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i don't care

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AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA told you about your ponzi shit, faggots.

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/biz/ is mostly /pol/ and some /g/

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average /pol/ tard is pic related.

Who cares about what those subhumans think.

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Dont forget /r9k/

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Roll call all boards report.
/mlp/ here just got unbanned.

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/pol/ is pro btc

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what race are you?

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Waaaa mommy da wacists are making fun of meeeeee

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I jump in at 3600. I am from /pol/. This shit is like gambling, only that time to retire its in the next 30 years. You all weak hands are losers.

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We are pol fuck face. it's the largest board

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Leftypol please fucking go

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Take it in stride anon. You'll be alright.

t. /pol/

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Coming from /v/ and buying in btc means I get free vydia 4 lyfe in 10 years right guys?

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we are all /b/ too with that bulletproof logic

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/pol/ is fucking plebbit tier when it comes to crypto,
same shit only just happened back in Aug when it touched 4k got on the news wholesale and then corrected.
watch them spaz out again at the next milestone

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what is r9k even i have read their sticky but i dont get what the fuck its about
my impression is thats where the turboautists of 4chan hide

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/gif/ is back there fucko

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>/pol/ is fucking plebbit tier when it comes to crypto,
And what is /g/? I'll tell you what it is, a bunch of fucking faggots.

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who fucking mentioned that you fucking weirdo? I know you post in /hm/

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Lurk more /r9k/ is notorious. Don't even post just spend a day there and you'll understand the entirety of their board culture. That is if you can last that long on that cancerous shit hole.

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also, that beats sharpie biz boiz by a mile. wtf?!

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Because this board was literally created because cryptomoney spam was all around /g/ back in 2011.

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Like I care what those degenerates think say or do

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ohh.. you don't say. tell me more senpai

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>This is literally us

Thats it. I dont want to be part of subhumanity

First dubs that qotes me gets all my 2 btc. Also post pen in pooper

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Like I ever had fucking bitcoins, I just trapped these naive retards to put shit in their ass.

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Who gives a shit what /pol/ thinks? Like, really?

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that's pathetic

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Yeah, that is pathetic. Not you being entrapped in a ponzi.

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me too. dgbmarines were low hanging fruit for a time I can tell you.

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but I am also /pol/

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Worst nu-crypto money comes from the /pol/ pseudo-intellectual KANTBOT types. You're too late, boyos.

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Nigga most of /biz/ is /pol/, and so what if they're having a laugh? I'm down substantially and enjoying every second of it. The market needed to correct. The only faggots that can be laughed at are those that bought the ATH. Even my fucking boomer dad got in earlier, and he also bought ETH and LTC. I told him that was a good move for a boomer. He's too damn old to start gambling on shitcoins like us.

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how much LTC will it take your dad to take gently ease a Sharpie or 3 up his wizzway?

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i'd be down for sending him 0.13 BTC
0.3 if you photobomb with thumbs up

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Love you /Pol..

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/pol/ is just as bad fuckface, they ain't immune

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>haha those faggots's BTC is dumping again, it can't even hold $10k
So they're laughing at us for only having had 10x gains? If those faggots had listened to us they would have made heaps of money this year.

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My dad's a /dad/. He won't put anything up his ass. He's a retired blue collar military contractor that fixed aircraft carriers and did lines of coke and fucked my mom in between that time. Showing him that I made 15k on crypto was the first time he wasn't disappointed in me. Not proud, just content. That's also what made him jump in, and he still fucking trolls me even then. He trolled me a couple nights ago because I was holding BTC but put it into alts. "That's no way to trade boy! I STILL HAVE MY BTC! DON'T YOU FEEL STUPID!"

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When aren’t they? It’s a containment board for opinions so large they wouldn’t fit in the rectum. /pol/ is literally a circlejerk for dregs, even worse than /b/ desu.
Chief problem of this board
/g/ and /sci/ fag

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Anyone else fancy a whip around to see how Mant BTC it takes this /dad/ dad to grease up his pooper and stick a carton of Sharpies up in it.

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/pol/, /biz/, /k/, /trash/ anon reporting in

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>almost everyone on /biz/ has a gross ass
What a shame

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I was surprised by the number of people with dildos.

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>/pol/ is literally a circlejerk for dregs, even worse than /b/ desu.

