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Any recommendations, I would want to invest my idle $3k.

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you can pool stablecoins on thorswap and make like 18%

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Good plan but fuck you anon

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After what Anchor did to me, I ain't staking no stables. Fuck you

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Go get some utk token,before it skyrocket anon.

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Have you tried staking? What about metastaking?

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Sounds like another UST ponzi. I'll rather avoid.

WTF is metastaking? Is that staking in the metaverse?

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Provide funding on exchanges.
Normal usd on bitfinex is about 30% apy

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You can try crypto payments. A lot of them offer cashback. You can earn well from that by spending your money on the things you normally spend on.

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Binance staking is the real deal, fool. Go for it

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you guys that avoid looking at why and exactly how projects fail are holding back crypto progress more than you realize with your luna ptsd. kindly ask that you please educate yourselves thanks.

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You'd make good profits yield farming your stablecoins on Spool's auto-compounding vaults for passive income. The APYs on DAI, USDC and USDT are different for high risk and low risk investors.

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Earn with Enegra? EZ!

> Token supported by real equity
> Legal company existing for 10+ years
> Multi-billion $$$ assets backing the shares!

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Low effort jeet shill

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Crypto.com (cronos) reduced their cashback to almost nothing. It made me so mad. I'm looking for another crypto payment platform that offers good rewards.

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I've only heard this term in Elrond chain including metabonding too

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Obvious Indian scam

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Just go on osmosis or junoswap and find a good pair. I won't tell you which one i like the most. Dyor

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Fuck off brainlet, go eat some pussy

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Utrust was giving 1.5% cashback in the version 1, but with the version 2, they will be giving as high as 5% cashback. You want to check that out.

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>The best project for passive income

curve, balancer or even check Alliance block, it has quite a number of LP running, I joined the ORE LP mining on it

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Check out Utrust mate on every transaction we will get upto 5% with the new tokenomics powered by the Elrond network now. Today is the day me waiting to swap my tokens

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I'm planning to stake on chain for an APY upto 35% seems like a sweet deal to me mate

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There’s still a pending KOLnet IDO on Gamestarter, if you missed the previous 2 they had. This project is going places

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A friend made a killing last year when he invested in Casper IDO. The opportunity these can present is indeed undervalued

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Most of the stakes are ponzies rn, just waiting to be ravaged like luna was. I’d rather trade or go into something new

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I heard about this one, it’s a marketing dex on Polygon right? Some balls on these guys for launching their project amidst all this havoc tho

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That token look great anon,with the new tokenomics launching soon, holders will be in for a long treat of goodies, Earning close to 15-35% APY, cash back percentages.

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That’s what being early is man. It’s everything that matters in crypto really

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Micro KOL’s will be having a hay day with this platform

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Even the merchants will be benefited by the merchan yield which will be launched soon in this new tokenomics mate.

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It’s the case if you wanna be riding the hype kek. I’m more of a fundamentals kind of guy

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Agreed the bridge will be live in like few minutes and we can start swapping the UTK tokens.

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sounds interesting, what is ORE about?

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That’s right, they seem decent tho, if they can live up to the initial hype

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18% for Stable, Wft
>When rug

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some cakeshit

3k is nothing if it comes to legit and secure staking programs

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The on chain staking is a sweet deal, 15-35% APY is massive

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I see you are talking about UTRUST I just recently bought a iPhone 13 pro max with a merchant partnered with them. I am so happy the transactions was seemless and the fixed transaction fees was the best part.

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Looks like UTK 2.0 offers both metastaking and metabonding

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What the fuck is onchain staking?

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bro, early birds take the worm. Though it takes courage to launch in a tough market, a project with a strong community backup can power through

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Your prick is showing in the picture, Lmao
>Do utrust offer cash back too

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The project itself Ore Network manages identity across multiple chains, it is a step to end hack and spams of platforms

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Can't complain at all mate. Even the cash back tires are tend to increase upto 5% on all transactions

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Check this out anon,with Utrust been acquired by the ElrondNetwork the will will have new tokenomics where the burn mechanism will be ignited soon till the Market cap is reduced to 250mil.
So eventually the price of the token will go all the way up

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35% is not so bad though but I earn 55% in the ORE liquidity mining on Alliance Block

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Anon said passive earning and not some shit project

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By staking UTK on hold app I get 1.5% cashback anon. I have bought perfumes with one of their merchants.

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not just them , the projects will get a lot of traction through them. Its an ecosystem, not a platform.

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Scraping phone leads from online retail/businesses and selling to indian scammers.

You buy a couple of legit leads as an e-commerce store than make a spreadsheet filled with fake names and google translate some Hindi to facebook market the data to brown people. For $3k you might be able to talk up some businesses to allow a third party tap to just get names and phone numbers scraped for a few weeks.

Tried doing this with fake names, they find out too quickly.

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I love the deflationary tokenomics with UTRUST now being acquired by tye Elrond network. Eventually UTK 2.0 will moon and I'm really looking forward on that note

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Get reflections on GOHO or I’ll call your dad

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If u like to gamble, buy Evmos. 1000% APY atm. since it just launched its PoS.

