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Daily humiliation rituals to cripple morale and prevent dissent

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me on the left

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Dance for me wagie

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They're looking like they having so much fun, I wish I was there with them to do that.

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Oddly enough, I think working some place like that would be super fucking easy if you played it smart. Like in all shitty places, there's bound to be a shitty job that no-one wants to do. That's the job that you volunteer to do because it usually means you'll be left on your own and can take extra downtime just to sit and chill. Just as long as the shitty job gets done, you stretch it out for as long as you can. That then becomes the new timescale for doing job x. So every day, you come in, do the shitty job, everyone leaves you along and you get to sit somewhere quiet and vape.

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Yeah its called cleaning the shittub you dirty lazy rat

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What would they do to an employee who didn't dance because it's not in their contract?

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I remember those days. I started at Wally at the age of 16. Was a shift manager by 18. And then an assistant store manager by 21 - the youngest one in the entire state ever. Now I own my own business at 25 with an aim to retire early and pass it on to my kids.
It's not where you start. It's how hungry you are.

Granted, I did it on easy mode by not being a salty little bitch about it. True story.

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he had the best moves in the county
and everyone clapped

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You must have been a really good dancer

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no one cares boomer

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How many boomer loads did your twink ass swollow?

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Don't even remind me of those "morning warm-up exercises"...

At first I danced as a lowly wagie, then I lead them as a shift manager, and then as a store manager I didn't even have to participate, but I did maybe once every two weeks... to improve morale :D

>25 years old

If I had this perpetual victim attitude, then I would probably still be stocking shelves. You get in good with the boomers, and doors open up for you rather quickly. No joke, the assistant store manager died, and that is how I got that job.

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oh no my sides

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>Cringe is so popular and "the thing to do"
Clown world intensifies

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Where did all you faggots come from seriously?
/biz/ was deader than shit while it hovered around 40k then suddenly an influx of troonies like yourself came and infected this board.

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>Where did all you faggots come from
Soros funded blm wokism lgbtq shills

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i actually saw this happening in my local walmart.

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Good on you.

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Why is the transition from 0:18 to 0:22 so funny in my eyes. I can't explain it but this is the climax of the video

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Wow! This is possibly the greatest thing I've ever seen! I saw some awkward people at the beginning, but 99% of them were smiling. By the end they were all way into it, loose and moving well. I hope they make it an annual experience! Unique way to build a team. Much better than sitting around a table discussing whether you're an owl or a St. Bernard. Yeah, really, that was MY experience in team building. Then we peons were told the higher ups had their own team building, but we peons didn't. Kudos to the people who thought of it! Bravo!

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my dad has a very profitable pool business and doesn't do shit like this. we just host backyard barbecues and fishing trips for our employees. this shit is just dehumanizing and it amazes me that people are unironically ok with participating in this.

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t. boomer who would be passed over for promotion by diversity every time now

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When I was traveling in US in 2016 I went to a restaurant with some working colleagues and saw a very related scene.

From nowhere some guy appeared and started to claim every worker in the restaurant to clap and sing some bullshit and it was very strange because everyone just stopped attending clients and them did what the manager was willing.

I was like "wtf I was making my order and the waiter just ignored me yo dance". After a .inute the dance show stopped and the waiter came back to attending as nothing had happened.

I found that stupid af from a client satisfaction perspective and it was one of the cringiest moments I saw in my life.

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It's like a toddlers bday party. Why is the world like this? I'm rooting for the great reset at this point

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In the Great Reset you will need to do that everyday before even getting home out.

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>What would they do to an employee who didn't dance because it's not in their contract?
they'd fire his ass, what did you think?

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I thought the great reset was to cull these types. Am I on the wrong side? I though hyperinflation and food shortages would wipe out nocoiners and leave us to live in peace

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Kek, Great Reset is about killing every above average person and slaving in subscription services everyone else.

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Why do companies do this? Just let me stock shit on the shelves and give me my check. Holy fuck, we are NOT a family, and this does nothing to boost my morale.

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Did I fuck up by never working until 26? Almost done with my CS degree. My normie friends and family keep harping that it's weird. What did I miss out on kek?

