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I successfully rode my first shitcoin to 1 satoshi! I could have sold at 9, 8, 7, even 2 sats! But nope, I HODLED like a champ all the way to 1. Do I get some kind of award for a feat like this?

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I'm sorry anon for real

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>tfw I lost 8x more than this on chain link

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Some people are just born losers. You're one of them. Oh well, kill yourself.

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say did you include the fee's for trading/exchanging?

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Lol. In what God forsaked exchange did you trade this shitcoin, anyway?

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Nigga it says CE right there in blockfolio

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There's no award anon.... but you can buy the dip.

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If I buy now I can't possibly lose right? It can literally only go up, and the very first step upwards doubles my investment

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Yes, A pump of 4 sats is like 400% gains. I thought I was smart buying in at 10 sats, thought whoa 20 sats easy. Heh I was wrong. But yeah, literally can go any lower util they start trading against DOGE

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Whooo ty to whoever just pumped this to 3 sats!

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>tfw started in august and bought this, sia and gnt thinking i was smart for buying low priced shitcoins

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Congrats on this seriously

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what a bonehead!

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Thats the problem. Dumbasses buy low priced coins thinking "oh wow, if this coin I bought for 2 cents goes to 1 dollar Im gonna be rich!". Instead they bought a coin that has billions in circulation and don't understand how marketcaps work.

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