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Alright m'Link Marines the time has come to report to the the rocket stations as we end protocol: accum-m'late and enter phase two of our one hundred year interstellar mission.

Our first destination has been chosen by the General of Chainlink as Earth's one and only moon which is commonly reffered to by the dominant species as 'Moon'.
Sergey has noted to me that his data suggests our scheduled departure and arrival to the destination will be complete by the end of the month. After landing on the moon and refueling please feel free to collect as many moon rocks
as you can fit in your pockets (don't forget to remove all spaghetti beforehand). Mr. Nazarov will be providing each Marine with their choice of either a Lamborghini or Tesla Roadster for our planned leisurely tour of the moon
and shall then promptly initiate the next stage of our mission that shall see us travel to Mars with an estimated destination time of 6 months. After arriving on Mars, the Link Marine mission will commence it's pre-planned hard-fork
where each Marine must choose their path on Great Sergey's blessed roadmap. There are two options and every Link Marine must decide their path from one of two options... (Continued in comments)

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OPTION ONE: [Project Rory]
[Project Rory] is the dream kickstarter of Mr. Nazarov's No-Normical civilisation. By selecting option one, you have decided to become a founder of Roryland. You will be an integral member of Sergey's vision of society; a Mars based
community, free of the grey wage-cucked kind and goblin banksters. Leaders will rise and be elected from chief founding-marine Rory and each marine will find their calling at [Project Rory]. Sergey encourages all Marines to drive
their Lambo/Roadster to Mt. Olympus and carve their face in to the mountainside; where further generations will peer and remember their founding fathers.

OPTION TWO: [Project Singularity].
As part of [Project Singularity], you shall have made the courageous decision to continue the space mission in to the dark and unknown ether of space. Accompanied by Lord Nazarov, [Project Singularity] Marines will be travelling
in to the unknown depths of the our universe. Prices of your Link-Munition will eventually become totally unpredictable and there is the possibility of getting wojack'd from reality as we know it. Sergey has announced to me that
although scared, he understands that this is a calling greater than himself and his fellow Marines. The General of Chainlink proclaimed that he once had a vision of a world far from Earth known as Pepeatruis, where the ability to
aquire infinite intelligence (or cash money) would be kindly gifted by a strange but caring frog creature...

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thought it was safe to pick my LINK bags back up again today at 1660 sats

already feeling sirgays wrath

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Enjoy your heavy bags!!

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I'll be dropping 35k off at mars and taking the other 35k to the great beyond if that is acceptable sir.

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Got no choice but to take my shit 5k token stack all the way, might drop 1k at mars

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To those left behind in sacrifice to our wagie overlords you are NOT saluted you are spat on but you are also not forgotten.

As Linkies we must use our divine intelligence to see that as there must be Ying where there is Yang, there must be NoLinkers we’re there are Linkers


I for one will soon be carving my dick into mount Olympus and navigating for Rory as he wins the 2018 Mars Prix

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>Project Rory
>imblying I'd ever sell

thank you for the laugh op, just bought 100k

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I know a lot of you dummies think you can jus' ignore LINK and buy in when there's news or somethin'. But what you don't understand is that there will NOT be time to do this. We are going to experience what is known as a "price singularity". it has never been before seen in crypto or in any market for that matter. once it becomes known what LINK is, what it will do, which companies will be using it, what coins will be dependent on it, this will jus' CLICK in everyone's mind. every single person in the crypto space will want to buy LINK at the exact same time. the green candle that will appear will be bigger than any we have ever seen. you need to buy in now, my friends. now.

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yes, i trust you, but how do i purchase!?

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by 2022 every chainlink will be worth somewhere around $4914286 USD.

Gentlemen, we are currently seeing the largest relocation of wealth in history. Owning even a single chainlink and holding it until at least 2025 will allow you to retire.
If you can take out a loan to acquire a entire chainlink I HIGHLY suggest you do so.

If you want to cash out of chainlink, leave at LEAST 1 chainlink until it reaches a 5 million USD per coin cost.

By that time chainlink cost will only grow with the growth gross world product.,

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>5 quadrillion market cap

It's only a matter of time kek

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