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So, does this site ever work?

>200 trade attempts
>0 successes

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usually attempt 201 works.

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Is attempt 201 usually "insufficient funds"? Meaning a few of the failed attempts actually DID go through, overspending the shit out of your account?

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the denseness hahahahha

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I meant, spending more than you intended.

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I use Kraken for its charts, not its market. It can barely handle the load of low-peak traffic, let alone high-peak traffic. Like 50% of the time I try to move through its pages I get that "Cloudfare: Page Could Not Load" error thing. Awful, awful site that can't handle the smallest bit of stress.

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I've been told from someone working there that the main issue is their trading engine, that they're already close to fixing it, but that there's no release date, yet.

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Appreciate it.

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i've read on their twitter account that "the fix" is going to be rolled out in early december. which is now kek

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Website doesn't work.
Trading engine doesn't work, bypassing the website with trading apis doesn't work.
You need to refresh the website for 20 minutes if you want to withdraw or deposit.

Don't give them your money with trading and withdrawal fees.

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Word on the street is they pushed it back to late early mid-December

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Best platform for weakhanded fags
You cant sell even if you put less than 20 attempts

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Are they better than tradingview?

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no, Kraken is always junk. Do they even offer any pairings that Binance/other exchanges don't? why do people use this

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They got plenty of nice pairs, especially for eurofags
Most notably XMR / EUR

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What are other alternatives tho for eurofags?
SEPA deposit are nice, no fees.

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Because it's the only EURO liquid exchange I know of.

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They appear to have issues at the moment.


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>use Kraken for its charts
You know you they use TradingView's charts right?
And Cryptowatch (which they acquired)

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>by the time buy order comes through its time to sell
>by the time sell order comes through its time to buy
repeat until no money left

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>mfw I've been waiting for a SEPA transfer for over 2 weeks

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There are minuscule like 0,15-0,25% fees
For Big3 GDAX
The rest kraken

Cant really tell about the hardcore shitcoins, I considered Litebit, but didnt try it. They got big ass spreads for buy/sell however

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>tfw perfect timed 1 BTC market order gets executed as pic related

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Sort of true.

More like:

>Can only buy or sell when you'd be stupid to do so

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It used to be good until bitcoin became popular. Just holding some of my coins there for the moment, no use trading on it.

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WTF put that shit on a paper wallet then, for your own sake.

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if you go on late at night and any time you want to navigate, click the link and open it as a new tab, that seemed to work for me last night when getting the majority of my holdings off there.

Is there any alternative that takes SEPA transactions ?

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What do you guys think of Bitstamp? I think I will start using them to buy btc since they have no withdrawal fee.

Bitstamp takes SEPA.

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Kraken's advanced orders are the best I've seen. Trailing stop etc. Before they disabled them atleast. If they can get their shit together it's THE best fiat portal. I'm not asking for much... I don't mind waiting 5-10 seconds for every page to load... I just don't want to have to retry orders/withdrawals for over 200 times before they succeed.

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