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Can we do something about /biz/'s rampant bullying problem. This has all taken a twisted turn into the realm of body shaming against Sergey, Vitalik, Rory, Dan Bilzarian, actual racism vs Da Fong, 'Pajeets', Chinese, etc etc. Basically, keep it about the subject of coins. It is okay to roast but not in areas of race and appearance, it is important to remember these are actual people with real human feelings, which maybe you should've all learned when you were three years old in kindergarden like the rest of us did?

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It's 4chan dude

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JUSTice for Rory. You fags bullied him so much he started to become a shill by leaking shit.

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I don't think you realize just how beautiful his body is. No shame.

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>doesn't want to talk about the developers -- what race they are, if they're fat, etc, etc
Anon, those are *fundamentals* which we must discuss if we desire a deep & accurate prediction.

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I did that.
>you're welcome

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>Is cyber bullying holding the blockchain industry back?

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you forgot niggers

go die amerilard

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>let's just be nice guys
I don't think this website is a good fit for you.

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This website has been the toxic corner of the internet FAR before most of the current members knew about it...It's not going to change because of the recent influx of mid-life crisis boomers trying to rush their poorly planned out retirement fund through crypto.

I understand the type of environment you're looking for, but you're going to have to look for it somewhere else rather than trying to change this one.

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>wanting to do something about 4chan trolling
wew, are you new or what?

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It used to be different though. There used to be creative toxic shit instead of boring uninspired toxic shit. I blame pol for getting famous

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you are sheltered when it comes to this board then. I'd be ready to start a thread about something if we were getting raided with 1gb/s of gore and cp, but its some anons making memes and having fun. Don't be such a fucking faggot op jesus.

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>t. Curry stinking pajeet

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>complain about bully
>posts fat sergay

1000 elo at 2d checkers