Doing my thing, lifting, studying math + science as a hobby + in college. Just wonder whether HR would not hire the eternal NEET.

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My grubhub driver wouldn't dance for me, how can I get him fired?

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I have a friend like you. He has been trying to get the store manager position since high school and his only chance is the current store manager retiring or being promoted. His body is fucked. His employees are drug addicts teenagers that call him on his day off for the stupidest shit and he works every second of overtime they demand of him. All in the hopes of 60k a year. I'm pretty sure you are larping but the fact that you would even try to convince others that waging like this is respectable, when you yourself according to your own larp don't even work for wally anymore, is disgusting. If not a larp, your kids will either tell you to fuck yourself with your business they don't want or run it into the ground as you watch from some old folks home run by immigrants.

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underrated post

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But was it worth it I always wonder
Maybe if Walmart didn't take me under.

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No nation is as cucked as the americuck

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>Sunday night

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damn thats a lot of dicks

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Unfortunately this isn't at all how that works. You will still get called for carriage duty and cleanups. Did this crap 20 years ago. Also taking on these tasks will label you as someone with initiative and you will drown in responsibilities. First lesson I learned being a wagie.

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You know the real fucked up thing is there are actually people out there who enjoyed pep ralleys in high school and still enjoy shit like this.

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>From nowhere some guy appeared and started to claim every worker in the restaurant to clap and sing some bullshit and it was very strange because everyone just stopped attending clients and them did what the manager was willing.

The orders to do stuff like this come from very high up. It's purely pavlovian, it teaches the individual to do humiliating acts on command, this in turn reduces individualism which has a wide range of negative effects, it also makes the person more inclined towards colectivist ideas.

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I had a friend. They were going to make him the assistant store manager at age 19. But he decided to enroll in university instead. He quickly failed out of university and had to go work at Walmart again, a different store though. And he wagecucked for 12 years without moving up the foodchain, haha. He finally quit.

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I joined a workforce engagement committee at my job once and we went over a survey that was conducted onsite about what people want most out of their jobs. I shit you not, a significant portion of the other wagies wanted shit like
>more off-work events like barbecues and picnics sponsored by the company
>supervisors to "boost morale"
>those monthly prize raffles where the winner gets their picture taken and uploaded to the company facebook page
>basically all the other shit that amounts to "we're not just coworkers, we're a family!"

It's like these people have just accepted that they're going to be working there for the rest of their lives, but they also watch sitcoms like The Office and Superstore and think "I want my job to be fun and quirky like that!".

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American laborers really are indoctrinated to be sheep, huh
That's sad

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That's because our school system is set up that way, to get us indoctrinated and docile to the workforce.

It's like how prisoners that get out of prison, and they fail to get adjusted to outside life because they're so used to being institutionalized.

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Ernold same awoke from the same dream
In the same bed, at the same time
Looked in the same mirror
Made the same frown
And felt the same way as he did every day
Then ernold same caught the same train
At the same station
Sat in the same seat
With the same nasty stain
Next to same old what's his name
On his way to the same place
With the same name
To do the same thing again and again and again
Poor old ernold same
La la la laaa la laaa
Laaa laaa
Oh ernold same (oh ernold same)
His world stays the same (oh ernold same)
Today will always be tomorrow (same, same, same)
Poor old ernold same (oh ernold same)
He's getting that feeling once again (oh ernold same)
Nothing will change tomorrow (same, same, same)
La la la laaa la laaa
La la la laaa la laaa
La la la laaa la laaa

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>It's like how prisoners that get out of prison, and they fail to get adjusted to outside life because they're so used to being institutionalized.

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At least he has someone to go home to. Fuck, even this fish has it better than me. Fuck my life.

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Why are Americans so against workers rights?

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Partly because Pinkertons were real good at shooting us in the street.

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Why do I miss out on all the cool threads?

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>failed out of university
Lmao what a dumbass, probably wasted his daddy's money drinking and partying

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lmao it's real


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They do it to troll you because you fags respond fully seriously every single time.

