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I fomoed in and have 47 bn
Am I going to make it?

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Probably. Sit tight and wait.

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Luna? Yes.

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47bn is a solid investment. If it hits like 5bn, you would make 20,000 times whatever the cost is right now. Let’s say that costs $100, so you would make $2,000,000. If it reached a more conservative 500mm mcap, that’s a $200k stack. Not quite a make it stack, but still good.

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Most likely

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lol dude...I own a stack of this shit, but there is 0 fucking chance it reaches 5b..be real nigga

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Post proof or stfu.

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He is being real, nigger

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5b would be a fucking BEHEMOTH of a token. retard. Would need ten thousand devs and millions of users. will NEVER happen

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Anons got a point how do I know ur not larping or tending to ur vegetables?

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It’s a larp from our friend max.

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Youre right 10bn

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e e

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bn steal shoe pencil inter species i am not allow

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chicken reporting

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honk <0
< |>

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Checked, dubs of truth, 5bn minimum

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That was supposed to be a stick goose

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Checked dub dubs of checked dubs 10B confirmed

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> <0
> < | >
> ^

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Realistic price prediction? Also someone should make social media pages like ig, snap, etc., engage more people. Someone should also drop some Goho in a volcano or see if Elon can put it in orbit to beat those dobro fucks

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What is 5t Goho worth at 500,000,000 mcap

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The legs are honked

Unironically 1B-10B in a bull. Those ideas are chad bring it up in the GOHO tg it’s how stuff like Goose-Fi radio got implemented

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18m if my calculation is correct

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Yeah you could be like that shib guy who had a ridiculous stack when it hit coinbase. That guy who went viral on tik tok for paperhanding billions worth of shib long holds GOHO btw

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Realistic tho being 1b-5b?

Geezle peats


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Around 20 million burger bucks

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>”my random BSC reflection token will be exactly like SHIB”
Where the fuck did this meme come from? Everyone has parrots it is delusional, no BSC reflection token will ever reach SHIB tier because you need ETH to get whales to buy in and for the token to get listed on exchanges. Every coin on BSC is a pump and dump and if you’re still holding this. Sorry you lost.

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Yes both him holding and selling is bullish… Schrodinger’s goose

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Wb these assholes >>49312127

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My guess is 25mil. Think about how many coins would have been burned by that point. It would be so fucking nice to see that kind of money while we are getting raped by inflation. I’m feeling pretty WAGMI goose frens. Love this coin.

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>”I made my trading decisions based off the actions of teenagers on tik tok.
Your shitcoin is down 90+ percent and has no volume anon.

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Lost what fren? ETH bridges exist for bullish btc periods

1-10B is perfectly doable with the right conditions. 20B if it hits DOGE or SHIB levels of frenzy

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Ok max sounds good, great job, run along now

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>1-10 billion is perfectly doable.

It’s fun to laugh at bag holders. You should try it sometime. :)

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Stfu max

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I dunno how max is. But I know for a fact your coin is going to ZERO HAHAHAHHAA

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max is upset tonight

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geese are fucking gross, they are like ugly incels while ducks are the chads that get all the pussy cuz they cute

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The Goose is loose. I've aped in on this because of all the fud on biz. Remember, do the opposite of biz.


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na you'll kill yourself in the next month

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nope right clown honk honk

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>Literally 2 people
>do the opposite of what /biz/ says bro!

Go live a long and fulfilling life anon

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take your meds anon. if the devs dont rug and dont fuck up and maybe do things right, in a perfect market it might go up to like 100m, or somewhere around dog bat levels with some luck. anything more than that is just pure delusion. hoping for a multi B mcap makes you fags sound like shitskins. i hope you retards at least learned something from the dog bat shit, take out your initial, take profits on the way up and fucking marry your bags. i know most of you will not cus you’re a bunch of retards but whatever.
>t. 1t+

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> and fucking marry your bags
i meant DONT fucking marry your bags. fat fingers

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any word on when it’ll get listed on cmc?

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no point in listing when deep in bear is there?

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So why can’t this go to a billion mcap

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normies love geese memes, this coin is primed to hit numbers like that after it reaches a smaller CEX.

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what about what this cunt said about 'noT oN mUh EnThEreUms' >>49312104
and this douche bag >>49315819

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Wait but don't you need to change the tax % in order to get into a CEX? Otherwise the CEX won't buy the token

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im curious about this as well

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So cheap to become a total fucking whale in this right now.

