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So... should I buy IOTA now? Is this the last dip?

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its been holding steady at 24 for a while. set a buy order around here but don't go all in so you don't cuck yourself.

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yes and don't forget to suck Tyrone's dick when they build a (((refugee))) camp at your backyard

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Truthful answer: no, we sold our bags.

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I quit im holding my btc u cant even withdraw iota on binance chink scam site

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The manlet dev was on TV with the Volkswagen CDO just this morning...

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What the hell is squawker? I never heard of it before. Is it some kind of sloppy amateur site that write laughable articles?

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this, but also pic related

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kek typical leftists

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There’s $1.5 billion volume, these walls are literally nothing, especially when the pump is done mainly by Korea.

Also, daily reminder that the biggest IOTA news ever “Q” is to be released in December and there are very likely rumors of bittrex snd bithumb listing. Unless you’re a brainlet you know what that means.

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Iota is well earned around 3,5-4,5 dollar.
Btc rockets again, alts Tank.
Whats new here?

Just hold or at least do the opposite what the majority of biz tells you to do.

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Bittrex will list IOTA tomorrow.

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Every time you spend a dollar on IOTA a white European woman gets culturally enriched. Buy IOTA to save Europe from whitness.

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But iota is about helping people in the middle East and africa...
What kind of FUD are you spewing....?

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All alts are tanking?

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Q is the middle letter between the "N" in binance and the "t" in bittrex. n.... o....p.....Q....r....s.....t

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Stfu, based chad Sonstebo will be building refugee cities to isolate the refuge savages from the white man’s society and will single-handedly save the white race while the refugee sandniggers destroy their cities and slave for the white man.

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I agree this is desirable and they can grow and thrive in Europe. Did islam can come and save a white man from himself.

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Is he a chad or a virgin /pol/tard loser who fell for "le racewar" meme?

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Good, European women deserve black cocks

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State othwrwise.
Ripple, link and ark are mostly dead.
Ether is dropping like a stone, litecoin lost $10 in 3 days, monero lost 40 in two days, eth classic lost 6 dollar in 4 days.


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>have a timeframe of 2-4 days to think forward as an investor

Sorry, but you will never make it. No, I am serious.

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>iota will fail bc it is falling for two days
>that doesnt apply to my shitty altcoins which are worth 20 pennies each. Im gonna make it

Literal brainlet right there

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He is an ultra chad. He will take away all refugee woman and colonize them while letting the rapefugees slave away for the white man.

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quoting myself here:
>have a timeframe of 2-4 days to think forward as an investor

Sorry, but you will never make it. No, I am serious.

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T. Normie

Im trying to get rich now im going to be dead within a year

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Is this a conspiracy theory site? I see lots of stuff about assassination attempts and alt-right immigration talking points.

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It’s an Alt Right site that is somehow even worse and less relevant than Breitbart. poltards have hit a new low

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Muh superior genes xDDDDD

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IOTA is an obvious pump and dump with nonsensical technology.

Step 1: Miniature ICO for $0.5M, devs buy most of it

Step 2: bake in an intentional backdoor in the code to be used in step 3, wait till someone finds it (found by MIT analysts eventually)

Step 3: Claim it was copy protection that's no longer necessary after being detected. Use this as an excuse to confiscate balances of most users not in the scheme - 10% of ALL coins!



October 25:
"Since it turned out that there are people who managed to lose their seed and also many people who did not transition yet, the IOTA foundation has taken the precaution to remove those old-style kerl addresses from the Tangle and has taken custody of them."

December 6:
"Your balance will remain 0 until the IOTA Foundation begins processing reclaims. Follow their progress via the pinned Reclaim Status thread in the General forum "

Step 4: Find some worker from a big company that's willing to be... enticed... to shill for iota. That's the fire needed to jump-start the pump.
The guy they found is called Omkar Naik and is a random sales guy at Azure.
The Cisco rumour was false from the beginning.
The only big name that appears to be genuinely fooled is Rolf Werner, director of a German Fujitsu branch.

Step 5: dump

The only hope for bagholders is that they still have some pumps planned. RUN AWAY.

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Honestly? Whoever bought and FOMO'd into this IOTA shitpiece at 4-5$ should be punished and lose a lot of money for his stupidity. I really hope a lot of people lose lots of money. They also clearly didn't do any research at all.