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Performance logging. Wagie x didn't meet expectations, doesn't engage in team building activities, poor corporate culture fit. What can we do to improve this? What can you commit to going forward? The wagie would then be held accountable going forward, as it's in writing. Multiple failures result in termination.

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If you don't wamt to dance, find a different job. Simple as.

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>There's no I in team

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It is absolutely incredible to me that this shit actually fucking exists. WHERE is God????

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haha stewie said libtard and 4chan XD

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incredibly based

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Your five minute daily allotment of cry time in the despair booth has expired. Please return to your designated work square within 30 seconds or termination procedures will commence

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the cherry on top of that abomination is the balloon animal belly that the obese characters are trying to normalize
disgusting kikery

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It's memorial day tomorrow retard :)

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If UBI became a thing I'm sure 90% of people would quit. People do humiliating shit now to make money. Poor people steal. Wagies dance.

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>waged at cuckmart
>blew the $3000 he saved up over 9 years on a failing vape booth at a dying mall that's half abandoned
>there are already urbex vloggers passing through

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In fact you see it now already after the 'rona gibz. Wagies don't want to go back to work.

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I love how this is still up kek.

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I liked America because the service staff were cheerful, and the people were friendly. The breakfasts with egg, bacon, pancakes and syrup were good too.

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A couple of hours until monday. And then the wage week begins for most anons lol

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I'm almost at the end of my week. Sucks I still have to work tomorrow, but I get a little bit more out of my wagie check for tomorrow, I guess.

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>trying to normalize
You know that ad was made in and for America, right?

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None of the anons replying to you have started a business or have more than a four figure portfolio

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> the world according to NEET

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They got a brand new dance, you gotta move your muscle
Brand new dance, it's called the wagecuck shuffle

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If Boomers can't find workers, why don't just roll up their sleeves and stop being lazy and entitled? Pull yourself up by your monocolor new balances.

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>thinking five or even six figures is remotely high
poorfag or underage

most people had six figures before the crash, and most are still at five figures

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its a nicer loyalty test than asking you to suck cock and balls of manager

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Nigga I’m a Jabbawocky

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I guess so

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kek cant believe you had one so close to that handy

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Kek burgerpunk kino

>> No.49236691

It made a somewhat free market for labor again. Employers that offered shit pay, bad benefits, bad working conditions, or other degrading shit that no one wanted to do, lost those employees.

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At what point does burgerpunk become an actual thing that people get nostalgic and long for? Like vaporwave / future funk for the post 9/11 rundown hell of middle america?

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Here's another wagie dance

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based marty https://i.4cdn.org/wsg/1653876301663.webm

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>while socially distant I am emotionally close
To fucking suicide, who comes with this shit? Lucifer himself?

>> No.49238059

Jesus Christ.

>> No.49238458

Pol must make this art film

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Holy shit, some finally did it.
>Pick up the can, wagie.

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Store managers make 150k/yr. If he's taking phone calls on his off days then he's salaried and he's already make 55k/yr minimum.

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Abandoned us long ago.

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checked satan

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Clearly you haven’t worked a shitty job. It’s not 1980, HD cameras exist. Don’t fuck with the corporate bottom line wagon. Get back in cagie

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That would make a lot of sense in a non globohomo world.
Unfortunately what happens is they have quotas and it doesn't matter if you want to do the shitty job, they will force you to do the shitty job and everything else possible.

>> No.49241820

And how many dicks did you suck along the way?

>> No.49242490

Nothing more collectivist than private corporations in a free market capitalist system is there numbnuts?

>> No.49243296

>In Christ,
So.. Fvcking... Zased...

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I smashed at the dads laptop when i was 1 year old in 2011. I have bought 30000 btc by accident. Now i am the richest nigga in the hood. Get fucked wagie cinge boomer

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this is literally THX1138

>> No.49243757

>That's because our school system is set up that way, to get us indoctrinated and docile to the workforce.
Ah. no wonder I'm different.