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Behold the true Power of German Engineering.. the BGC

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Each exchange has a workaround for this. There is no barrier to the goose being listed soon.

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>id jeet
But what is the workaround like? My understanding is:
>contract ownership: renounced
>can't modify the 10% tax

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the jeet fears the BGC

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How does $4.7 sound?

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how does the taste of BGC sound

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fag I own 400B of the goose, just wanna know what le workaround is like

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The BGC senses your doubt in the honk

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lmao are these OC bro?

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original content? yes. fear the bgc

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Glad to see vertical growth in the honker community

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Totally organic thread and not brownskins advertising their worthless shitcoin.

Pic related, origin of 99% of all posters ITT.

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>Am I going to make it?
Do you have to ask?

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gm max, shove any cucumbers up your asshole today?

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Nah but It's cute that I live in your head

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Checked, your gonna get some BGC soon lad >>49319991

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I'm white. Team is white.

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Bullshit this was posting in a Troge thread, this is not OC. fucking faggots.



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Small dick energy, quads wasted on small dicklets baka

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A treasure Troge of trannies

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and your going to get a very heavy bag

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LMAO mods banned me for getting Quads and deleted my post , BULLISH AS FUCK

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Your still a bitch, nothing will change that even as the bull plows your wife

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Says the seething little retard.

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so what you're saying is you were banned and you evaded that ban?

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what up honkers

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if it's as good as Sylo then you'll otherwise just get ready to get rekt retard.

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Is silo supposed to be good

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your id literally says jeet dude

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NOPE, you're not gonna make it. You make it by hodling. Or better still invest in NFTgames like Honeyland which is yet to launch. Their token Honey will have it's IDO this month. Stay woke!

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HONK honk, my fellows

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Mcap prediction? Realistic?

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Do you have these NFTs on CryptoXpress market? I appreciate NFTs more when I can find them on the platform.

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You know that's random right?

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Mcap prediction

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500m but some people will tell you 1b-10b

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I know its a white team but that made me kek.

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Fuck you money stack For 500mcap?

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600 to make a fuck you stack?

>> No.49336819

You need at least 1T

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Love you bro but you ask everyone all the time their Mc predictions lmao. I can't know the future but I can tell you what I hope for. 500M will make me wealthy, 1B will make me stupidly rich. I hope we all make it tho.

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Shit how do u know I’m from Colorado

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Nigga you drunk or high?
2B eoy

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try 10b, fudding faggot

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glad to see you stop jerking off at /pol/ to shill your scam

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t. dobaggie

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>t. shithead

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Nah my boy scuz (Native American) gave us some peyote we be trippin

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It depends on shit that you are buying, u can get some presale tokens for free on joining Equilibrium airdrop. Many plebs are going for it and even joining the whitelist. Kek.

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Maybe you should start making your Twitter account first nigga, and start doing some marketing stuffs with the help of KOLnet. Where you can also spot your own guaranteed allocations there.

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dude literally what has the steam to reach a MC of 5bn right now?

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If you haven't checked Honeyland, there is a little bit chance for you to make it moron. Getting fomo-ed with their LAND NFTs should be only your best bet, and get some juicy fees in return from people that will harvest in your place.

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How has this thread been up for multiple days? Jannies getting lazy at deleting jeet shill threads.

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Sitting on a 50bn egg nest

>> No.49340199

Even they realize this will be biz's new official shitcoin and have likely bought in themselves.

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Honk! So this is it then. Biz's token. $GoH0 it is! Time to stack up boys!

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Please tell me how to join honeyland

>> No.49341750

Bless that jeet id.. Wagmi lads

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I'm feeling honkish after seeing this thread

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Volume update.

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hi max
you will never be a man

>> No.49341900

Hi Ramesh
your coin will never pump

>> No.49341945

i'm in it for the tech
cope, seethe and honk

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>i'm in it for the tech

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Sneed, dobaggy

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Damn you peeps are all Degens, I haven't got the mental stability to buy LUNC yet but while it was collapsing I bought OSMO, AZERO, AxlToken and ZIL.

>> No.49342443

Observe the bottom right corner of this image anon >>49342103

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These charts always make me fomo kek
Grey Partidge checking in

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Kek fr. Eagle but on my way to becoming a swan

>> No.49342683

only those who bought luna before the airdrop will make it brethren

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Mcap prediction

>> No.49345407


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