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>28 yo
>$10k networth
>no skills
>no degree
>no job
>no gf
>no anything

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>time passes
>save more
>learn a hobby
>go to college, or take classes
>apply for jobs
>download dating apps
>now you have something

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pretty sure you posted this 3 days ago and you received pretty good answers you just wanna cry anon you're happy being miserable why you lie.

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Are the retarded faggots who post this kind of shit oblivious to the fact they could just throw 5k into a options account and make like 100-500 a day easy mode?
Why are you all such retarded pussy faggots?
>verification not required

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>70K networth, 4 years younger and job that's paying me minimum wage

We're basically the same

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>apply for jobs
I did. Didn't even get an interview

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Yeah that was me. I applied for a job in the meantime and got rejected. I will never even have a job. I am an utter failure

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>no gf
is unironically all that matters
Get someone fato or ugly, if you can stomach that

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This. R9k is a good example of this. Big chunk of population enjoys being miserable and have serious martyr complex.

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>bet money on number going up
>number goes up
>make profit
>bet on number going down
>number goes down
>make profit
Of course have some bags on the side, but in a bear market this is the best way to make income until the next bullrun.

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What do you want in life OP?
I'm basically you but 25

For me my biggest want is friends, but I'll admit. I know that I haven't been actually trying to get any
It's hard to focus on holding a job and not feeling like shit every day when you don't have friends, it's hard to have friends when you don't have a job
But of course modern environments don't foster friendship well at all

Are you willing to one day come and join us in building the Citadel?

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>What do you want in life OP?
I don't even know. Unless you are some giga IQ or have a Business, there is no point in even dreaming about a family, simply because you can not afford it.
Anyway, I just would like to have a job, which is not some dead end shit job, make some okay money, according to my means and invest in Crypto, so that I do not feel like an absolute loser anymore.
Strangely enough I have no problems with friends, I have quite a few and most of them are relatively successful by society's measures.
I also had gf's and sex, etc. But it's not like any of these things fixed any of my problems

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what's with all the kms threads today?

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35 yo, 500k net, well qualified

Would trade places with you in an instant.

My youth is over, for ever.
You are 1 year away from being a ripped 29 yo working at shit he loves.

Get going

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>You are 1 year away from being a ripped 29 yo working at shit he loves
That is true. However what should I even do? Nobody is gonna employ me anyway and I have no marketable skills anon.

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So you're suggesting someone with no money and no knowledge of how trading works to gamble their remaining money away? Surely that is not good advice is it?

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become comfortable with being poor and become homeless. Gain survival skills
learn to dumpster dive for expired food and live in a tent out in the foods
i would recommend a backpack tent so you carry it with you so it doesn't get stolen

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Dignity you bitch. What is dignity you sack of shit. Dignity do you have it?

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no i don't

dignity can only exist in relation to other people
if you are recluse no such thing exists

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OP I'm literally like you except 34 and $60k in the bank.

Live at home, parents terrified of covid STILL so they allow me to NEET and can't go outside.

If your parents own house like mine do, just wait for them to die and sell house (current market $600k~) and then move to bumfuck nowhere and buy 150-200k house and continue neeting and doing whatever i want.

Basically, just wait it out and get inheretence dumbass

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>same but 39y
>100k is all I have
>60k of which is in crypto

t. had 600k last year

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10k isnt no money, thats why I suggested using half of it.
My first week trading I was up 90% of my initial, its really not difficult to learn at all and gives you a feeling of satisfaction learning a new skill.

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fuck you, im in thd same but 37 years old, guess what
I dont give a fuck

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>28 yo
>11k net worth
>no (viable) skills
>no degree
>Some things
I've recently been experimenting with GABA, L-theanine, and ginkgo biloba. I feel a sense of zen in this wild world that I haven't felt since before when I started hating society around age 12. Slow down, calm down.

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Every first world country at the moment has a worker shortage. You can get a bullshit job anywhere.

Ok, that will be just surviving, not thriving. If you want a good financial start go offshore. Mining, accounting, drilling, teaching. All of them are 0 tax, life expenses paid.

These are the the wagie equivalents of joining the foreign legion.

Anon yes you are young but I recommend drastic action if you are already late 20's.

These jobs can be good fun: work all day, drink all night, zero social skills required. Fat bank at the end of the day

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pursue a passion, get paid doing it. if that isn't enough, get a bullshit job on top of it that pays you to do practically nothing (like night-time security guard)

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you fuck, kill yourself , you say youre suicidal and then you say you have dignity. fucking CUNT
I want to murder you right now

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Wondering the same anon. Guess that's todays demoralization topic

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What are we talking about here?

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>28 yo
>no skills
then get some skills, you lazy fuck

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Violation of law
Violation of board rules

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This, but do NOT download dating apps.

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Correct, unless you are a chad (or over 6'2"), dating apps are suicide inducing.

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OP, friend of mine teaches enlgish in china. Gets paid $3000 for a joke job, its a 3 month course. Youll get much less in the nice places , i.e thailand.

