pretty skeptical about consensus which is probably due to lack of pa the whole of the last year
but remember that retail sentiment can turn on a dime, all they need to see if a few green candles and some crypto "thought leaders" tell them it's good

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bro... you know you'll be rich
you will also regret not buying more
but if you have spare capital and want some other gems
physical silver, NOIA, KDA is a list for ya

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Vitalik pls go

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E.L.L.I.S. is the AI system that controls chainlink development from the shadows

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Nah he fucks like a wild animal apparently.
I talked to a crypto whore who claimed she had sex with him

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Wtf its real

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Ok I bought 10k of Links. Happy now?

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It's not. Stop spreading fake hype

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You're supposed to buy a number of links. "K" isn't a number, it's a letter.

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Nuff said.

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Go to sleep grandpa

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I just purchased my first stinkies because of this thread. 40 Link, I am a hero of the crypto world.

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Make me, you low IQ whipper snapper.

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>Being down >90% of ATH
In English we say “down >10x vs of ATH”

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This is the truth. Steve never existed. Steve was an AI created by Thomas Hodges, to hide the fact the founding team was unbearably small.

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this is called a "smart" shill
it expects the person to be able to do minimal amounts of research which you apparently can't
he is shilling this cardano (!) project with an email which is 99% likely to be fake: https://lovelace.world/
people will often piggyback off link threads like this
one day that will need to face god

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Me asking him to elaborate doesn’t mean i didn’t google those things before posting fuckface

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When the chainlink network is valued at 2 trillion it will be severely undervalued

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Cringe. Why not CEO of Chainlink? Oh that right he's a philosopher (LMAO unironically actually hold a B.A. in philosophy) and knows fuck all about coding

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Nothing fraudulent about these moves.

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Bros tell me 50k chainlink is enough

I had 100k links in April but got partially liquidated last month on aave.

I’ve been in it since 2017 and life happen had to borrow against my stack to buy my house

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shh shh, everything is going to be ok.

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Search terms?

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Retail sentiment is the people on 4chan and twitter. Organic sentiment that was astroturfed to be whatever the market was doing on that day.
Looking at the archives ‘assblaster’ made the point quite succinctly.
There is a quandary in the world of decentralization. How do you allow for decentralization but keep it from the masses. A token sale that was open to the public but not advertised was perhaps the greatest move at the worst time for a move like that.
With new coins coming into the picture every day during the bull run of 2017 the fact they didn’t advertise to a saturated market worked to their advantage.
The ‘they never wanted us to know’ part was not completely true. They wanted everyone to know for the benefit of decentralization, however they didn’t want people to become active members of the community until it was too late to become major players.
Ultimately the people on 4chan were given the keys to the kingdom and they played their role perfectly.
They held their own coins and deprecated it’s value to anyone within proverbial earshot.
Now it’s the eve of the 4th industrial revolution.
Outside of 4chan and the twitter echo chamber there is no words about the value of consensys.
Nothing on Forbes, nothing on Bloomberg.
This was not unintentional.
The race to hold chainlink will be so astounding I’m curious to see how society will remember these days.
These posts.
This discussion.
I’m not excited at the future, merely musing on what the future will think of the past we call the present.

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It definitely feels like nolinkers are running out of time. The narrative space of crypto has been hollowed out by the economic collapse and is waiting to be filled. Adelyn's web of contacts at every media outlet are primed to take CCIP/staking/enterprise adoption/whatever Eric Schmidt has to say and just run with it.

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kek, looks like you don't know what you are doing, it's better to get connected with those KOLs so you can be guided to the right project.

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checked and wagmi pilled

>> No.49335979

I've been following some influencers and they help me get into some bluechip projects.

>> No.49336025

The thing to remember is that when I said astroturfed I meant it.
The people who were going to buy link on here have.
The people who are sowing discord are the actual gatekeepers.
They are the people who hyped projects at random and used the ‘link holders are buying too’ meme.
They have no interest in those other projects, their goal is to shrink the pool to an acceptable level.
This truly will change the world landscape and for ever person cut out of the winnings through avarice or lack of foresight is another person who cannot be a reckless millionaire.

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I’ve gone full boomer with porn where I just watch specific scenes of specific stars and watch those. I probably rotate through maybe 8 scenes in total and can’t get into anything else

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Elite levels of cope

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>Ultimately the people on 4chan were given the keys to the kingdom and they played their role perfectly.
baghold 90% of your wealth away? well done lads

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it is surreal that gaining the ability of a binance scam chain coin would be cause for so much shilling.

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>former ceo
He hasn’t done anything since then? What’s he doing now? Pooping all day?

>> No.49336569

He’s been doing globohomo shit.

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>implying this man needs to do anything

anon, he's made it. If I were him I'd be pooping all day too

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I am unironically the most powerful meme magician that regularly posts on the ch0n, with an active flow of kundalini strengthened by thousands of hours of meditation and ancient yogic exercises/magick techniques my will and intent alone has shaped world events that will echo throughout history. I have deemed that Chainlink will succeed and make many anons insanely rich ushering in a new enlightenment era to save humanity from the forces of darkness that have been working behind the shadows for thousands of years thinking they will seal their plans of global dominance. The dark is extinguished by the light as light cannot exist without the dark by the laws or polarity. You have been graced with a few more months to accumulate, do not squander it and join in the great work of raising up our planetary consciousness/a future worth living in.

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checked but also kinda wish I'd sold a little at $50, even if I'd sold 10% I could've almost doubled my stack now at $7. But of course at that point link had been performing incredibly well and I thought $50 was nothing because I'm a greedy fuck but also $1k was always the target. But then selling ever also presents the risk that it actually does happen tonight.

>> No.49337285

Checked 69 quad sequence based yogi poster

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My LINK was worth 13mil and I didn't sell any. You don't know what greed is.

>> No.49337986

If you were to start building your stack now what proportion of your net worth would you use to buy

>> No.49338289

200%, get loans, sell a kidney

>> No.49338480

would you buy a new kidney later to replace the old one?

>> No.49338643

In all fairness when biz was telling everyone to buy it was ~$0.50. There was a very long period of time you could of bought for an easy 100x and even get up to a 250x if you bought the bottom at $0.20

>> No.49338669

buy the same one back just like a pawn shop

>> No.49338709

Stop talking about another crypto.

>> No.49338748

he found a way to print a huge amount of tokens for almost free and sell them to idiots like yourself
that in itself is genius but not much else
he can't even code and just says fancy quotes he learned during his philosophy degree

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why did you have to ruin at the last moment an otherwise factually correct post?

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Thankfully he improved with time
here was Steve filmed while casually waiting at a red light in the Caymans last week

>> No.49339261

An assassination contract on the person that has your kidney should take care of things.

>> No.49339322

was disappointing

>> No.49339503

the transaction takes forever, not to mention the fees, I think I'll go for things like vita inu just because I'm a desperate piece of shit

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>unforced reddit mention over a couple of newlines

>> No.49339787

Such a shakeout is actually critical to the health of Chainlink in the long term.

>> No.49339804

Opinion discarded.

>> No.49339844

>and price did fuck all.
Well Bitcoin did shit the bed every single time some news dropped for Link.

It was quite something.

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>> No.49339962

vk the russian facebook is just full of pirated books fonts etc. that you won’t find anywhere else
yandex is based feels like the old internet

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File: 1.57 MB, 2345x1571, marenhikingindesert.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.49340146

>t. seething brown person who makes hundreds of fud posts about link per day but no one ever sells because of it

>> No.49340164

Just exchanged ETH for 6k stinky linkies
I sure hope this performs better than the skellies'