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How does this feel? I am so proud of myself for not fomoing into the green candles.

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>24 cents
>1751 Sats
You did good not to FOMO but looking at those numbers it's clear this was BTC wrecking alt ass more than anything else.

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Congrats on this, seriously.

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Feels good. Just bought the bottom.

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Feels pretty good considering I bought it at 1700 sats and sold at 2810, rebought at 2350, sold at 250, and can now buy way more.

You're complimenting yourself on not being a retard. You missed out on gains. You also just didnt lose money by not being a retard.

I bet you value yoru participation medals for coming in 2nd last place, neck-neck with jimmy the downey.

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>shitting on LINK specifically when every alt is dropping

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But muhhhhh linkkkkkkkkkkk muhhhhhh bcashhhhhhhh muhhhhh dragon slayyyyyaaaa

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No, I didn't miss out. I was too late to the party and missed getting rekt. I can consider buying NOW however.

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Thank god

I was worried I wouldn't get to buy more

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>>I didn't miss out
>>I was late to the party

You're an idiot so

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Feels pretty normal as a LINK holder to be h.

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>buy into pumps

Yeah buddy, you're surely making a lot of money with your rational decisions.

>muh just time the market

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Kek, saved

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this one is really nice

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10 Points for Hufflepuff

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I will NEVER forgive Bitcoin for this.

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saved holy kek

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yep BTC ruined our moment

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Well, used the chance to buy 50k at 1800 sats. I hope this is not a disappointment!