I was constantly looking for ways to be treated differently and avoid being cattle

"study hall" where you weren't allowed to converse with friends and had to silently read or do hw for 40min? Naw I got a pass to go to the band room, from the band director, who treated us like humans and just let us hang. sometimes I did work, sometimes I socialized; I was treated with respect

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>My normie friends and family keep harping that it's weird. What did I miss out on kek?
You missed out on anything you could have done instead. What do you have to show for the past 8 years? A better body? A relationship? Some experience in life at least? Or do you just have some PUBG wins, 10 runescape accounts, escape from tarkov experience, etc?

In my case, I was halfway through my 6 year tech career by 26 (semi-retired from ETH now).

Look at the markets the past decade. You missed out on working in the largest economic expansion ever. I wish I started working tech jobs in 2016 and wish I could have experienced the ride even earlier.

That said, CS jobs are extremely homosexual, which is why I plan to do something else soon. Just cashing in 300k/year for doing next to nothing as long as I can now, while living in Asia, because why not

>> No.49243871

Oh also, the earlier you earn your money, the better. Money earned in your 20s is multiples more valuable than 30s, so you will have to make just that much more

I know people that did a bootcamp and got serious around age 28 though, so you'll be ok, just not as optimized as some.

>> No.49243885

its big chingus heckn chungus

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>> No.49245106

And by Asia you mean Thailand or Vietnam?
White guys that romanticize these shitholes are mentally ill.

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You realy don't understand anything about what's going on around you do you? The idea that the biggest industrialists would desire socialism is crazy to an idiot like you.

>> No.49245761

but why

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the mask goes OVER THE NOSE

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>the employees allegedly volunteered\
I would too

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I'm reading this thread while sitting at work because I don't get holidays off and it's making me kind of depressed desu

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So now that the elites behind the (((corporate structure))) are using fear of unemployment to coerce wagies to dance and inject poison into them, let's think of other abominable but perfectly legal things (((they))) could force wagies to do.
I'll start:
Being used as a doormat.
Report on colleagues who have politicaly incorrect opinions.
Take various BigPharma drugs that (((the experts))) say would make the world a better place.
Take immigrants into your home.

>> No.49246159

>tfw going for cyber degree
>tfw going to start a near $16 an hour dishwasher job specifically so people leave me the fuck alone and I can just do my job in peace so I can get some shekels before going to an actual career
The trick is to go for something that has the least amount of responsibility possible while also having the least micromanaging. That being said if I was to go work at a store, night shift seems pretty nice health problems aside. Just go in, do what needs done, then go the fuck home. Just as god intended.
t. 23 and was a manager at a store once, shits not worth it bros

>> No.49246189

Meds anon

>> No.49246348

I see you are aware. Good stuff.

>> No.49246465

thank fuck you guys are here to be so based and redpilled

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>> No.49246591

Regardless how cucked the west gets asia always succeeds in being worst.

>> No.49246621


I was in a Vegas mall and the store manager was screaming at me to put my mask over my nose. What a Fucken cuck lol

This was during the height of the pandemic right when stores were reopened.

>> No.49246722

Imbeciles like you are the same leftards that were telling us, when the vaccination campaign started, that forcefull vaccinations are a "right wing conspiracy theory". You probably already forgot, in my experience with leftists they have a very short memory.

>> No.49248345

I hate the argument that just becuase someone else is suffering more it invalidates your sadness

>> No.49249414

If I was your kid I would rather go to college for my art degree and let your store you built close down.

>> No.49250399

i wonder how well this correlates with any gain in sales performance whatsoever, even if only momentary. it must work or why would they be doing it anon? why would they make the wagies do a little dance for them?

>> No.49250587

that would be Jeff Bezos but yes.

>> No.49250819

It's always the same shit can we get new posts for once?

>> No.49251346

this webm genuinely makes me laugh every time i see it, thanks for posting

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zoomzoom wagie dance party

>> No.49251945

Next to the Topic Of The Month table. Fucking normie meme is real

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When you have /tg/ scenarios based entirely around consooomers. It's bizarre, it's the good old days for the children of yuppies to look at and wish for their ball pits in fast food restaurants again and back when Garfield was supposed to be somewhat funny.
Literally, it's just getting Garfield-pilled, and pining for the endless greed and gluttony.

>> No.49252258


>> No.49252561



>> No.49253273

He promised not to flood the world ever again.
The rainbow was a symbol of His promise.
The degenerate and demonic masses use that same symbol to taunt God by saying He can't touch them without breaking His promise.

