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Only 2 more weeks until PulseChain

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You forgot 'ad infinitum'

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no two weeks is when it will be announced that it will be 2 more months sorry for the confusion anon

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he looks like the lard pigs from duke nukem 3d

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Why do you think it's coming? You only sacrificed to make a political statement remember he doesn't actually have to deliver

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Its a political statement - give your money to the rich so they can spend it on all the stupid bullshit you have to cut back on for the environment. Thanks for playing

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He won’t launch in a down market so we get to watch him clown around in sports cars for the next few months

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Why would he launch at all? He has the money and doesn't owe any legal obligation to perform? If I was him id string along the hexfags for as long as possible until I have some reasonable excuse to not pursue it.