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With it 2.0 version transitions to the ESDT is next in line for listing on the MaiarExchange. The strategic move will accelerate the Web3 payments revolution and bringing us closer to building were Merchant Yield product that will transform payments.

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keep that with you kek. try becoming a blogger or an influencer as kolnet will pay you for marketing other projects. anons are loving this

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Yeah It does, Have used it before, up to 1.5% but depends on the UTK staked though

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I would be closely watching mana,sand and kol for future investments. crypto will take a new direction from here anons

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Looks like Ya'll bullish on Utrust, I might check it out, I hope it worth the hype

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Count yourself lucky for having an idle 3k out there pajeet. For me,I'm 100% satisfied for staking scrt and earning 23% APY. You can find something good and stake the damn thing.

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Really worth the hype? In this bear market that has no sign of stoppage

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personally, I'm a cotton chad

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Stable with high APY is freaking risky
This is still better

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Staking is beneficial even in a bear market, and I have been following Utrust since 2017. It survived the bear market in 2018, so yes, it is worthwhile, and it is currently launching UTK 2.0 with additional incentives for holders.

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Rfox is sure, you'll earn 40% in it's staking pool, I also earn 10% on stables, i use bl0ckbank App.

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>Stable with high APY is freaking risky
I hadly stake my stables, i keep it for upcoming IDOs, but Axl provides a good opportunity of 1.2% for staking in it's fixed pool.

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That's not investment but a gamble with high chance of getting rekt. Gtfo

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Yeah, not forgetting onchain staking and merchant yield farming

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It also offers onchain staking with merchant yield farming

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morron feels good for some shitty quotes,when Staking UTk token can get you 1.5% of cashbacks on all the transactions,With the new tokenomics the cashback will increase upto 5%,

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I would tone down with what am picking from the market and rather learn a skill required in the space.
So far m tryna be a marketer with kolnet as a micro influencer

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Platform will come in handy for all projects ready to enjoy a parabolic run upon launch

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Here's what I'm going to do - Instead of giving you about 10 coins that you have to filter from and read and check and choose from - I'm going to give you three. Just three. Yes.

And all you gotta do is read, understand, write and absolutely dig up inside out and figure out which ones you'd actually want to invest in.

LACE - LoveLace is a project that focuses on the Metaverse, but uses it as a service toolkit rather than being just another project that goes on and on about building an entire block or city or absolute faggotry of jpegs.

QOM - This is probably going to be your biggest money gainer simply because it's from the creator of SHIB - Ryoshi who dropped his shitcoins and jumped shit because he was tired of being associated with something that valued nothing and made a fool of everyone involved.

VINU - The only memecoin in the metaverse. Incredibly cute. It's also world’s first fast and feeless dog coin with high TPS and native smart contracts.

You know what to do of the rest

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Nice one anon,Real Estates, Tourism agencies, Luxury car dealers and electronic products other big players in the industry accept these cryptopayments via that platform.

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Looks juicy anon,that has been getting lots of attention recently; I guess folks have come to realise how huge a role crypto payment gateways play in the global adoption of crypto especially with increasing adoptions in real estate and commerce.

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BOBA Network might be a good fit for this. Considering the % 5 fixed APY and the project's future, I think this is an excellent rate. Don't miss it, anon.

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most of the profit i made in 2021 came from AXS, Rfox and Mana, and still earning passively on them till now.

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Hello sers, why does this thread reek of curry so intensely?

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I'm not a fan of huge APY, but notwithstanding 5% to me is kinda small when i can earn 45% on FUN and 25% on Ride, wake up nigga

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Micro-kols have more engagements and than top influencers. Marketing will now be decentralized through the platform

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Spoon-feed me onchain staking, i do most of my staking on binance, but stake AXL in it's ecosystem, for around 65% on BSC chain for flexible staking.

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PrecogFInance (tickr PCOG)
Release tbd, but should be eoJune

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blockbank is the best for earning passive income , I am getting 10% on my USDC here

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Prolly you just the pajeet

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Tezos is going to be big longer term. Perhaps JASMY nearer term.

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Gets off the shills you pajeet junior.
Learn how the art of gaming and have a life, Axie infinity or Honeyland will save you better

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Invest on FUFU, the digital marketing project on Web3.
Its gaining traction among big brands, so in few years time it should worth a fortune

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WTF this look good anon,Real estate is my favorite, and I've always wanted to own a land and property in Cyprus,I can make payments using that.

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If you're into the metaverse topic, I'd recommend you $LACE, the first metaverse-as-a-service project, backed by META and now collaborating with projects like Nunu Spirits

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$3k can get you some good UTK. It's even pumping and you'd also get passive income along with it

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How will OP earn passive income from this? Only projects that can give earnings are what he needs ... pajeet.

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>WTF is metastaking?
Dumb Dumb, that's something unique to Elrond ecosystem. Same as metabonding. Go get some education.