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checked but also lol and lmao

>> No.49253466

I would unironically kill myself and a bunch of others before me if I lived in Namerica

>> No.49253680

>Morning warm up
I worked overnights at an oil camp and we had these and safety meeting at the end of the shift.
Kept getting in trouble for falling asleep, but couldn't help it. When I stopped moving around my body was exhausted

>> No.49253791

Wagies are scum and deserve everything and more

>> No.49253956

>Now I own my own business at 25
What kind of business?

>> No.49253978

your wife cheats on you all day

>> No.49254049


i thought the great resignation was a meme but i was in central florida last week and there were we are hiring signs and posters in almost every 2nd retail store and resteraunt I walked by.

Why don't American wagies want to worm anymore?

>> No.49254084

Yes. I did this at a dog kennel/groomer. Had to clean up shit and piss in the dog runs. Not even close to as labor intensive as washing/drying dogs, but disgusting for those who care about such trivialities. I’d lock myself in one of the kennels in the top row with a pillow and take a nap while being clocked in. I could hear if anyone was coming so I’d be able to jump down and pretend I was working. Super comfy job. Better than delivering pizzas.

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>95% women
*inhales deeply*
giving them the right to vote was a fucking mistake.

>> No.49255684

Kek the one enthusiastic as fuck guy? Why?

>> No.49255953

I literally pushed some cunt over in the JB HiFi during the COVID hysteria. I couldn't take it, I was so incredulous when some fat faggot started chastising me to put the mask over my nose. Fucking wage cucks man they were the worst part about the whole thing, they were just invited by the public to police them - retail employee lanyards were police badges or something. I just pushed him and he fell over. I fucking just left I wasn't going to be a meme on Facebook but I could not handle it I could not control myself. Girlfriend was very embarassed.

>> No.49255997
File: 350 KB, 400x166, 9e09f9e2-2d49-40c8-879f-d16dfeb4235d_text.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

do u beat ur missus too?

>> No.49256033
File: 111 KB, 1269x760, 1626959961113.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I work in retail and constantly had boomers and karens coming up to me to inform on those with no mask on or a mask under their nose and every time I just stared at them and informed them that I am not the mask police and went about my business. Hate these fucking faggots

>> No.49256856

5/10 bait in actuality but because you received so many responses I'll give you a 6.5/10. Must be a slow day

>> No.49256989
File: 1.46 MB, 576x1024, 1625897464342.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Praise our supermarket heroes that keep the economy chugging along!

>> No.49257117


>> No.49257127

None of those employees are ok with it. They all feel like they're dying in side while they're dancing.

All businesses are just ego trips from the owners and managers. Literally the only reason why rich people start businesses is to they can walk into the place of business and swing their big dick around and get kissed up to and bang the cute female workers.

>> No.49257207

Cute. I made 200k at 22 in software engineering when I graduated college. You do need at least a 125 IQ though, that cuts out almost all of this board

>> No.49257250
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>The eternal boost

>> No.49257253
File: 354 KB, 1600x1066, superheroes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.49257391
File: 3.77 MB, 600x336, 1630582385693.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.49257498

lol i worked in a dog boarding place too. I would close up so everyone would leave and then I would play hearthstone on my phone for like an hour before I started cleaning up lol. I knew where my boss looked to see if i was cleaning so i just hit all those areas super hard and they thought I was the best kennel assistant.

>> No.49257553

it takes the average wagie 18 years of constant, unceasing indoctrination to do what they do

The indoctrination was shattered instantly by the lockdowns

>> No.49257571
File: 320 KB, 640x444, 1504455665266.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lmao holding wagies hostage by staying in the store. I never thought of it like that...

>> No.49257883

He feeds on their misery

>> No.49257956

Anyone have any real tips for getting over the dread of work?
I don't even have a job and I'm gonna miss the next run. Not to mention just not having money and therfor won't ever have a family.
I had a job. Even climbed the ladder but was too much of a coward to negotiate my first salary. Quality is a 45k a year here but I made essentially 37k, which was only a $1.50 raise from the easy job I had on the floor.
Then all of a sudden I'm responsible for shipping, all of the asshole's parts, supervising without the ability to write up, AND staying on top of logistics' bullshit. Not to mention the worthless union faggots who hate me, you know the guys. Unions are great in principle, but the fat 50 year olds...
The engineers were cool though.

