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>The DAG model is seen as a possible solution to the current decentralization issue in crypto. With this model, miners will not have to compete for new blocks to add to the chain. With nodes developed simultaneously, transactions can likewise be processed faster

I will like to remind you all that the Directed Acyclic Graph ledger structure that Vite and Vita Inu implements solves 90% of the problems of centralization most cryptos have and you're basically retarded for not building your bags in it.

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>shill pepe

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>buzzword salad
Yes, because whatever you said makes absolute fucking sense. The least you could do is explain your shit before you shill it.

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>Directed Acyclic Graph
all blockchains are DAGs, be more specific
oh damn, you can't because you don't know jack shit

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>Directed Acyclic Graph ledger structure that Vite and Vita Inu
>Vite and Vita Inu
idk what the fuck vite and vita inu is but u are retarded if u think those two shitcoins somehow have a patent on DAGs. DAGs are used everywhere in crypto and theyre old news.

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I agree, Nano is based.

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Yeah, no thanks, pass

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>all blockchains are DAGs
nigga what? ur smoking

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But can someone explain what the fuck is this new bullshit

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I mean a chain of blocks one after the other is technically a DAG.

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Nigger, if it has a DAG it's not a Blockchain.

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no one in the history of ever calls a blockchain a dag. regardless of the fact that technically a blockchain is a subset of dags, no says that.

when you see a square is it a square or a rectangle? its a square. and when you see a blockchain is it a blockchain or a dag? its a blockchain

literally just google a picture of a graphical representation of a dag. if you cant instantly understand what it is upon looking at a photo of it u are low iq and ngmi

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this guy gets it
even more so if you consider the dead blocks which don't make it into the chain
back to git basics tutorial you go

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Doesn't that make Blockchains simpler and better to be used for mass adoption then? Why would I want to look into DAG then?

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cringe midwit syndrome

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Because a Blockchain is sequential. The image I posted is simplified and doesn't show uncle blocks, but basically transactions are packaged in each block every n seconds and every x blocks (6+ typically) everyone accepts those transactions as valid.

This is secure but slow. So the DAG was invented to allow for more transactions to be written.

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>mfw the shitcoin takes me at supersonic speed to the alley, equipping me with: 1x coat with patches, 2x cracked gloves, 1x pants with rope (double use, as an escape from reality and as a belt)

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It's still not wrong although it is an oddly specific way to mention it. Certainly doesn't warrant these answers >>49253951 >>49253992

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What? I go to the bathroom for a second and find a literal retarded posting jack shit on the thread of a thing he doesn't know about. What's next, BTC is also a DAG??

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Nigga no

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KEK the level of retardation

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>all blockchains are DAGs
what happened Biz bros

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In principle, a block lattice (which is what O meant by DAG) means transactions can be executed in any order and therefore allow for more transactions per second, the way NANO does it for example is as follows:
>each wallet has its own sequence of SEND and RECEIVE transactions
>each of those transactions references the corresponding RECEIVE/SEND transaction respectively
>the resulting graph of transactions looks like pic related, and means that no matter the order in which the transactions are executed, the final state should be the same
It works well in ideal situations, but in practice it presents a new set of challenges. NANO for example is pretty sensitive to spam (although all it does is make transactions slow down by a lot, but it doesn't fuck everything up, the network just has to take its time to process the backlog of transactions). They've been working on those issues, so we'll see if they can manage to solve them.

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Pure midwit energy. See >>49253966 and die in shame.

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I unironically love black people

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I like and use VITE, but I only got in after the massive disappointment NANO turned out to be. The VITE DEX while superior, still can improve though, and CCIP is looking awesome but until I see XMR being launched into the CCIP application, I don't think I will be using it too much.

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I think the idea was to fuse Vite's implementation of the DAGs and Vita Inu's meme potential to make a coin that could attract mass adoption or some shit like that
which makes the posts saying that everything crypto has DAGs funnier

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based knowledgefag

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thanks anon

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Why retards are so desperate to make losing money fun?

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Its not. There are many technical differences between a DAG architecture and a traditional blockchain structure like Bitcoin. The brief comparison is that the DAG architecture allows more transactions to be validated simultaneously, compared to a blockchain, new transactions can proceed without requiring previous transactions to first be validated. On the DAG architecture, transactions can be directly added to the blockchain. Transactions are validated only if they are referenced by another transaction, they do not need to be validated by every single node within the network before they can proceed.

Basically every nigga here saying every coin uses DAG architecture is not only larping but should be removed from the blockchain posthaste

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>2+2 = 5

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too retarded to understand business text, thanks love

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Thanks fren

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No you don't get it. A blockchain (as in a sequence of blocks linked together in a specific order) is quite literally a DAG. There's no way around it. What you mean is a block lattice, see >>49254379.

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It was 1000000% wrong
>OP: blah blah blah using DAGs instead of blockchains is the future
>faggot: all blockchains are DAGs be more specific.

This is equivalent to
>OP: blah blah blah using rectangles instead of squares is the future
>faggot: all squares are rectangles be more specific

And both are retarded because with any level of comprehension its obvious that non-square rectangles is meant

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Everyone is wrong, nobody wins, fpbp
end thread

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based tho

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No, no, let the retards keep going on, this is fun

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i think OP was still right even if the formatting is somewhat funny to read

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No, I'm the only smart person in here, the rest of you are peepee poopoo heads.

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So what i gathered from everything is that a bunch of knowledgefags can't tell the difference between a square and a rectangle and that has something to do about defi?

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No, you basically have the midwit brainlets saying that a square isn't a rectangle, and then you have the people that completed kindergarten.

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>OP shills a coin
>"No op, your shill is wrong because pee pee"
>No, anon, in fact (YOUR) post is wrong because pee pee is poo poo
>Acshually pee pee is pee pee
>Buy my coin

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based, im buying

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sigh time to buy

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time to balls deep into vita then

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Really? What is this? 2017? Are you gonna shill me some ICO coin next?

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This is 2022 and all of the scams around DAGs and ICOs are dead, which means you should buy DAGs.

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People are talking about DAGs but not knowing $Dag get on their mainnet and support a node.
You'll miss big things when you are priced out. Constellation Network

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What do you mean? I'm loaded up on a privacy dag

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