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Check this mate,The Bridge is live, and UTK 2.0 is available to all.Metastaking, On-chain staking, Merchant Yield and more will become reality, ushering in a new era for global crypto payments.

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Bridge is live. You can start moving your tokens from Ethereum to Elrond

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QYLD is nice if you can handle the NasdACK volatility, it's cheap now too. Usually gets around 12% a month since it's a covered call dividend

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I've been buying a lot of things from Utrust merchants. It's amazing to be giving my crypto to a merchant in exchange for goods. That's the real crypto payment right there

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Go get ass some UTK is currently on discount rate with $3k you could buy and hold,while it pump, If merchants decide to stake it they too will unlock several tiers of brand new premium feature.

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Wtf are you talking out here? If you want to try something interesting, join Streeth.

>Street Art NFTs by world renowned street artists.
>Team of eight with 50+ years of joint experience
>Complete secured personal Vault

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>Best project for passive income

There are decent APY on Freeway platform but I'm earning passively on ORE-ALBT LP on polygon with upto 180% APY

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I'm staking this token for huge amount of APY, and its the only crypto asset in my portfolio that has made me some money

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Bag some DOT and stake it on EquilibriumDeFi for 40% APY. It is one of the best you can find.

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The fact remains, they'll be putting and end to flat launches and dead coins in the crypto space

>> No.49274715

Could be a chance for a degen play and huge profits in this current market trend

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you can not make passive income with $3,000, point blank period
anything telling you that you can is a scam

get a job

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Users of the platform will be spoiled for choice choosing from the pool of availabile micro-kols on the platform

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Can't wait to stake KOL as stakers will gain access to presale tokens and WL of launching projects

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I'm getting a go with KASTA and KOL.
Both will be an asset in the future

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listen to me closely, you are wasting your time.
This is useless and actually really sad that you guys are stupid enough to think this shilling will work

Go get a job, faggot retard.

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Credibility, ranking system, transparency are all attributes of kolnet. Definitely will be a go-to platform for crypto projects ready to enjoy a parabolic launch

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I already earn upto 55% on ORE-ETH pool on Allianceblock for months now anon

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I genuinely hope your project fails

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Could you explain this to a noob?

>> No.49275957

Jfc the utk egld shilling in this thread is inorganic as all hell

>> No.49276233

30 year us treasurys

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ORE is partnered with ALBT, if I'm not mistaken, anon. Other than that, I know they had the LPs on LmaaS and staking on unifarm

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Doesn't have to be binance chudlet. I make use of RFOX and it's pretty based.

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>ITT: samefagging coordinated through discord and telegram

There is nothing wrong with being honest about your stupid project no need to deceive other niggas nobody will engage on the merit because of this

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Retard shills be unending.

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Have fun getting rekt. I'd be better off with less risky investments like Honeyland.

>> No.49277556

Just put in DAI or USDC

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uh thats pretty retarded

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Going in early is the best way to invest. Honeyland is one project that I've been following quite closely. My aim is to go in early on it and make a killing.

>> No.49278038

Ore is moving really solid. I got to know bout them through the partnership with RedFox.

>> No.49278096

Wtf is 23% when OP can get 40% on Rfox.

>> No.49278127

Also based and actually learn something pilled

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Cryptoxpress offers 50% APY on staking its token, and you can also easily trade your cryptocurrency on its app

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I do not fucking care about no one, I just DMOR and get into what I think is good for me. Reason why I have come to have a flair for gamefi projects. Honeyland NFT genesis minting will happen on June 1&2 and its risk free because there will be a repurchase at mint price of 2.5 SOL if value is not seen within 41 days. DYOR if you care.

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Out of curiosity, I just DMOR on this token and it turned out to be a solid project with a lot of utility

>> No.49279709

I rent out property, but $3k ain't gonna buy much.

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CRO, TORN, and RFOX are good investments with good passive income in my opinion

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I earn good returns on FUN, CVP and SYLO a gem that empowers individual to connect and trade trade across the open metaverse.

>> No.49281220

Staking XPRESS is nice, and I think you can earn good passive income from taking them with CryptoXpress. 600% APY

>> No.49281252

If you're in Europe Binance is still offering 8% cashback on its debit card

>> No.49281384

Instead of staking random ponzis, take your $3k and buy DOT and stake a good token for 12%APY.

It's a solid token at an extremely low price and you get paid in DOT at 12%.

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No, this isn't a good investment anon. Look up some yt videos on it.

>> No.49281902

I was about to post that.

>> No.49283559

Srsly. Listen to me. Divi project is what you want. $3000 gets you the smallest masternode. You could also just stake any amount instead of running a masternode. Staking reward is 18% interest.

>> No.49285298

Reflection coins never work

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B-BANK & DYDX are my best coin for passive income
I'm staking both in blockbank for 30% APY

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>> No.49285620

Are you staking your USDC?
I'm currently staking it in blockbank as well for a 10% APY

>> No.49285773

Successfully robbing a bank with 3k in equipment investment could give really good returns.