>> No.49258315

All that's missing is Ricky Gervais (!)

>> No.49258399

Based, did you get to terminate any shitbulls?

>> No.49258407

What got me over really hating work was reducing my hours. Working 3 days instead of 5 made me enjoy life a lot more, it also made me feel like my weeks weren't completely wasted because of work as well.

>> No.49259063
File: 95 KB, 359x277, KyubeyMadokaMagica.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Man, some days I just hate my job, especially as I'm not paid much considering the area I have to live in, but then I remember that my government IT job let me work 3 days from home, meaning responding to 3 emails a day and playing vidyas the rest of the time. On top of having 9 weeks of paid leave.
I want to make it soon to retire, as I still have to wake up on the morning and it fucking sucks, but threads like this help me remember I have it good enough.

>> No.49259267
File: 53 KB, 456x718, 1630877313513.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.49259487

there is no way this world is heaven, basically we live in hell this is modern day slavery simple as there is no god period

>> No.49259517

all niggers and women wtf

>> No.49259552

I worked at a walmart when I was a teenager. I am 100% certain you need to be a sociopath to be in management.

>> No.49259573

Not a bad idea.
It hurts the money gain but like I said I'm not doing shit right now anyway, so some is better than none.

>> No.49259583
File: 855 KB, 1200x800, amazon cuck box.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.49259789

>They unironically do this and don't see anything wrong with it
My thoughts exactly.

>> No.49259840

The one I worked at was mostly functioning tweakers so same thing I guess

>> No.49259906

man thats just having fun in a shit job, nothing to do with the wagie waggle

>> No.49260086
File: 26 KB, 480x960, 1626348365999.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

just having a little fun! I love my job LOL

>> No.49260174

It's to keep manager morale up, by making them feel powerful by humiliating the grunts.

>> No.49260345

>and vape.
Fuck off

>> No.49260870

a classic.

>> No.49261048

U M A M I is a god....that is all

>> No.49261240

Damn, its been years seen since I've seen horror mode Garfield. Blessed oldfag. Thanks for reminding me this exists. Post some terror time Lucky Star girl next.

>> No.49261504

The lesson here is this anon fell asleep at work on an oil rig.

If you work at a store or factory, do less work. Theres literally nothing they can do.
When was the last time you saw someone fired? And I don't mean for a no call no show. I mean, the manager walked on the floor to the wagie's post and fired him on the spot.

>> No.49261925

probably stacking the frozen food section would be this job. nobody likes to do it because it takes ages and its freezing, talked to the guy at my regular supermarket who always did it told me he got pneumonia twice doing this shit because they wouldnt let him wear gloves and a jacket because it was 'against company policy' guy was just a normal quiet autist like us but was getting shit on and treated as 'the weird guy' but other people he worked with since he kept to himself... i hope hes doing alright now

>> No.49262098

you know what the best part about that thing is? It's kept on a timer and if you stay there too long you are fired security escorts you out of the building

>> No.49262802

This only works if your position doesn't have a productivity quota. They will just expect you to do more if you volunteer.

>> No.49264928

i like their new, neon-blue bright work vests. they look even more embarrassed than ever to be seen working there

>> No.49265121

Not to imply that they hadn't completely undermined their trust before, but nurses doing things like this and making a mockery of the medical field while they're entrusted with life and death outcomes is a complete woman moment. Things like dignity and professionalism exist for a reason, they're not just some spook men care about for no reason.

>> No.49265646

I'd fail on purpose to get slapped by her to be honest

>> No.49266284

Who gives a fuck what men care about. lil fags just need to man up and shut up

>> No.49267506

>lil fags just need to man up and shut up
Dignity and professionalism is what compels men to do exactly this
You will never be a woman

>> No.49268812

Jesus thats cringe as fuck and I was literally in marching band holy shit