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Dear comrades. This is a immediate request (not request.network token allthough great coin imo).

I need all you chainlink memes. Frogs, Wojacks, Marines just everything you have.

I plan to create a folder dedicated to chainlink memes wich i will share with the INTERNETZ around the world (Mega).

So please my fellow marines. Contribute to this amazing idea.

Yours sincerely
Officer First Lieutenant

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i only take order from general.

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But not that one unfunny copy pasta, the one with the bags and stinky linkie, that one is just 0 effort.

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have a bitbay meme, change it as need be

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Sergeant Major Fagboy reporting in, dropping an airstrike of homemade memes on your location, sir.

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That was the best laugh I got here today...

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This my comrades. This is what i am searching for. My deepest respect comrades. We will win this war.

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Sergey is alternating between eating Big Macs and snorting cocaine off of black BBW booty cheeks while Rory is furiously stroking his pencil dick in the corner with one hand and stonewalling investors in the slack with the other. That’s why all his “updates” trying to hide the fact that this project is a complete debacle are riddled with typos. A pile of unread resumes sit on the floor, drenched in Big Mac sauce. Steve is the only one trying. He’s locked away in his moms basement trying to learn GO. It’s such an obscure and asinine language that he can’t find the documentation he needs. He’s about to snap. He keeps frantically calling Sergey. Sergey only texts back, “new phone, who dis” and “32 million solves my oracle problem.” Steve’ mom’s basement reeks of the marijuana Steve smokes to cope with the stress. A thick haze from all the smoke lingers. All Steve can see are two faint lights. One is the blue light emitting from his shitty 2010 dell inspiron laptop. Somehow Sergey didn’t think they’d have money in the budget for him to get a new laptop. The other is the glimmer of steel of his colt 45 revolver with his one way ticket out of his hell.

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These are the ones I have made the past few weeks

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THIS hahahaha

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That one has been the most successful, seen it posted a couple times by others now

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there you go, made it this morning

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shit son, I can't wait to tell people I bought this for 3 fucking nickels

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Good early one

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OC 4 u

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The Classic

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Why I went all in on Chainlink:

Someone recently asked me why I bought 20,000 LINK coins and this is what I told them:
1. Eth and smartcontracts. We all know smartcontracts are revolutoinary, but their use cases are limited. Smartcontracts are awesome, but they are confined within the blockchain and data on the blockchain. In otherwords, right now smartcontracts are "you send 1 eth and I'll send back 1000 McTokens", and this contract is verifiable/trustless/amazing but its stuck within the universe of Ethereum and the data Ethereum understands
2. It is possible to use external data to inform these contracts, but right now that process is centralized. This is a problem. Lets say the external data is a transaction of Dollars for ETH. So you send 300$ to bank account X, and then I send one Eth to your address. Right now you either do that through a third party (CoinBase), OTC (LocalBitcoins) or whatever else centrlized system you want to use.
Knocking out that centralization, where you have to trust someone, is THE key to SmartContracts having a real world use case. But how do you get that information -- the fact that the $300 has been sent -- onto the blockchain using data that the smartcontract understands?
3. Oracles. Right now the answer is "hey we can hire Oracle X to do the translation to represent this bank dollar transaction on the blockchain." The "oracle problem" with this is that you are 100% TRUSTING that oracle to act prudently. That they don't tamper with the data. So we can kill coinbase but now we have to trust the oracle instead of coinbase .This is a HUGE problem for Banks who want to get into blockchain but have to trust a centralized oracle to translate data. This Oracle can be hacked, falsified or defrauded.


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4. ChainLink - this service DECENTRALIZES that translation process of the Oracle. Now, the translation is trustless, and you have a trustless data feed that informs the trustless smart contract.
Multibillion dollar institutions can rely on distributed blockchain technology and know the data that informs their smart contracts is tamperproof.
So Thats what ChainLink does. ChainLink is the first decentralized Oracle that allows anyone to securely provide smart contracts with access to external data, off-chain payments, and really literally any other API you can dream up. Confirmation of delivery of an items (RFID, like Walton), confirmation of a wire being sent or received, interest rates from any central bank, sports scores, product/machine uptime, price of Eth/BTC in real time, weather patterns etc. Right now smart contracts are simple if/then functions where you go and manually do the if so the then comes back. Now with Oracles smartcontracts can automatically confirm or deny if then statements without any human interaction. Transactional automation for agreed upon terms on steroids.
Anyone can now engrain off-chain data directly onto the blockchain in an actually decentralized way and use that data to directly inform trustless smart contracts, and since the Oracle is decentralized you know the data feed is secure and you’re not concerned with tampering on the Oracle’s part. This is like a skeleton key to actualize the data on the blockchain and apply that data to real world use cases.
When I bought LINK it was worth $0.16 at a very low dip but in the very near future when the 11,000+ banks and financial institutions start buying LINK to pay for using the ChainLink it will shoot up in value. Buy now while you still can because one day it'll really shoot the moon. It should be $25 by mid to late 2018 for 1 LINK. You're welcome. Buy some on Binance.


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Furthermore, Chainlink will make it possible for banks to actually offer their customers crypto-wallets.
This will make the market explode as normies begin investing in crypto.
Another thing is that wallets at banks will be FDIC insured up to 250k.
It will mean the death of Coinbase and all others like it.
Chainlink will normalize and bring into popularity the crypto trade.
Screen cap this fellas, its goin down

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People are going to punch me out when I complain about buying a portion of my stack for 0.40 Cents.

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After browsing this thread, I am now 100% convinced that linkies can't make good memes.

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I invested all in LINK as well. 50K reported in.

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>pic related is you in Q2 2019

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Buy 1 more link and become a First Lieutenant.

Yours sincerely

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Limited edition chainlink shirt for sale

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my plan is to keep buying until it hits $10

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several toilet memes missing

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First 5 links are all sergey talking about why chainlink is going to revolutionize smart contracts and oracles. The last link is one of the only people i could find shittalking chainlink and they didn't give any good reason and some of their arguments were flawed.