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Does anyone here still unironically believe in ChainLink? Why?

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because they have lost too much holding it and believing is the only thing that stops them from killing themselves

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Sergey has been involved with crypto since 2008. Do you really think that he would abandon this project now, when it is so close to launch?

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Hey guys, stinky linkie here. We linkies are officially deluded and lost this war. Please apologize for not listening to you.

T. Increasingly stinkylinkie.

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Close to lunch

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If nobody believed in LINK then there wouldn't be a single thread about in on /biz/

If you didn't have at least some belief in LINK, you wouldn't have made this thread, and you wouldn't have LINK memes saved.

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Nice just bought 100k

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I don;'t even understand the question. In a way ChainLink is even bigger news than smart contracts in the first place, because it facilitates not only SCs but any communication between blockchains and legacy systems.

Like, it's impossible to even understand the extent of the use case. The use case is too big to even articulate. How fucking crazy is that? It's a revolution so big you can't even see the horizons of it if you look.

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I believe that LINK exists. Even though I've... never seen it personally.

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King Serg invented bitcoin and chainlink at the same time

Let BTC run wild full of design flaws and now we are waiting the flippening to smart contracts in everyday society

Link $2.79 march18


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This sell wall is getting fucking devoured and the price didn't drop a bit what does it mean?

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Einstenium already pulled a x200 in like 10 days.
Why are we talking so much about link and letting moonmissions like iota or emc2 pas

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it means everybody holding link is autistic enough to just hold and/or keep accumulating more link

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Sounds familiar..

BTC was shilled like this 3-4 years ago.
CL and SCs are still ahead of the game

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Never gonna stop believin'

Jus' like the song says: DON'T STOP

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Because its about to moon right this moment.

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Hands: Iron
Faith: Unshaken

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what, go up like two cents? Haha

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Counter question: what exactly has changed since a month ago?

Sure there has been activity in markets, But that is irrelevant to my belief in Link.

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>what exactly has changed
Sergey is dead, and Rory is in full crisis mode trying to cover it up so the company smartcontract.com (a company with .com in the name, kek) doesn't collapse.

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Got some LINK for you right here friend.

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>Rent free

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>so the company smartcontract.com (a company with .com in the name, kek)
Wait, so they don't own "SmartContract" as a business name, only "SmartContract.com"?

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all the asshats here will fomo so hard into Link when this takes off and post pink wojacks of regret why they believed the FUD and didn't buy in at sub 1$.

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Behold the giant crystal!
The source of Laputa's power.

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you'll see it in the news soon enough. he's dead. I'm sorry. He choked to death on a big mac.

pic related, Sergey Nazarov, former CEO of smartcontract.com, rest in peace. He's eating big macs in heaven now

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It has awaited the return of the king for 700 years.

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Linku-tan is my main reason.
That and the Supreme FUD memes link has provided.
You can say what you want about the coin but it has some of the best memes around.
And I believe in meme magic.
Link is the Trump of crypto.

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Yep the memes are great, but I think it's hilarious that the only funny memes are the FUD memes. The pro-LINK memes are pure cringe. I hope that it doesn't matter, because I hold a shit ton of LINK and obviously want it to succeed lol

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Over the past few weeks i've come closer than ever to finally realising the potential of LINK.

I've watched sergey presentations with 56 views, seen his funny side, his smart side, and ultimately fell in love
I've scrutinized ari juels' biography and realise he is satoshi. im not joking.. dyor
And just last night I translated the chainlink whitepaper into binary code, fed it into a data visualizer and seen things so beautiful.. so unimaginable.

chainlink will connect the real world to the blockchain/tangle world. the language of our future universe.

Linkies, this is our bible - The Signal:

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Because they are working with swift. /thread

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Is this the ultimate level of link delusion?

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Don't /thread yourself newfag

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>Einstenium already pulled a x200 in like 10 days
wtf was that about

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>believing in crypto at all

No, I'm just here for the pnd

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A well-orchestrated PND maybe? Don't know anything about this coin.

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sirgay :D

yess thicc daddy please show me ur daddy juice XDDD

big daddy with thicc sirgay cockk ;^)

gonna eat sirgay's cummies :DD

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how much link u have bro?

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alright I guess that's not a shit ton but obviously I still want it to go up

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ok thanks for answering
>dat feel when i only have 1k link

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most inverstors in EMC2 are in there 40's and 50's

all the grandpas at my job hold it.

you neets just need to go out in the world

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I have 70k and I still feel it's not nearly enough

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>tfw not a NEET but a wagecuck
Being a NEET sounds so comfy.