>Even worse then /b/

That's bullshit anon, and I know you're a young buck just by making that claim. /b/ is literally just "TRAP THREAD /S/ FUR BREAD RIDE LOLI THREAD DICK RATE THREAD TRAP THREAD LMAO!" /b/ is literally just /d/ but with less rules now. Nothing fun comes out of /b/ now. /b/ is that alley you go down when you want to nut but you don't want anybody to know about it. /b/ is not where fun is had anymore. It's just the same porno shit over and over again. Everybody who used to contribute to /b/ either grew up and has a job and a family, or moved to every other board but /b/. Every other board is more fun than /b/.

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i dont think so many of us have bought a couple of bitcoin

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literally just a /pol/ack

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It has been a while. I haven’t been on /b/ since the fappening.
I guess my biggest qualm with /pol/ is that half of the discussions are people bitching at each other for having a certain flag. However they did redpill me so maybe it’s not all bad.

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/pol/ here, haven't lurked here much before.

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/p/ here. i have to afford my film costs somehow.

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Was it this guy ?

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/pol/ and sometimes /fit/

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sieg heil!

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> innocent 4chan users were viciously cyberbullied by trolls from far right website 4 chan today

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> tfw you discover crypto and now creating DABcoin

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I wish there really was a way to keep bad people out of good memes

I was really into this one and thought for a second that maybe just maybe it would stay low and not suck in the filth of human degeneracy like this
But I was wrong

Kekistan lives

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/ic/ and /pol/ here, we're all going to make it right lads?

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/r - /r - /r9k/ h-here

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May we be blessed with the magic of Kek

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Obvious /fit/izen is obvious

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I literally only go on /biz/

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/int/ presenting eating a delicious SOPA

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>presenting eating

I'm retard, sorry.

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/pol/, /fit/, /lit/, /k/, /ck/, /news/ and /out/ are my main boards. Get well-rounded, faggots.

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After a few months of being off pol I got de-brainwashed again.

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>going to /pol/
>neckbeards wasting time discussing who is white
Who cares.

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it's show time

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>goes exclusively to 4chan
>thinks he's well-rounded

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/pol/ here
in case you were wondering, what's funny is
>your reactions to bitcoin crashes
>your lack of understanding that what goes up must come down
we don't dislike you or anything
and we do support crypto currency but not ethereum because communist shitters that create and maintain it.
Bitcoin is good tho

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/pol/ reporting in.

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>Caring about what race someone is when you look like a fucking neanderthal

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/his/ /fa/ /biz/

started out exclusively browsing /r9k/

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/x/ reporting in. Crypto markets are spookier than anything we could ever think of.

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/pol/ /fit/ /biz/ /bant/

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> a 2k flash correction after weeks of massive growth
SURELY this is the end of crypto

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started on /mu/, eventually moved to /biz/ 2 years ago. pol crypto refugees need to leave

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/pol/ & /sp/ represent

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>doesn't browse biz

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/pol/ /tv/ /v/

true plebeian mode

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>/k/ommando infestation
>surprised by the number of dildos

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I used to be only /pol/ but lately I'm only /biz/

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/pol/ reporting in

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/mu/ here

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/g/, /co/, /tv/, and /pol/ here.

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/k/ here.

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/3/ /aco/

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Nigga you know tha demographic.

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a/ here got the chinese check on btc by when it was 3300, what a wild ride biz is...

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/biz and /pol are the only boards I go on.

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A good percentage of people on /biz are from /pol

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/m/ reporting - present, ready, and here to laugh at you.

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Please, even /d/ has more culture than /b/.

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/Pol/ is shit tier. I waste time on /pol/ when I need to kill time but /biz/ /fit/ is the right choice.

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I am both /pol/ and /biz/ you mong. I buy shit that appreciated in value and sell it for profit. Anyone on /pol/ who is shit talking bitcoin because "muh internet money meme" must hate making quick massive fucking profits

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Anyone who shits on /pol/ here is a pajeet who would rather be called a pajeet on biz than a pooinloo on pol

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/o/ /g/ /k/ /pol/

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/pol/ reporting in sir

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Lurk the fuck more
/pol//a/c/k/ here.

>> No.4671086

/his/ reporting

>> No.4671104

/v/ and /vr/, sometimes /co/ and /tv/

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hello fellow /x/ bro. looks like we're the only ones.

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/x/ /pol/ /g/ /tv/, reporting for duty.