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What if the nolinkers are the truly deluded ones?

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>What if

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Can’t tell if Link is just a meme or if it’s actually going to be profitable in the future.

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classic biztard

ya dude, don't buy.

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He thought the Link FUD was real

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Regardless you shouldn't buy you'll end up panic selling

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I suspected this the day the binance link withdrawal drama happened. 100% of the link in binance was from biz and someone withdrew 700k link at that time. Someone knows something...

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Link is going to Moon. It is well known once it gets on American exchange it will create more FOMO then anything we have ever witnessed

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don't buy until the top of the next pump.

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Is pic related true? Did biz disguised link as a meme so newbies miss the moon mission? You're so evil....

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I want it to be true.

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I don't believe any of the FUD about Link. All BS according to my 6th sense

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Have you ever ran a business / large project? Would you report to the public every day? Nobody wants to - seems like normal business to not report when the last time your custodian took a shit

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if link ever moons it will be the biggest mind fuck for all parties involved

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better get the mind lube ready

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1 Name drop from their signed Non-Disclosure Agreements would double the price of Link.

And they have 5+ guaranteed.....

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should i go all in on link? inherited 40k a while ago...

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Sure if you don't mind possibly losing 40k, but hey, you might become a bazillionaire

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the LINK price formula is:

(Number of Revealed NDAs * 2000)^2 + 2000 sats

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Are you over 25? Just curious...

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I went 140k in when it was at like .18-22 cents. Well worth it.

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this wouldnt be a link thread without you

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Yes I am under 25. Studying in Europe right now (for at least 3-5 more years)