I got paid >5000 for minjng site work in africa. Im an accountant. The guys doing the actual work were gettkng more, tax and expense free.

If i had nothing i would go to these places.

If you have nothing to lose, OP, these things are a good roll of the dice

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>I got paid >5000 for minjng site work in africa. Im an accountant
So they take everybody?
I am up for an adventure. Where do I sign up?

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i actually want to live like this guy

comfy as fuck

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OP, you cant make it tomorrow. The only place you can have a new life tomorrow is the french foreign legion.

If you wna teach english, do a 3 month course.

If yu want to mine/drill/ mechanic, its 1-2 years

Accounting will take 3 yrs

I have audited many payrolls in my time, i think all 4 of these options ade good value for a desperate fuck

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>imagine being happy with the day-today while homeless
Is this making it, bros? Just sitting outside with your toothless gf and puffing some meth until the sweet release of an early death? Why didn't I think of that before? Happiness is so attainable!

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dude fuck you

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Now I have the CIA on my ass of what? fuck the feds

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Start a business, anon. I’m 27 and starting mine.

Go mow some lawns or shit you wouldn’t mind doing.

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Tell me how sensei.

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dignity and an empty sack is worth the sack

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Don't do it. You have so much more to lose.

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Brother, it doesn't help to think of yourself this way. It is just a downward spiral which will result in you fleeing the world and having no pride and confidence to actually achieve anything. You can do it. Hard times are upon you, but they can give way to a better life if you believe such a life is possible. Good luck to you.

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Yeah but when if ever is that actually enforced. If it was for real half of 4chan would face prison time.

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>Gets paid $3000 for a joke job
$3000 a month?

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OP just get a BearBadge and work side by side other anons to win the next market cycle. That’s all you need and you’ll make it. Other anons are doing it.

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>>48 yo
>>$10k networth
>>no skills
>>no degree
>>no job
>>no gf
>>no anything

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>$500k networth
>technical skills
>PhD and masters, no debt
>pretty good job
>has some things
Could be worse, thanks for making me feel better about myself.

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>no job
>live at home
>chronic sickness
>no gf

life is suffering

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Here's your flappy fish market coin breddas

tg molluskinu
0x E2cE8bE0d4d274085852E4A68076D8EEC4FFd1fc

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>$170k (From crypto. Just bought a $40k car LMAO)
>I don't really have any skills either.
>Working on my English degree.
>No job.
>No job
I'm pretty depressed and often think about death so I kind of just live however I want. Not a larp. Trying to get rich off crypto again tho.

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this cracks me up, people really think their batting average is going to be 100%

to get interviews you need to be applying for jobs EVERY DAY until you get interviews

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I have no job, but I also meant to say that I have no gf. A gf is whatever. Not sure why so many people let that affect them.

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I was you at the age of 30. 2 years later I got a programming job after learning how to code and then attending a bootcamp.
It doesn't have to be coding. You could get into QA, IT, or networking.

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Disgusting. Fatties are only for a quick fuck and that’s all, if you settle down with one you failed miserably in life.

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If you're just looking for a basic shit job, it's not hard.
Create resume. If you have no experience fill with bullshit as needed.
Go onto indeed or glassdoor. Set up one click apply. Spam apply to a hundred jobs.
Problem solved.

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jeez fuck nobody cares. i tried offing myself 3 times. mother tried to off me twice. i got luck so shit id call it karma in advance. best offer really is to just see how fucked it can get. its something to do and its entertaining in a morbid kind of way. later you will find some shit to be proud of, but you fucker got the wrong idea of what a full and worthwhile life is. aint liking what you got? get the fuck reincarnated you pusillanimous pity shill.
towel on a doorknob is a truly horrifyingly torturous way to die, seems right up your alley.
life is fair, you get what you get and you do what you do. everyone you know got their bussy torrn right up the navel, they aint no faglets to brag tho so shut yo mouth and do somethn not fuckin special

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How did you get your job at the mining site?

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yes 100%. bye op

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TRT and maybe low dose GH mayne, it'll get you right and you can easily afford it, unless you have really bad chronic injuries or something and even there medical treatment + peptides and hormones can do a LOT

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>>no gf

If you are a lesbian then please post breast, otherwise who cares

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I was probably $-15k networth at 29, got a job in crypto at 30 right before the bull market in 2021 and now have a networth around $300k. did not need a degree, just be charismatic and willing to work hard. fixed up my credit score, got a nice apartment, bought a nice car, the whole deal.

don't get demoralized and ignore the normie inflation bullshit panic, there is a shit ton of opportunity for people getting into this market and starting a new life. you could literally turn everything around before your 30th birthday party if you're willing to take risks

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you are a sick fuck i hope you die before your parents.

