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>TFW still live with my parents
>TFW almost all of my income gets invested every month
>TFW not giving a j*wish landl*rd $1500+/month for no reason
>TFW will amass a great fortune and eventually move out meanwhile cucks who's parents didn't love them will be slaving away
>TFW already have a higher networth than the vast majority of people my age
>TFW great credit
>TFW parents love me
>TFW where I live would literally cost me $1200/month just in rent

How can independent cucks recover?
>inb4 "u-ur a virgin" or "u-ur a manchild"
I'm laughing all the way to the bank lol

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Nothing can upset me. Im a master neet trader with loving parents who wait on me hand and foot

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Or you could just not be a poor fuck and live in a sweet flat?

How badly are you doing that you still care about the price of rent.

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same here brahs. I used to rent but I learned the deal I have at home is too sweet to pass up for now.

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keep wage slavin', cuck.

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The rent is high as fuck are you joking? Wagecucking isnt worth that shit

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Let me guess you're a millionaire where $1000-1500 a month of aftertax money is peanuts?

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Investment strategies work because capital keeps getting fully reinvested for a stacked returns.

Every 1000$ you spend now is worth 10x as much if you invested it in 10 years.

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I haven’t had a wage since I was 21 senpai.
I’m self employed and I make enough money I don’t give a fuck about rent & not having to knock on mummies door to make sure she isn’t balls fucking deep in your new Daddy.


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Shitty $1k investments aren’t worth not being to jack with all my doors open.

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Yeah with your LARPing business? Lmao faggot nice larp


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i remember a while ago, was talking to this bird who looked down on people who lived at home, said she didnt get along with parents and bragged about how she spent like $500 a week on rent and how independent she was.

> bragging about not only having inferior financial habits, but also how you cant get along with the people who birthed you

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I live paycheck to paycheck but at least I can bring home girls I pick up at the bar.

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OP I'm in a similar situation, moving out next year. I am cheering for you buddy

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I just fuck them over the counter.

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I just hope it's not too late when you realize all your efforts were in vain. Without a balance of recreational enjoyment of your youth...you'll be looking back to empty times and become depressed on the missed opportunities..thinking about "what if". What if you would have gone on out a limb and lived on your own. What if you would have put more effort into making more friends and going out more. What if you actually had fun experiences and relationships to look back on, and even enjoy at the time.

It's too late for that though. "What if" is a question that can never be answered. It remains torturing you for the rest of your life...once fully realized it will eat away at you.

Take a moment to re-think what you are doing, and ask yourself if it is what you really want in the long term. If you don't....take charge of your fucking life and change it.

You are entirely in control of your life. Take action towards the change to want, and become the person you want to be. It won't happen overnight, and you're going to fail. It's the losers in life that let that fail sit, but the winners that get back up and try again.

There are too many NEET's on here thinking wasting their life away playing video games/watching porn/anime/ other internet shit is going to be fun forever. You will rob yourself of the best years of your life, and lead to a very sad and lonely road...even IF you "make it" in crypto.

Wealth neither helps nor worsens happiness. If you hate who you are, that's not going to change if you're rich. You're going to have to make a change.

The life you want is out there if you're willing to put in the work. Are You? If not, you lose the right to ever complain.T

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Op help me git gains.

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nice blogpost

Imagine coping this much with having to pay Mr. Greensberg his tithing every month

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I have friends and I go out all the time.

I dont play videogames, I dont do drugs, I dont watch Netflix, I DO go on 4chan but ill stop soon.

I'm not missing out at all, im building wealth right now.

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Trips of truth.
Independucks on suicide watcherino!
Also buy link if you want 2 live rent free

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I actually really enjoy living with my parents and just staying at home all day, it's pretty comfy

I fucking hate going outside to the real world having to do real people shit, what a waste of time, video games are more fun than going to the mall or movie theater anyway

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I just have trouble starting up rn. Add me on something and give me some tips brother!!!

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No, you don't fuck anyone. Stop.

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Yes I do

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who neet here

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No, you don't. Stop this, Michael.

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>live paycheck to paycheck
>goes to bars
do you also smoke cigarettes and eat out for lunch everyday?

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No one that's for retards

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you're lucky op, my parents don't love me

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That quote if from a youtuber who was hit by a train.

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I would never judge the NEET lifestyle, but...
>TFW never moved back with parents after college
>TFW now own my own home
>TFW invested 1,000 in ETH at 6 bucks. Now have 35K in crypto
>TFW also have 20K in the stock market

I get why you would want to live at home for as long as possible, but there something un-natural about it. You have nowhere to take a women home to, nowhere to be truly alone if you want. Plus, you're always going to be looked down on my those making it on their own. It shouldn't be that way, but it's true.

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>What if I had actually worked toward a more secure future, instead of going to bars and talking while wasting money on beer and accomplishing literally nothing.

What if's go both ways. I think your choices are the wrong ones.

And I do have friends.

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I appreciated this post man. Being a neet aint all that. Its genuinely pathetic in many respects. Its tolerable right now only because if I had moved out earlier this year I wouldn't have got into crypto.

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Love it OP

right there with u

I have a gf with her own apt too so i miss out on nothing

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I didn't read this post before responding, but this is the answer. You need to live life beyond your computer to be happy.