What do people actually expect? Another x10 within some weeks? So much stupidity actually just makes me sad. This is just depressing.

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COmments on that article are pretty much all saying its BS. Take it with a grain of salt.

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If IOTA is a good coin, why isn't it on bittrex

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because its tangle so its harder to implement. anyway if you go the the iota sub you can see there that people alerady discovered that it coming to bittrex...this being said it doesnt deserve this valutation

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hard to believe people buy into scams so easily ...

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when the FOMO is strong they seem to kick their brains into some sort of delirium.

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Stop linking that buzzfeed tier clickbait site squawker faggot

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read the comments

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Yeah man, saw people in this board saying that IOTA would be 10$ by EOY and 100$ next year xDDDD

fucking idiots don't understand what marketcap is!!!

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if IOTA ends up with the same mc as Bitcoin it will be 92$

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guys im fucking scared do i sell now or hold?

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I'm clearly new to this and needed this kick in the nuts.

I bought 35 IOTA yesterday. It's went down quite marvelously, and I'm wondering if I should sell or hold. If holding, I'm only holding to the point where I can sell without a loss.

I need to consolidate anyway.

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last dip? its dead my friend.

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And you think that will happen in a year?

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after immense pump it will take a while to recover to this level, if it ever does. you either hold 6 months or sell before it dips further. may recover more once BTC stabilizes at a level.

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probably not, but it's not thaaaat far out. Give it 2-3 year and i coud se IOTA catching up to todays btc mc, given they actually manage to get a working product out

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>Up $6k
>Not bitcoin

You and that author should both consider suicide. Fuck you are stupid.

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Stay poor bro.

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Im in both, you're still stupid.

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>linking that buzzfeed tier clickbait site squawker faggot
> Anonymous (ID: N6E8G5HI) 12/07/17(Thu)23:42:29 No.4844836▶
>read the comments
> Anonymous (ID: J+NEzkcn) 12/07/17(Thu)23:45:49 No.4844885▶>>4844944
>Yeah man, saw people in this board saying that IOTA would be 10$ by EOY and 100$ next year xDD

I was on a youtube trading stream last night and the comments were claiming it would hit $10K by 2018 and $1mill in 3 years

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fucked up the format btw, didnt mean to tag everyone

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how low will it go?> when should i buy in again

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I bought at 5 dollars okay. It's gonna dump to the ground and then I'll probably use a painful rope

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thats just retarded. But 10$ eoy or even q1 can happen

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Everything about IOTA is a massive red flag. It might be worth trading in the short term to make some profit off of stupid people but actually investing in the long term? You're gonna get burned when people realize it's a terrible currency and/or the devs steal your money.

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How is your bubble going

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$10 eoy is quite likely
$100 and more next year is possible when the BTC bubble bursts
$10k to $1mil requires the technology to actually become the backbone of the iot
which is not completely impossible if you look at their entanglement with the big industrial players

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>Tfw spend around 150 USD and 150 USD on ethereum.
>First time trader

Did I did good

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75% of all tokens is in the top 100 wallets ...


Most oif these will have been bought at the $500,000 ICO, which means about 2 hundreth of a USD CENT each. Hahaha.

So it's not a question of if it will be pumped again. But when. So just hold anons and get out at the next pump. Because there is 75% that still needs to be unloaded.

Just make sure you don't hold the bag at the last pump.

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>150 USD iota
>150 USD eth

Oh shit anon did I fucked up

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They're both pretty shit right now. Prepare to hold bags like me for ages

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We should just round them all up and kill them along with iota employees

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Just exited with 18% gains. The lessons I've learned are:

a) never give into FOMO
b) listen to the voice in my head that's telling me to sell

If this goes lower, I'll gradually buy into it again.

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>check website before spending time reading the article
>hillary clinton believes there is an "earth 2 where she is president"

What a credible source you got there

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I mean besides the other shitty articles on the website, you just have to read an official response from Dominik Schiener in the comments to debunk everything, it was just a clickbait title, very common these days.

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sell, you fucking mongrel

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>$10k to $1mil
There's waaaay to many IOTAs for that price, it would take fucking decades

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What exactly is this new Bitcoin fork?

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>LMAO what are supply and market cap

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Can you do a simple multiplication?