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This is one of the Cardano devs. Say something nice about her

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thats a woman

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hello sexy beauftil girl i love you i filll you with my love come to bangladash i give you home filled with love

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He should shave better.

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Don't you dare offend aryans blady bitch basterd!

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I-is it actually?

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this is bullish for cardano

get it? a bull? because like, cuck and tranny? hahaha upvote pls

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he's a blockfrost dev

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kek, Cardano is triggering everyone so hard if this is the level of FUD they have to resort to. Still the same 3 years later, personal attacks and lies. Bullish

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Shes absolutely gorgeous. I want my lips to touch hers.

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Haskell is such a superior programming language it truly requires the cost of your soul to become competent

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it's over

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WTH? Another one???

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Yeah, I am glad I never invested in Card Anus

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LMAO at anyone who bought cuckdano

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this anon gets it

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this is your life on haskell

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Built for Big lion tamer cock

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I recognize and admire the masculinity of their facial hair and cold, chiseled, cynical confidence of their eyes. I know they've seen action and have chivalrous inclinations, but are they ready for a fight? Can they rise to the challenge??

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I would show her the the power of a good staking.
If you know what I mean.

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>bought at 1.37

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I made over 30k with ADA last year so thanks based tranny

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Is this true?

I've been wanting to learn Haskell. I'm scared now, I don't want to end up trooning out.

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No the competent functional programmers are normal and you don't see them on SM

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Nice five o’clock shadow bro

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thats 100% a woman

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You gotta admin he/she/it improved over the years.

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At least people won't call him a ginger anymore

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yeah, actually. this is an improvement. Talk about a rock and a hard place

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jeff pls