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Living with parents sucks tho. You constanly have to deal with their bullshit and their irresponsibility and them telling you that you aren't pulling your share despite the fact you are contributing more than you pull out and the house is a mess when you aren't there. At the end of the day, it's just not worth it. I do go see them when I have time, but living together is another thing.

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I would agree with you, but I've tried so hard my whole existence to enjoy the normie life, make friends, and so on, but it's really just not for me.

I'm content and happy as a crypto-holding NEET, and will be when I'm a rich crypto-holding NEET because then I'll be able to put more time and money into my hobbies and passions.

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If you are actually contributing to the house, then you are the minority. I've talked to many younger people living with their parents that are obviously leaching. Good on you for moving out and being independent.

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I agree in part with what you say. I would say being a neet is useful if you have a plan on using the money you would otherwise use in rent, to invest and make even more money, and then finally go out and live on your own.

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>implying i dont bring warmth and unity to the house
>implying they arent overjoyed at my decision
>implying i wont pay it back in spades when i take care of them at their old age and they see me become successful

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>He thinks every situation is black and white

If your parents are shit like that then move out.

If there's no good jobs in your area, move out.

Otherwise analyze the situation and decide. Jumping to either conclusion is idiotic.

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This is a given

If u spend ur money on frivolities u shud kill urself

10% living expenses
30% stocks
60% crypto

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>deluded NEET who will an hero at age 35 when he realises he pissed away his entire on escapism

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Like I said, I won't judge a NEET, because you're not wrong. My parents would have been happy for me to stay at home after school. I just made decisions that allowed me to be on my own. For me, it's all about having that private space. How else are you suppose to attract a gf?

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I have a fulltime job though

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Easily you dumb fuck. Take her to your room...?

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My parents wouldn't have been happy about that. If yours are non-religious and fine with it, then good for you. In my mind it's about respecting their house, and I think their guidance and rules were key to my success.

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Good for you but stop applying it to everyone

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>Please show a copy of your utility bill to verify your identity

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>Falling for le vagina meme
>Losing thousands of dollars per month on an apartment for the possibility of le vagina meme
Even worse than the lambo one

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Never been asked that. My drivers license or passport is usually enough.

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When are you going to break it to your parents that your a faggot.

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I didn't. I specifically said I don't judge NEETs for their choices. Everyone lives a different life and it's not my place to judge. I will say, you're being pretty hostile for no reason.


I already said I own my home. So no; the only money I waste is on property taxes.

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i lived with my parents for a year and saved it all
moved out after that
highly recommend

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>Owning a house
It's like you want to get JUST

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How much did you save

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what a retard

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already had about 20k
so 70k in liquid cash when i moved

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>assuming I own a house

A home can be anything. I own a condo that I bought for 100K in 2012. neighbors have sold their units recently for 125+. Keep trying to JUST me though. I feel bad you missed out on the low housing market.

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What fucking job did you save $50k off of?

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Now it's even more funny to think about that guy who bought ($30k) link at ATH, sold it at ATL to buy NEO at ATH, and now it's going down....
If you're reading this I hope you don't neck yourself, but learn your lesson.

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Meh, maybe someday. While I'm not exactly gay, they don't need to know that yet.

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what do you mean
a normal white collar corporate one
im a software engineer

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fuck, wrong thread

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>did 2 jobs who would have kept me easily for decades
>threw away a stable future 2 times. first to work part-time then a second time to be a NEET
>150k in crypto
>parents let me do my thing for the time being
>if crypto blows up I will pay their mortage
>if crypto fails I will sell my soul for a job again

We all win

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How the fuck can someone even enjoy life wagecucking till they die basicly? how can one get so brainwashed? I'm actually jealous, kek

There is nothing better than living at home and saving all the money. Stupid normies pushed by the social expectations will go out of their way just to fit in. Soon I'm gonna be the jewish landlord

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Are you allowed to bring girls over or is that not allowed after chocolate milk and tendies before bedtime at 8PM?

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>tfw Greek family
>Parents said they'd be offended if I moved out before like 25
>mum cooks dinner, washes and irons my clothes, keeps house hell tidy
>all my financial gains going into savings to buy a house, no paying rent to some asian making them rich
Truly the best way to get a good foot in the door. Going to do the same for my kids.

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>live with parents
>life is comfy and stressfree
>don't even want a roastie
>just want to dick around on the internet trading memecoins til I die

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Fuck, this is literally me. I pay my parents a small amount of rent but I'm still in such a better position than most normies I've met my age. Fuckers running around with 50K of student loan debt, I can't even imagine.

I work a nice comfy computer programming job and use all of the income to buy stocks and load up on cryptos since 2013.

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What stocks are you holding?
I'm long on Kratos, Amyris, and Macy's. Looking for couple more buys.

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Litterally same her :), I love being white!

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>tfw parents bought me an apartment and pay all expenses like electricity and water
>government gives money to study every month
>getting decent software engineering job after graduation with almost 0 expenses

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also, itt a bunch of neets circle jerking about how wonderful their life is compared to everyone else (aka "cucks").

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>tfw rich folks who own an apartment complex and give me one to stay in for free

I just pay utilities and spend my paycheck on crypto, its nice.

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>going out to norm clubs with people you won't change out with in 10 years time
>best time of your life

Or you could save money to have more freedom when your older to live the life you want

>implying that a gf and having your own place is mutually exclusive
>implying that clubs are the pinnacle of enjoyment
>implying that majority of peoples lifes aren't already monotonous