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Post all chainlink Sergey memes
especially "I have a lot problems, but oracles aren't one of them" meme

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not a meme. the truth

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fuck this coin, all of my NEETbux are gone now

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Could someone please explain the toilet flushing one?

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These memes are gonna be so much fun to look back to in 1-2 years when us linkies gonna be filthy rich

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Could we somehow market Chainlink as some sort of decentralized public toilet payment system or whatever?

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"I have a lot problems, but oracles aren't one of them"

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This is the best one hands down

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Memes are the reason i bought this coin.
No regrets.

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he held the infamous sibos presentation in a room in the basement next to toilets. noone could hear what he was saying because the flushing was too loud, so he said fuck it and pulled out a bigmack from his back pocket. the rest is history

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Thank you!

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fucking kek m8

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Better quality here --> Ethereum uploaded his presentation


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>Ethereum Foundation

Oh shit, that's great!
What other shitcoins have they uploaded?

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Stay poor

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Im seriously asking if they have uploaded presentations of other coins

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All founder's wallets, in addition to the 30% node reserve have not been touched yet. Check the top wallets balances and transactions if you want additional confirmation. In addition to this, the top 50 wallets in general have only increased their holdings in the last month. They know something we don't.

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anyone got some dank rory memes?

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??? What are you talking about?

I just wanted to know if the ethereum foundation uploaded videos from other devs or just chainlink?

Guess I'll have to find out myself

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