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What you need to succeed for 2018.

If you break down the entire crypto market, you have huge piles of shit hiding a few diamonds. These diamonds will shine through within the next fiscal year. If it isn't obvious to you already, take a look at pic related and ask yourself what these platforms offer and why they are better then their Alt cloins (coin/clone).

I wont get into it here as personally I don't give a fuck about most of you, however, I know this will resonate with a few of you non-brainlets here...

In short:

BTC/LTC: They are your Checking and Savings Accounts. Keyword: Lightning.

ETH: Ethereum Will Continue to Scale.

NEO: ETH's Chinese Step brother, will fill the gaps left by ETH in future development.

XRP: WILL be the crypto used by Global Finance.

XMR: You'r untraceable link to FIAT, this will be the "cash" of cryptocurrency.

LINK: Link will literally LINK (it cant be any more obvious) each and any exisiting chains to the outside world, every business will use ChainLink is some way, whethere its running on a coffee shops POS terminal or connecting data from NASDAQ to the block chain, and literally everything in between. Every app on your phone will be using data provided via ChainLink network at some point.

Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves.

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All those are good, except link

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Whether you link it or not LINK will be a major component in the crypto space.

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>no iota

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You left out MCO, which will be used for crypto debit cards. You'd know this if you were in the discord.

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IOTA will be back to $1.50 in a month

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Fuck your shitty faggot discord, are you 13 years old? gtfo pussy.

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Linkies are fucking betas.
IOTA is the new chad coin.

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what about ARK? REQ? Steller? and other shit? So many coins don't even know what they do.

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Nice try LINKfaggot.
Everyone smart knows REQ is gonna btfo of faggotSTINK.

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I'm not a Linkie, but IOTA is cuck-coin, desu.

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so a project that literally needs LINK in order to have success is gonna btfo LINK?? holy shit youre fucking stupid

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Tfw no bitbeans

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Shit. Someone on /biz/ basically made a list of coins and it is my entire profile. Time to sell them all I guess. God dammit OP!

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And yet no one wants to buy the shit Lmao
You aren't smarter than the market, no matter how far you've deluded yourself

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>someone lists all the common sense coins
>ark lacking but whatever
>shit, I liked them before they were cool. Now that they are manistream I'm selling
What the hell man. This is not a shitty hipster band, you actually want everyone to use those coins

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>BTC/LTC: They are your Checking and Savings Accounts. Keyword: Lightning.
so what you're saying is BTC is the best to invest your money in

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>Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves.
Worst post I've seen all week.

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Oh come the fuck on... I have ARK too. Ahhhhh. I have the /biz/ curse.

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alternatively, here's another set
likely to outperform btc
smart contracts
money transfers and liquidity
japanese (likely to continue being used) & hopefully a safe haven for value against btc crash - expect steady decline in value for a while
>3 shitcoins of your choice
just stay away from distributed storage.
liquidity, decentralized exchanges, and smart contracts are probably your best prospects (also fuck link & IOTA)