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What do you think Sergey is doing right now

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alternating between eating big macs and snorting coke off a hookers ass

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Working very hard.

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at least we made the man happy

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Stolen bike meme

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Sergey is a family man with traditional values.

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Sergey is alternating between eating Big Macs and snorting cocaine off of black BBW booty cheeks while Rory is furiously stroking his pencil dick in the corner with one hand and stonewalling investors in the slack with the other. That’s why all his “updates” trying to hide the fact that this project is a complete debacle are riddled with typos. A pile of unread resumes sit on the floor, drenched in Big Mac sauce. Steve is the only one trying. He’s locked away in his moms basement trying to learn GO. It’s such an obscure and asinine language that he can’t find the documentation he needs. He’s about to snap. He keeps frantically calling Sergey. Sergey only texts back, “new phone, who dis” and “32 million solves my oracle problem.” Steve’ mom’s basement reeks of the marijuana Steve smokes to cope with the stress. A thick haze from all the smoke lingers. All Steve can see are two faint lights. One is the blue light emitting from his shitty 2010 dell inspiron laptop. Somehow Sergey didn’t think they’d have money in the budget for him to get a new laptop. The other is the glimmer of steel of his colt 45 revolver with his one way ticket out of his hell.

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Bangin' bitches.

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Sergey is sleeping right now, morning soon.
Probably going to crack open few coconuts in the morning and drink fresh white coconut juice and look into whiteness of the insides.
This will trigger his brains and he suddenly start to remember his Chain Link logo. Shaked by the thought, he jumps into flight heading to NewYork on December 21st.
In the meantime, he enjoys fresh coconut juice.

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>32 million solves my oracle problem.


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Keep copy paste your fud. Just makes me want to buy

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Fucking lol

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This was probably written by a link holder.

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keep buying you deluded faggot, buy the whole market cap and shove it up your ass

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running pump groups like this one

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Obviously solving the oracle problem

Did Bill Gates communicate with minor investors when he was working in microsoft? i doubt it

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>being this autistic