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So i just bought 10000$ of BTC, 10000$ of LTC and 10000$ of ETH every coin at a ATH on cuckbase. I had 12K i earned from ETH gainings since i bought some in march, for the rest i had to take up a cuckloan with 11% interest. Still feel comfy as fuck. Almost did the same thing back in march, damn i could be a millionaire by now. Im also gonna pump a few thousands in whatever Coinbase adds for the new year.
Fuck your shitcoins

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r you a merican that doesn't know you put $ before the value ? man you are retarded.
probably just larping.

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>comfortably retarded
Mark my words you big fat fag, the dawn of the bear will make you gag.

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>unironically buying at ATH

OP is an hero. Without people like him, crypto would be going nowhere.

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Its ok. I took a loan to buy eth just so i could get into two coins at ico. One is up 33x, one x2. The crypto gods have blessed us all, just hold.

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I think you dun goofed OP

hope you have how to pay for that loan

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btc is breaking ath every week, so i dunno. there seem to be a lot of ath fomo buyers

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I rather pay down my loan 1k a month than only buying 1k of crypto a month, shits about to take off.

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don't brag like your taking that much risk OP

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Where did you go to get a loan for crypto?

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I bet OP has his entire balance on cuckbase as well. Good luck with the IRS

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Norwegian NOK master race.
I have a shitty job as a mailofficer but even that pays €3100 a month so i dont have to live on the streets if i fuck up, but i will cry myself to sleep while masturbating for a while.

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Just remember to sell low, that's the biz way. You'll make it anon.

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wtf check'em

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0% apr credit card

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What you mean ? I could lend up to like 50K just my sending an sms if i wanted, i could spend it all on heroin for what they care, they will lend money to anybody with income at all. My houseloan is 3% interest, my cuckloan is 11% interest. There u have it.

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I have to pay 27%Tax of winnings over initial investment when i cash out, then its all good.
The price i have to pay for free healthcare, free schooling for my kids and feeding the sandniggers.

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Bwahahaha you are about to lose your shirt there, The others are ok holds, but the LTC pump is artificial.

Also, I hope you have at least enough to make the payments for the first 3-6 months. If BTC crashes or people cash out for christmas, we not see the 10k mark again for a while.

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I dont depend on instant gainz to pay off my debt, im holding and continuing to invest more for each paycheck.

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Wich coins ?

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put 10K in ETC also. thank me later bud

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Indeed, i think we will break 10k within the first week of december when 12.000.000 viewers of the shitcom Big Bang Theory is googling crypto after the Bitcoin episode.

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Does ETC have anything going on at all, seems like its just chasing? Maybe i will put a buy order of 1K if it goes below 17 again.

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bumping this

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You won't make anything you idiot. It's all about to correct.

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Congrats OP, you're gonna make it.

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u look so comfy op. well done.

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Don't take out loans to buy crypto.

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you will be rich anon welcome

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Congrats op, holding respected coins is the way to go.

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jokes on you
i buy loan stakes and let the company send the boys over when you default.

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please go back to lereddit and dont panic sell when it crashes

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You live dangerously anon, yet conservatively. A real man.
Don’t listen to (((market timers))), they know not of what they speak

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OP will make money. Bull still has plenty of steam.

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It is if the term is only 1 month which would mean a one time interest payment of $2k plus principal

$18,000(.11) = $1,980
$1,980/12 = $165 <- monthly interest

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please elaborate anon

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You aren't going to make over 20k profit in one month off of Bitcoin and you can't move the money from Bitcoin into your bank account anyway.

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loans are generally measured in annual interest, not monthly

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I think you are a dummy. I have loans that are measured in monthly interest. The interest rate doesn't stop you know retard.

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Glad you came forward, I was watching the order book and wondering who the fuck was buying 20 ETH at the ATH.

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You wouldn’t need to. You’d only need to beat interest, as you already have the principal.
If the value of the borrowed coins is greater than $19,980 you can cover the loan (in a one year term) and everything beyond that is profit.
So say the value becomes $20,000 at the end of one year. OP makes $20

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i suspect you dont know how its calculated

which is fine, few people do. the rates drop considerably lower if you pay weekly, delaying the annual build up.

but dont do that. cryptos are my gamble, loans are my business

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Are you people fucking dumb or something? You owe MONTHLY payments for loans. They don't just total the interest for one year and be like well that will be 2k in interest. It's 2k a month in interest totalling 24k of interest you owe for a full year plus the 18k in loans you took out. You are a dummy bro.

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Unless BBT tries to pull a red pill and make all the normies fear and/or laugh at bitcoin

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