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I was the anon who called BTC and ETH moons at $10, link moon is imminent, get in or stay poor.

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No you fucking didn't

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I want to believe

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Nice, buying 100k.

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What kind of fucking shit TA is this, the EMAs haven't even crossed.

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Then believe

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EMA targets my butt.

LINK moon is soon, ya'll.

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Don't you see the arrow?

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I don't see what's stopping it from going down further.

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This. This floor has been tighter than a quamquat in early spring. It’s going to spring up when we get the main net update sometime before EOY

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Fuck they’re trying to slide this thread hard.

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if it reaches last ATH we're talking 1$ Link*

*ATH in BTC terms, at current price

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No way

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If BTC corrects, it should break ATH in dollars and sats.

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Shill. Fuck off.

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omg thanks op just bought 1 million link!!

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If main network gets launched, $3 within 6 months, calling it.

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not gonna happen this just keeps bleeding until they show updates or MAJOR news
people probably just dump it for btc now

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I was saying I unironically don't believe it. Testy testy

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I like your undying optimism guys. I hope it will really go x20, but I won't regret having no part of it as it appears improbable in foreseeable future.

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Serious question:

Aside from trolling, which is fun I admit,

Are there seriously still anons who don't believe link will moon on this board?

>1000 line pastebin of why it's not a shitcoin
>whales keep accumulating never dumping
>hard floor at ~0.15 USD for weeks
>company staying extremely tight lipped most likely due to multiple NDAs with large corporations

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stinky, stinky linkies

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Well, the MACD lines did and they're bearish now.

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Just look at ripples chart and see what you are risking missing out on

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well for one, I put all my $65 that I had into it

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Fuck Rip you dumb duck. Link will make you rich!!!

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ITT: /biz/ posters you see often

ill start, pepe baller LINKie bagholder

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No bagholders. This is going parabolic.

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tfw i also put my 300 dollars worth of play money into link

1.8k isnt enough to make me a millionaire and im sad about it, but i really just dont have much extra money to spare to put into it right this second

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I have managed to accumulate to 26k

Hopefully I can get to 100k before it really starts its uptrend and subsequent mooning

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Better hurry. You only have a month.

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There's no way this is correct. Why would it moon? Nothing new has been announced for link, no big figure shilled it anywhere, there's zero reason for it to increase in price.

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I think I will have time until at least march due to my own research... we shall see.

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Mainnet will go love Q1 2018. The announcement will cause a spike beforehand. Probabaly before EOY.

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What kind of value would you educated guess for peak spike?

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There is no way of telling. It could go to .50 cents and crash back to .16. It could go to $1 and not look back.

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there's an actual TA fag in that thread doing analysis for coins. Get him to do one for LINK.

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>Thinking TA will work with LINK
What's it like being retarded?

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what's it like losing half your portfolio in a month?

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>that fucking arrow
>all of my keks
you must be le crypto broker man

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Oh you mean the actual moon happening?

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Boys, today is my birthday, so as a present to myself I've decided to become even more deeply deluded and bought another small stack of LINK. See y'all in the poorhouse.

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Because I'm not delusional or emotionally invested in my first ico

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Link is going to make this motherfucker rich in about 2.5years

plenty of time to enjoy my youth meanwhile :)

but anon, why don't you hold BTC until it starts mooning and then you get in!

because FOMOing never works and BTC is a piece of shit, already made my gains, not tempting the devil any longer with that dinosaur coin

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Get triggered somewhere else newfag

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>because FOMOing never works and BTC is a piece of shit
you are going to make it

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you made me smile anon :)

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Look at Binance.

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I am from Venezuela, i put my salary in link, only 15$ we are poor

Help me with some link


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nice try Ahmed

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Post a pic of something up your ass with a timestamp that says "im a venezulean bitch" and I'll send you 1k LINK.
I'm waiting.

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I am looking it all day everyday. Yeah it increased by 1 cent. Good job. Now give me a reason for why it happened or I'll consider it normal market fluctuations or some very uninfluential pump group.

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This is all dash money les than a dollar, i put all my hopes on link

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take one of those notes, put it up your arse, take a picture and post it for some free link

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please help me 1FVwjCWm2Dw5W6byco2BMEWAJDXHS5ZodK

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come to Uruguay when you can, loads of Venezuelans and a steady government

even if you have to come in a fucking bus, it'll be worth it dude.

I lived for 6 years in Venezuela, it's time to share my home with my brown friends

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link needs at least 778 volume to moon

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Why do you say that?

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2 posts in thread and you’re just samefagging.

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dude stop posting your stupid coin, it has nothing to do with link and it's only use-case is to tip anons on a taiwanese image board (where people never give shit away anyway)

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Such a sweet cat. No lambo for me then.

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lmao post again and ill crash your shitty coin

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do it faggot