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Does anyone on here buying altcoins valued under $1 genuinely believe they will be rich in a few years?

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You ask this like ETH never was under 1$

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I had ~20 bitcoin when they were worth nothing and lost them so you tell me.

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Rich? No. But I guess I'll just have to live with these thousands.

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Yes, BAT.

It can always be traded away anyways ,so, yes.

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you ask this like link was never under 1$

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i should specify right now

i'm saying this as someone who's missed every train

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How do you miss every train? Trains leave the station all the time. In fact a Monero train is leaving the station today.
Choo choo

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Yes. REQ will make me rich.

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I can agree with this, definitely one of my favorite coins.

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Antshares turned out great.

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REQ is at 10 cents and will easily 10x within 6 months.

Then it will be over a dollar though so how should i answer this stupid question?

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>using $ value and not marketcap



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I know it's hyped a lot now, but I first bought in (160K) when they were 0.03 euro cents, and kept hodling as kraken removed fiat pairs, and their value dropped to about a third of that. Heck, I even bought 33k more.

It's rocketed up in value three times now, so I'm not selling until 2018 at the earliest.