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>25 y/o
>living at parent's home in bum fuck no where
>have a degree, but no prospects because social anxiety
>net worth is approximately -30K due to school loans
>realize i will be fucked if i don't do something
fast forward 10 years later
>own a home (have enough cash to pay off 3.75% mortgage)
>have a child
>net worth is 367K
if you haven't moved out from your parents house yet, you are doomed. one day they will be gone and you will have no one to depend on. wake up. i joined the military to GTFO of the shitty bubble I was in. I was afraid to leave the comfort my parents had provided me for all those years. Now I hope to pay them back by allowing them to enjoy their old age and die in peace, without worrying that their kin will be without hope.

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you're literally fine, the fuck are you depressed about, early childhood trauma?

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>completely free man
>can choose his own destiny
>chooses death

u tard there are married men who would dream of your situation. turn off the computer and go fucking get into some trouble

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>got a job in crypto at 30 right before the bull market
What kind of job? Been applying to several Crypto jobs. Didn't lead to anything yet

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At least you still have a net worth ranjesh, where you can still join with the Equilibrium's upcoming WL this 7th. I've seen lots of people taking their chances there already before it closes this 5th.

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i would fucking destroy that fat cunt

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kek at 28 I had a house, job, car and gf and one million net worth.
Git gud fag.

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Unironically its never too late, and it certainly isn't right now. 10K networth and having no skills is no big deal, most people in history amounted to absolutely nothing, you are already greater than the majority of our ancestors.

Now onto an example of turning it around. I have a friend of mine, we are the same age (30), he spent all his life NEETing and getting Tism/ADHD bucks and smoking weed/ doing mushrooms. Recently he walked into several factories and campsites and asked them over and over to give him a chance. He currently works for minimum wage at 90 hours a week and his networth is about the same as yours. He's only been at it for 4 months.

Myself I am 30, networth is about 50k USD, BSc in comp sci, 5 months developer experience, unemployed and hating life. But I keep going because I know eventually I will make it.

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If American
Join the military.

Full time, or state guard/reserve only serve one weekend a month is good too. Just make sure you study for asvab to get a nice tech job.

Monthly pay check, free school, free healthcare/dental, free housing, free air travel on military planes. Cheap ass groceries and tax free shopping at base commissary. Service most anywhere in the world, Japan, Korea, Europe.

Most importantly you will make friends like when you were in high school. Maybe even find a gf!

All your problems solved

You're welcomed

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Don't take sages advice, take clomiphene at 25mg, lift and take Ibutamoren.

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Recruitment is down a lot. Zoomers literally don't give a fk about joining. The army is so desperate right now, you will get in easy. But I suggest the air force since deployments are shorter and job skills are easier to transfer to civilian life

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This is what Peter pan syndrome looks like. Don't put off growing up biz

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>24 yo
>shitty night shift job
>20k in bank and 5k in robinhood
>have a cute outdoorsy gf that i fantasize about cheating on with a black whore
>hate my life and just got steroids off the darknet but am too pussy to actually use it
I want to take more risks financially and career wise, even with testosterone but im simply too rational and responsible to do simple shit like yolo 1k on puts

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You can still be an influencer and push your money off through limits by joining KOLnet brodie, they uses a validation process in terms of Proof of Marketing. Give your best shot and earn different presale allocations.

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Same age as you OP.
Simple answer is no, you shouldn't kill yourself. Jesus wouldn't want that.
You know what you need to do? Move in with two other people, work part time, and live like a king while you improve yourself.
While you're doing a part time job and have extra down time:
>study for CCNA certification or basic A+ certification (since you say you have no skills)
>get job working in helpdesk for IT company after you get it
Then boom, after 8 months of working helpdesk you can start a promising career path to becoming a system administrator.
Not kidding, it would be a comfy and doable goal.
You just would need a part time grocery store job or something while you study.
Moving out and getting autonomy would likely make you feel better and more confident, but if you're like me and enjoy your family, you can just study for the A+ certification at home.
If you work part time in Los Angeles and have one or two roommates you can live like a king in the mean time m8. I made a thread a while with that hypothetical scenario and anons seemed to have received it well.
What do you think of that plan? If a career doesn't suite you, I have another path that might.

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Work helpdesk to build up experience, then get the MCSA certification while working there (that's for system admins). It's likely that you can become a junior system admin with like a year or less worth of helpdesk experience. Think of it like a paid internship, it might feel a bit grindy in helpdesk tho.

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Before you kill yourself give me your assets first, lol. Kidding aside, you can still build up your portfolio by buying HXD tokens soon which will have 1B of supply and lots of use case around their upcoming Solana blockchain game.

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You'll do well lad. Don't worry.

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Answer; No.


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>You are 1 year away from being a ripped 29 yo working at shit he loves.
big lesson here. Hope OP and other anons see and realize this.

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I wont kill myself Jew

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well anon, you know its not getting any better

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A vast majority of option traders lose money. Options is a scam. Why are you shilling this shit?

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>dead end career with shit pay and a lot of stress
>200k in crypto, used to be 600k 6 months ago
Whew, money does help. If I was flat broke I'd think about kms but money keeps me going and dreaming about the start of MY REAL LIFE.
In order to invest you need a job tho, no way around it

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a wife sounds pretty comfy